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Don't Drink the Tea

Updated on June 27, 2016

by Chris Stevenson

O say does that star spangled Confederate flag yet wave?

Once upon a time there was a group of smarter Tea Party members. Colonialists in 1773 Boston refused to consume the tea that was shipped to them from Britain and taxed by the British Government because that government was no longer representative of the citizens of Boston and therefore could not be taxed without the consent of their elected representatives (colonial assemblies). Today's so called Tea Party are not that sophisticated; they're just mad because they got a black President. What I'm hearing from them is, 'please stop Obama from helping people.

The problem today with Obama isn't Obama. The problem is he serves during a time of white nationalistic cynicism; when a huge number of whites are more comfortable criticizing Tiger than Roethlisberger (actually that's my next column). Race is such a sensitive issue that a faction of white republicans have formed a whole new political party based on it and even most of them won't admit it.

We've seen this for years actually, that is white people controlling politics based on this type of thinking. Any black candidate voicing publicly what he is going to do to improve the condition of blacks, will be considered as ignoring the needs of whites, by-who else-whites. Any black candidate publicly stating what he or she is going to do for white populated areas of his city or white corporations will be looked upon with suspicion by black voters and will be written off as not having a black agenda. Tea Party is different because it is comprised of regular white conservatives and also former white democrat or liberals who became or were persuaded to join the Tea Party based on disinchantment of the President's... well, fullfilling his campaign promise (you know, the health care thing). I guess they thought he was lying like most guys do when they run for office, oh well.

The fact that this is a black US President is no small factor in the white hot anger of this Tea Party. Black, bi-racial and voted for overwhelmingly by blacks. Think about it, from their perspective it looks like blacks got their way... for four (4) Fing years. Whites don't mind Dave Chappel or Chris Rock joking about this, but a lot of blacks they know in life at work, school, in the neighborhood actually made this happen. That's a lot to swallow for some whites, more than some. Obama was also voted for by a huge chunk of the white voting block in return for an invisible promissary note that the words "race" or "black" won't be uttered through his lips. They feel betrayed, as well as tricked. In their Just-Us Tribunal this HCR is suspected of being Obama's way of insurring over 32 million americans, over half of whom are African American. And he did it without mentioning or talking black.

In truth Obama isn't trusted by two polar-opposite fringe groups within the black community either; black conservatives and far-left black radicals. It is amisdt these people that Barack Obama serves his term under the ultimate white fear. It's a shame too, because their over-thinking and going over Obama's policies with a fine-tooth Afro-pik is making them miss the "Chocolate City" fear. Most old-school blacks remember "Chocolate City," the song and title to an award-winning album by the '70's funk band Parliament. It's a pre-hip-hop tune voiced over by none other than the extremely-witty George Clinton: "They still call it the White House but that's a temporary condition too, can you dig it CC (Chocolate City)?" Read the excerpts I'm writing very carefully because I'm going to briefly explain to you why the music industry suits killed-off political message lyrics like this by creating Disco music.

In this song Clinton was specifically addressing major urban cities with a black population well over 50%: "There's a lot of Chocolate Cities around, we've got Newark, we've got Gary, somebody told me we got LA and we're working on Atlanta. But you're the capitol CC." The chief target city Clinton was invoking was Washington DC, before-gentrification DC. where their black population was close to 80%. Always ahead of his time, Clinton raps through Bootsy's funky bass and Bernie's nasty piano notes: "We didn't get our forty acres and a mule, but we did get you CC... ahhh blood to blood , players to ladies, the last percentage count was 80. You don't need the bullet when you got the ballet."

This song was out during the summer of '75, a time of political action songs, the Isley Brothers' "Fight the Power," Gil Scott Heron's "We Beg your Pardon America," etc. were just a sample of the music starting to dominate both black and white AM and FM radio airwaves and about a year later Bob Marley and the Jamaican Invasion; a whole wave of angry Rasta bands were about to spread their message of political awarness and unrest to America.

The real reason I mention "Chocolate City" is the last verse. The verse where Clinton seems to parody white fear, the fear that I think is similiar to that which formed the Tea Party. Of course Clinton mentions pop-culture icons of that day: "And don't be surprised if Ali is in the White House, Reverand Ike Secretary of the Treasure, Richard Pryor, Minister of Education, Stevie Wonder, Secretary of Fine Arts And Miss Aretha Franklin, the First Lady."

This song simply is one black man's version of how he feels a black President should run the country, correlating the rising black population with the need to know how to leverage this into getting one of our own into the Oval Office. Appoint like-minded blacks to key positions and bring about a black utopia. Simple fantasy. There are some who seriously think President Obama is living out George Clinton's dream (as opposed to recognizing the raw necessity of HCR) and thus the cries of "communism," "socialism," etc. While blacks did politically unite to elect Obama, we are rarely that united on anything else but BS. Call me crazy, but after disco blacks as a whole really started acting, well... funny. This only made us wide open for AIDS and crack. We could have put a black in the White House long ago if we didn't become so individualistic and gaming. So as far as the Tea Party goes, I don't see what all the fuss is about. Just don't drink the tea.

