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Don't Cut My Benefits

Updated on January 8, 2011

When there's not enough money to go around, then what? Should 8th graders get graduation ceremonies?

Everyone wants a tax cut, but nobody wants their special interests to be affected. Whether we are talking about health care, seniors, government employees, colleges, whatever, everyone recognizes that in an economy that is supposedly almost as bad as the great depression (no way), we have to make cuts - only not for them. It's NIMBY time - not in my back yard.

In my town, holding graduation ceremonies for kids leaving 8th grade has become a cause celebre. The school board says its not going to happen, and now the soccer moms are up in arms. I’m tired of these crybabies moaning because their kids can’t have a graduation ceremony from eighth grade. What are they celebrating? What did their children accomplish? It is expected you will complete 8th grade, and 9th , and 10th. When you graduate from high school, I think a celebration is in order - you have achieved something. Besides, it is traditional. But celebrating making it though 8th grade? Give me a break.

The national debt is over a trillion dollars.  Our state (California) has a 20 Billion dollar shortfall in the budget.  Or city (Los Angeles) is forcing employees to take furlough days to save money.  The L.A. school board has to lay off teachers and crowd classrooms.  Factories are shutting down.  Unemployment is around 9.5%, and worse in a lot of places.  The average American family, from what I've read, owes a credit card $8,000 dollars - and will probably never get it all paid off.  People are losing their homes to foreclosures.  Bankruptcies are happening to people who never thought it would happen to them.

All of this, and these selfish parents are complaining because their little darlings will have to get by without a graduation ceremony from 8th grade. Unbelievable.

In my day, we had a graduation ceremony upon completing high school, none before. And we turned out okay. I don't think any of us were severely traumatized by not have a graduation before 12th grade.

I’ve never had children, so maybe it is hard for me to empathize. But I am a taxpayer, and I can think of many better uses for tax funds.

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