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Donald Trump & Duterte Vs. Leila De Lima

Updated on December 6, 2017

How intolerable has the world become? The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte recently stated that he should’ve been the first to rape Australian missionary Jacqueline Hamill, but then again Rodrigo Duterte’s own self-ratification allows him to serenade Trump and allows him to establish his colonial mentality to further purge the national will of the Filipino people.

This Christmas Duterte decided to wage war with a woman who was raped and murdered with all the indignity of having her throat slashed allowing her blood to flow freely for God to soak up as wine. This year, Filipino people can celebrate Christmas but can’t cry on God’s shoulder because of Duterte and Trump singing God’s songs and fattening themselves up with big juicy steaks and ketchup on the side. Trump still believes the Evangelicals will subscribe to a thing of beauty being raped and murdered as a form of legacy and moral leadership. Whatever moral will the Evangelicals are compelled to give to the world will fail in making peace with God or furnishing them with their own convictions and sensibilities.

The real problem that the heavily medicated Duterte doesn’t understand is his own history. An estimated 600,000 Filipinos were slaughtered by Americans in 1898. Let’s examine that time period. Violence reached its breaking point after the Civil War which led to the bloody protracted conquest of the Philippines for about a decade beginning in 1892. As much as 600,000 Filipinos were killed as a result of racist slaughter to apparently feed the promotion of stability and progress back home. The Philippines were America’s first target in expanding their cultural manifest destiny in the region of Asia, and the Filipino people paid the price.

There will always be structural vulnerabilities with democracies. Sometimes populism emerges as a popular backlash against the political elites and political lobbyists. What made Duterte popular were the political elites that traditionally sought patronage and subscription in money politics. Most of the Filipino political elites simply laugh at Duterte’s public behavior and dirty mouth knowing fully well that the elites are in control with Duterte’s capacity for coercion and goon tactics, thus securing their fingers in the public coiffeurs.

Duterte’s political elites are more dictatorial and the extrajudicial killings of suspected drug traffickers are used as a strategic weapon securing crucial values and security patronage. Duterte is no self-proclaimed socialist; he regenerated the elite’s advancement as a political power whereby the economic wealth is perpetuated against the poor class. It is a form of economic divide that separates the classes to legitimize one authority across the nation.

Duterte facilitates death squads, whereby the state creates and tolerates these forces which eventually means that these organized groups become connected with official forces that sustain economic activities for themselves rather than the good of the people. The modus operand of death squads is based on their own stature of their so called victims and the criminality of culture in the Philippines.

The heavily medicated Duterte believes that it was he who got rid of all the drug dealers in Davos when he was mayor. However the underlying truth points to a different story; Duterte’s death squads simply carried out the product elsewhere to other regions while not tarnishing Duterte’s reputation as a drug enforcer. It’s simply an economic movement of poor drug users to a more favorable climate in order for the drug user to peacefully take a hit of their Shabu meth.

Duterte’s involved in killing his own people and is using mainly the economically weaker and less cohesive individuals to extract their possessions and their meager wealth in order for the drug squads to subsist. The immediate benefit of death squads is to achieve capital exploitation, advancing political agendas, and the artificial formulation of better jobs. Duterte is playing a central role in influencing psychological propaganda and filtering information towards his enemies by forfeiting the rights of human beings.

However, this man’s actions are producing panic and demoralizing people which inadvertently spurs allegiance with his own plans for economic and political development. He blurs the Filipino memory by sacrificing their principle that excites the public thirst for blood. When the public worships a man in power the Shabu itself becomes the aphrodisiac and is transmuted to inflict pain and humiliation to the political elites that feel they have been robbed by the poor Filipino drug user. Duterte’s conventional wisdom relies on the fact then when you have sin it is often authorized by public sin because it becomes a deferred payment that he needs to cash out as the old narcissistic man he embodies.

Senator Leila De Lima of the Philippines is currently being detained over allegations of vested interests in her watch as the Justice Secretary over the Bilibid drug trade. The heavily medicated Duterte and his narco son who testified before the Senate for his involvement in drug trafficking at least had the opportunity to defend himself, whereas De Lima has been banned from this procedure and therefore unjustly lost her platform in voicing her facts. Duterte and his narco son called De Lima a “slut”, “whore”, “a dirty woman”, and other vulgar terms. Duterte even went as far as proclaiming to Pope Francis that he has a sex video of De Lima.

This Christmas Pope Francis decided to give her a rosary as a beacon of hope as a symbol of the Filipino people. However this symbol rises to the mountaintop where God took Jacqueline Hamill, a missionary worker from Australia, as a witness to come back to life to tell the world that God repaired her body and healed her slashed throat by Duterte’s henchmen. Duterte wants to be first, and this is the type of Christmas present he decided to give God, and not a single word from Donald Trump.

Thank you to Michael Ambrozwiz for his contributions into this article.


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