Chris Stevenson is a syndicated columnist, his articles also appear on his blog; the Buffalo Bullet, Follow him on twitter and facebook.


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    • Lady_E profile image


      7 years ago from London, UK

      Interesting. I enjoy reading about what's happening in American Politics. Thanks

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Don't get me started on her. She just didn't have the endurance and anticipation a decendant of slaves should of had after watching whites pile-on anti-black opinions all her life. I'da fired her tired ass too. Maybe Michelle will one day run for Prez., but in the meantime be on Obama's page. People forget what a legislative workhorse he is and what a mess we'd be in if McCain won.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The point Mr Hayes makes is that Obama di

      Oes not have the experiences associated with the African American experience, although Michelle Robonson Obama does. Obama is of Arabic (slave trader) descent, and on his mothet's side, slave owners.

      I do not believe that he has, or will go out of his way, to help African Americans

      Remember the CFO lady who told him she was tired of defending him? She worked for a federal agency, and was fired a few weeks later.

    • pointblank009 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Buffalo

      Ok I saw the clip, he brings outs some good points, and is very passionate about describing the haunting journey of our ancestors endured on the way here. I fail to see how Obama stole this history-as I gather he is trying to imply-from us, hell I wish he was around to steal us away from that pain and suffering. A lot of blacks are seeing too much into Obama's personal lineage to the point of OverThinking and making irrational conclusions and casting aspersions on Obama's accomplishments and what they see as Obama's real purpose.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      this is vrajavala. Hubpages messed up my sign in so I have to sign in anonymously, until they correct it.

      Ted Hayes is a well known personality in the Bay area, a frequent African American commentator on Fox News.

      Here he is speaking about "Obama Stole Our Legacy"

      Remember how Obama said his parents met in Selma?

      Not exactly weak and insecure.

      this is his website

    • pointblank009 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Buffalo

      vrajavala this Ted Hayes guy must be a pretty weak and insecure soul with very little personal "African Heritage" of note to have it taken so quickly and easily from him by a guy who has spent the past two-and-a-half years trying to dodge virtually any race dialogue. Why does he feel Obama stole his heritage and i don't? Hmmm? Maybe Hayes' heritage was in the basement or the closet and he feels Obama snuck in through the window. Now what exactly did Obama take that he feels equates to "Heritage?", his African velvet-cloth paintings he purchased from a street-corner vendor? His Ja-Rule CDs, his Pam Grier VHS tape collection? His Issac Hayes 8-Track tapes from the '70's? his Richard Pryor albums? What was it, what? what? Please go back to his Youtube site and ask him to be specific. Thank you.

    • vrajavala profile image


      7 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      Ted Hayes says that Obama "stole our African American heritage.". Obama I'd yhe descendant if slave owners and slave traders.

      Obama is merely the product if a successful wall street marketing campaign that decided they could gutter exploit the guilt complex of a certain class of voters.

      BTW, Ted Hayes is on youtube

    • Jason R. Manning profile image

      Jason R. Manning 

      8 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Thank you for responding to me so quickly. Yes, it isn’t just Obama, this president only represents a term of office. However, I disagree with you on stopping the powers that be from shifting companies overseas. I do not think there will be anything that can stop it. American is an expensive place to operate, and our lawyers only add to this cost substantially. Even if there were a law forbidding outsourcing, a company would just close its doors and open up elsewhere outside of the law. Insurance, pensions, retainers, taxes of innumerable categories, all these take the first fruits before the laborer feeds his family. Only the most pious put God ahead of the table, the rest give him anything that might be left over. Mortally sad.

      God Bless your endeavor for change.

    • pointblank009 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Buffalo

      No no no, I want what you want Jason. I want for the insurance companies to continue raking you into oblivion (which would eventually happened). If you work for a small business your company stands to benefit from that greatly. But sad to say some bosses are threatening to close the door (i.e. move operations overseas) and blame President Obama's HCR as the thing that's putting financial pressure on them. That's right outright lies are being told to less-than-knowing working stiffs, because it's easy to get them to believe theses.

    • Jason R. Manning profile image

      Jason R. Manning 

      8 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Sorry, I am not representative of anything you speak of in your article with exception of taxing through very visible programs on my paycheck. I just recently learned of my 2011 healthcare changes (which is only the beginning). As employee’s of unsaid company, we all lost our profit sharing, our pension was lowered as was our matching contributions, what I did received as an $1,800 a year increase and not a lick of additional benefit. Bravo Mr. President.

      It is all about the taxes and programs and not the man in the suite, plus the party differences perpetuating differing doxologies. One expects self responsibility, the other wants to be adored for creating serfs. Seriously, I expect nothing from the Republicans but more of the same; they collect great salaries and benefits no different from the Democrats. When we watch the millions spent by politicians to keep their jobs, I realized that all along my hope has been misplaced.

