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Donald's Trump Second Presidential Term?

Updated on February 7, 2020

It is possible the way Democrats have been doing lately. Yes, it is way early, but the Iowa catastrophe and embarrassment simply has added fuel to the fire that this party is whack. The expected winner, Biden, got 4th place. The winners were Pete B. and Sanders.

Despite all the hatred towards Trump for good reason, most voters are selfish creatures and look at their own personal economics. If you have investments, things are great. If you have a decent paying job, it's fine. So, Trump seems to be doing great in that one arena.

One can envision a second Trump term, even if by a narrow margin again. Even if it is a redo of 2016. The Democrats really have no standout person to ignite the party yet. If it is Biden in June, no doubt, Democrats will rally behind him and most will vote for him to depose Trump, but remember 2016. Biden could win the popular vote and not the electoral vote!

Trump's Antichrist Connection

If anything, Trump is not anointed by God, not a Christian, not the Chosen One. If anything, he is a person that most would resemble a Antichrist as noted in the Book of Revelations who comes to power subtly over time. He is a man who is narcissistic, who loves to see people worship and praise him, a person that does no wrong ever and appears to be religious. This person is a master of deception and spinning facts that help or defend his oratory powers and actions. A person who one cannot trust for the truth. POTUS is like this man. But any Antichrist will command over many nations, so unless Trump takes control of NATO per se, Trump is a wannabe.

Trump's second term could be lead to an assassination attempt of POTUS because many of Trump's policies will hurt many. Many of his promises may revealed as just lies. I am actually surprised an attempt has not yet been made with all the discontent and hatred towards him. But, what if this does happen and he survives? Imagine how more embolden he will be. He will once again claim that he is the Chosen One by God to save America that turned to sin, when, POTUS, himself, is a most sinful man. A false prophet in a sense.

Hopefully, Trump will have no second term, but it could become reality.


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