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Donald the Phenomenon .. Trump brings the end of the world

Updated on May 7, 2017

The 40-year-old man sits in front of the veteran Robert Lipsgate in the late 1980s, a guest of Robert's famous "Eleventh Hour" program. He seems calm and confident, while Robert tells him that he is "part of the problem." The 40-year-old man, the most famous real estate developer in the United States, faces Robert with obvious criticism, such as the development of luxury real estate next to the slums of Manhattan. The man listens calmly, before talking about his love of "looking at the big picture." Japan receives free military protection, And the Gulf states, led by Saudi Arabia, and the United States loses annually between 140 and 200 billion dollars. "I'm totally a believer in education, but a long-term solution. Like everything else that needs money, do you want to build a city, a school and a strong education system?" Asks Robert. If we impose taxes on Japanese products and the Gulf countries, we will stop providing free military protection. "

Trump | Source

Lipsight is silent, leaving the field, while the man explains that this is not his only word, and that he has already been told by politicians in Washington as well as by military men, all of whom agreed with him, and then they did not do anything. When Lipsgate tries to squeeze him, ? You have money, so why do not you build the poor? "The man runs away smartly, telling him that he is doing so on a small scale, and that what he talks about needs a lot of money, beyond anyone's potential, no matter how rich. The answers were accurate, fast and precise. Robert, as his fans grew increasingly convinced, would have been a candidate for the presidency at that time, before George HW Bush became president.

After winning victories in April in New York, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Rhode Island, he came on Tuesday, May 3, to hold a huge victory for Donald Trump in Indiana. The dream seemed as close to the famous American billionaire he did not expect One of his popularity is so high, and because things seem almost settled, Ted Cruz, the Texas senator and Trump's top candidate for the Republican nomination, found little point in continuing. On the same day he lost Indiana, he decided to stop his campaign and withdraw from the primaries .

Yesterday, at a press conference in Columbus, the state capital of Ohio, state governor John Cicek suspended his campaign following Cruise's footsteps, despite his announcement on Indiana Day, according to his campaign manager, that he would not withdraw and continue until the Republican convention in Cleveland, But the sudden withdrawal of the cruise seemed like a straw that broke everyone's appearance, and that the Republican card became, in fact, if not officially, Trump's, in what many American media described as "the craziest elections in the history of the United States."

While the hopes of the controversial billionaire supporters are rising, and they see him as a loyal leader and consistent with his campaign slogan "Let America Make Great Again," more than half of Americans walk in another direction, describing what is happening "in isolation," and cynics from the epic day that will come on His hand, or as we all know at the end of the world, and with the prediction of Trump's predecessors of many disasters, his likely victory in the presidency, if it happens, will raise several obvious questions: "Will Trump bring ruin to the world?"

Ahmadi Trump Nejad

While almost everyone speaks of the approaching end of the earth by Trump, serious or cynical, it seems to us that Donald's own ideas deserve more analytical attention, because it will often not bring the end of the world. The man who intends to build another Great Wall of China, On the border between America and Mexico, to stop immigration, stressing the payment of Mexico for the cost of construction, and has already launched a racist comment on the inability of Barack Obama, as an African American, to influence the activity of the gangs of Baltimore, Late last year, he demanded that Muslims be banned from entering the United States against the backdrop of the events in San Bernardino. He criticized the British government for its lack of security control over parts of London and believed that greater access to arms would reduce terrorism and violence. Well possible, this man deserves to have more space for his ideas.

Tramb, despite his very small political background, can be said to be a very conservative nationalist who firmly believes that America must emerge from the grip of the world, or, as he once said, and repeatedly said: "The United States is torn by the rich nations of the world." Nationalist, always echoing his desire to see the country great again, and perhaps the previous reference to some inaccurate, because each candidate plays to attract votes, what they want mixed with what he wants, and because the president is ultimately captive to a complex internal system, Partly not entirely, on the one hand, and despite the American passion, the Trump looks more real, and his ideas of "patriotism and grandeur of America" ​​seem authentic and rooted, along with his passion for lights and business, ever since he was young in the 1980s. On the other hand, the man is very loyal to the theory of political science «G-Zero», as well as the endorsement of the conciliator, by some, as «Ahmadinejad the United States».

Like Ahmadinejad, Trump is following the same path. Both men are populist, addressing the emotions of the masses, not their minds. Just as Ahmadinejad addressed the minds of the Iranians with the hostility of the United States and Israel, believing him to be a "Holocaust liar," for example, The Americans' emotions are breaking all the constants, against abortions, and in their long history of diminishing women, which are two very sensitive lines in American society, except for his conservative part. While Ahmadinejad preached Iran's greatness and power without relying on any other country, Trump does the same , without numbers or accurate data , And his foreign policy centered on the greatness of America, and raises problems and disasters the world.

Two come from the world of "talented people," as political science professor Shervin Malikzadeh has called it, a world of pioneers with extraordinary abilities to understand, control and guide peoples' moods, with Trump's extra faith in what he calls, a clear and acceptable interpretation of points high popularity continuously since early last year, when we saw almost unanimous political analysts «heresy Trump», and his enemy «phenomenon Stntefo quickly», what later proved to superficiality.

On the other hand, Trump can be considered a genuine supporter, perhaps without knowing the G-Zero theory or "zero poles," a term invented by political science professor Ian Bremer and David Gordon, and was the basis of Ian's book "Every Nation for Themselves ... Winners and Losers in a World without poles ».

The theory states that the world of today and the future is a world without poles and without superpowers, where there is no actual existence of the G7 and the G20, who are motivated only by the interests of their own countries, US / China », or G3« the United States, the European Union and Japan », new Koqtab future. Then the theory of editing it starts to say for sure it is important that every nation itself only, and take into account their interests as something reality now, with its leaders focus on their local communities, internal and issues, as a matter should be expanded in the future.

It may seem naïve to the viewer, especially in a world as entangled as our present world, but the theory is very accurate in parts of it and has what it actually supports. What concerns us here is to observe the complete similarity between the theoretical proposition and what Trump calls for and expresses the basis of his campaign , And its programs and policies in full, to abandon the United States partial tactical objectives, and to refrain from cross-border interventions, which comes in conjunction with the problems of rapid, which means the emphasis on the inside, and the leadership of the world strategically and the extent of the dynamic and long time, Short, therefore Y. Donald always repeated that "the invasion of Iraq is the biggest mistake in US history."


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