      I only look to God wisdom to help me provide for my family. I look only to a future with Christ in which our true needs will be met. No man or party will ever provide what the soul needs.

      Do you think the “Fairness Doctrine” is really what we need again? I cannot side with a party that wants to eliminate the ability of my brothers and sisters to congregate and proclaim God the true head and not some government. The Democrats cannot provide those protections. These things may not mean anything to you, that is okay, but you mustn’t be limited in your thinking that conservatives are so “limited” in their thinking that this president who happens to be black is anything but a capital “D” in the office.

      I suppose my want of being left alone by the government to provide for my family (be it in all legal and moral standards) and practice my religion, while paying as few taxes as possible is just down right racist, bigoted, sexist, selfish, homophobic, xenophobic and whatever White abnormality represents a Christian conservative.

      I wish you to get what your heart desires in heaven.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Interesting. Is the Tea Party really about "race?"

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      8 years ago from Chicago

      I do not agree with your premise. It is a fact that President Obama has been surrounded by Marxists his entire life and is still today. Most Americans do not want the USA to be the USSR because every experiment along those lines has turned out horribly. I have been involved in politics for a long time and I can assure you that there are plenty of black politicians that I have the utmost admiration for and would definitely vote for for any office including president. Just not this one. If your theory were correct then the Tea Party people WOULD vote for Bill Ayres, or Cass Sunstein, or Andy Stern, or Hilary Clinton even. That is not remotely true, and I think you know that.

    • profile image

      Bro. Charles 

      8 years ago

      "We are rarely united on anything else but B.S." You got that right!! Bro. Chris. Some of us blacks would rather have a root canal than come together and Man-up/Woman-up/Stand-up against the causes of senseless violence that has taken the lives of countless innocent children by P.M.'s who don't shoot straight. Chew on this. I'm going to give Mr. Tea Party himself, C.P. a chance to support my Nonviolence/Pro mentoring Petition. Any bets on Hell freezing over first? Seriously, I would welcome his possible involvement to the extent it advances media exposure for the petition. Maybe he could view his support as a form of absolution for racial insensitivity. By chance, a few months ago I was at a Board of Education meeting when this white man whom I did not know, fully chastized Dr. Williams and the Board for their complicity in the negative graduation rate of minority students which only left them more open to entering the criminal justice system and prisons. I said "damn I need to go shake that white man's hand for taking the words out of my mouth", but he was gone. The next day, I found out through the media that the man whom I had admired for so forcefully telling the truth and making Dr. Williams and the Board uncomfortable, was Carl Paladino. Go figure. I admit that I don't know too much about this man but we all do some things that others could take as racially insensitive. Hell Cris, I still ride down the street with the "Last Poets" blasting but I am not a racist. I just love them beats and enjoy the humor as they state when "N's don't have no white thighs to play with they play with themselves etc. Now one could say that the Last Poets were the prelude to rap and hip hop as their albums came out in the early seventies; their message is still very relevant today. Even though we wont see the revolution on TV with chicken hanging from our mouths. You know that the Last Poets came to Buffalo a few months ago and performed at Rev. Pridgen's church. Were you there when they performed? Now if white folk had learned of the performance would that have made Pridgen a person who condoned "race music?" What do you think Chris, was the Poets really dead serious with their message or simply trying to have some of us wake our jive asses up?

    • Support Med. profile image

      Support Med. 

      8 years ago from Michigan

      Once again, very straight forward. This is really a good read. I look forward to reading the second part.

    • profile image

      Andrea Marwedel 

      8 years ago

      I understand and agree with the notion that the tea party movement is one based in fear and is largely racist. There's simply no doubt of this.

      However, this assertion makes me wonder: "Obama was also voted for by a huge chunk of the white voting block in return for an invisible promissary note that the words "race" or "black" won't be uttered through his lips. They feel betrayed, as well as tricked."

      As one of those whites in the white voting block, I know I didn't cast my vote for Obama in return for an invisible promissory note that he not mention "race" or "black." A large part of Obama's appeal for progressives is his experience as a black man in America, as it's that experience that lends his liberal points of view credibility. One can honestly believe this president cares.

      In other words, I didn't vote for his white half.

      The opposition here is scant, when you look at the number of people who did not vote for Obama. He won overwhelmingly. Of those who did not vote for him, how many are now members of the tea party? My assertion is that this is an overhyped movement that has no basis in anything legitimate or real (after all, how can you call yourself a tea party movement when the original tea party movement was about taxation without representation, something these people do not have to worry about) and Chris, I agree with you that they're simply angry that we have a black president.

      It will be interesting, as time goes on, to see if these very people use the benefits of HCR, social security retirement, etc. or if they stay "true" to their movement. There is nothing sadder than an adult who cries nonstop until you give him an all day sucker.

      The tea party movement is nothing more than Jim Crow b.s. that will be snuffed out as our country moves foreword. And this is what I take my comfort in: Our country always does move foreword. I, for one, am not drinking the tea. :)


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