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Donations to Charities in India - Things to Consider Before Donating to a Charity in India

Updated on December 20, 2012

Reorientation of Philanthropic Practices in India

Charity giving is extensively considered to be virtuous and admirable. The aim of most of the charitable missions is to promote effective giving, and increase the flow of resources from individuals and organizations to the not-for-profit sector.

Effectiveness of Charity Donations in India

Even though there are a number of billionaires in India, they still don’t posses the culture of sharing enough of their wealth through philanthropy. The country’s richer section is often blamed for it, but the middle class people are more socially aware. But in the recent years a culture of philanthropic giving is widely growing among the youngsters as well as the various sections of the society. The charity giving culture in India cannot be compared to advanced nations as it is a low income country. Most Indians show more interest to donate to religious causes rather than philanthropic activities. There are many temple trusts in India that donate a part of their earnings to charity every year.


Voluntary Organisations

The voluntary organisations are generally termed as Non Government Organizations. Here a number of people dedicate themselves to serve the deprived. They provide relief to children, aged and the deprived sections in the form of education, medical care, rehabilitation with nutritional food etc. The eBay India's Charity Fundraising platform is a great place for eBay buyers to support Non Government Organizations. Buyers can shop safely over here, in the knowledge that their money will find its way to charity. The impact of charitable resources in India could be improved with better appreciation and knowledge of the opportunities for making a difference, more professional practice and building of alliances or networks.

Terrible Charitable Organisations in India

Even though there is a number of sincerely working charitable organisations in India, there are many others which make a lot of profit out of it. The Ramakrishna mission has a massive income from the various institutions conducted by them. But the monks there live a lavish life which makes us suspicious about their services. The Bharat Sevashrama guest houses are also similar places where we find discrimination and ill treatment of monks towards people.

Things to consider before donating to a charity

hile planning to donate an amount to a charity, it’s very important to select a good one in order to make sure that your money is being spent responsibly and on the cause that you actually intend it for. Make sure about the activities of various organisations. So it would be easy to choose from a lot of good causes. There are some websites that provide information as well as ratings of the various charities. Listed below are five trustworthy Indian charities that that have been associated with philanthropy for many decades.

CAF India's mission – It’s a charity mission that helped more than 18000 donors and supported 164 non profits across 17 states in India.

Om Creations - Supported by the Tata Group, this is one of India’s biggest corporate houses.

SERUDS Charity- Used vehicles can be donated to the charity of your choice. Instead of selling, trading or storing your vehicle, you can make a difference with vehicle donation by conducting medical camps to the indigenous remote tribes.

Daya Vihar - It is a charity organization in India running 3 orphanages for homeless boys and girls and an old age home.

Native Missionary Movement – It is a mission in North India that promotes training, medical assistance, and church planting.

The support and help from people all over the world would be a great relief to the developing country India, where people suffer from a lot of problems like poverty, disasters, diseases etc. Here the developmental needs are vast but the resources to meet them are less. Most of them come from government and foreign donors. Even though India has a long tradition of philanthropy, it needs to be reoriented to keep abreast of new developments and to meet the needs


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