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Donate your car today

Updated on July 27, 2013

3 Things to Know About Donating Your Car

  1. If you have a vehicle that still runs and drives. You are in luck because you have two options when it comes to donating your car. Most car donation organizations just take your car, then sell it it auction to use the money towards the cause. Now if your car is drivable there are several car donation services that will give your car to someone who needs it to get back and forth from work or what not.
  2. Now while you are looking around at various car donation places, you will want to be sure to ask what percentage of your donation will be going towards the cause you are trying to support. Anything above 85 percent of your car donation going to the cause is what you will want to look for. Normally if they company is trying real hard to get you to donate your car. They are most likely taking a bigger cut from the donation.
  3. Now if you are planning on writing you car donation off on your taxes. You will want to be sure to go through a charity that is a 501(c)(3) public charity and not a 501(c)(4) charity. I know, I know, why do they have to make the numbers so similar. Now after you donate your car, if the donation is over 500 dollars, you have a little extra paperwork Come tax time you will need to file IRS form 8283 along with your taxes.

Volunteers of America

When you decide that you are going to donate your car to Volunteers of America your car donation will help veterans and even the homeless who we all know have it rough up here in the northern weather during the winter months throughout Michigan. A single car donation can amazingly help feed over a thousand hungry homeless people. Many review of Volunteers of America report that they are quick and courteous with picking up your car often times within 24 hours.

Purple Heart Foundation

With the Purple heart your car donation will directly help the brave men and women and thier familes who helped protect this great nation. They do scholarships, finanical support, and legislative representation in the Congress.


Now here is a great car donation service that helps kids across Michigan. When you go to donate your car, you will recieve a tax deductable receipt and a vacation voucher. The vacation vouvher is good for a 2 day 3 night stay at any of the locations provided. There where plenty of choices so it is well worht checking out.

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Car Talk

This is definitely a little be different but still a great place to donate your car. At Car Talk your car donation will be used to help fund national public radio.

Charity Motors

With Charity motors you will be able to claim fair market value for tax deduction purposes. When you donate your car, you will be suppling some of the underprivledged with means to get back and forth to work to feed thier three kids.

St. Vincent de Paul National Vehicle Donation Program

With this car donation program you will be helping the many elderly in this nation that are struggling with medical bills and affording essential needs such as food and shelter.


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