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Don’t Let the Big Bad “Wolf” and “Judas Goat” to Lead the Sheep to Slaughter!

Updated on September 1, 2016

It is now official that former Deputy Secretary of Defense in the George W. Bush administration and neoconservative icon and Iraq War architect Paul Wolfowitz is most likely to support Hillary Clinton instead of Republican Party candidate Donald Trump. Why doesn’t that surprise me? If you think about the wars that were started under Bush and Wolfowitz’s watch, you’ll see a correlation between their militant heritage and Hillary Clinton’s plans for an all-out World War III scenario. She’s expected to finish what they started. Horrific, isn’t it? But to them it’s all just money-making scheme. In fact, it seems to me that Hillary Clinton is that “Judas Goat” that is set up to lead us, the “sheep”, to slaughter…

I always wondered how can anyone make any money in the war? While the cost of the weapons used in wars ends up costing millions or even billions of dollars, not to mention human suffering, the wars are still being instigated even in the poorest countries on Earth… So who is paying for all those weapons? When I read a book by Smedley Butler called “War Is A Racket”, it all made sense: the weapon makers profit from wars because they get paid with our tax money now to make more weapons for future wars, while at the same time the weapons that were already built and paid for our “defense” are now being used in all those proxy wars overseas that our country is starting in those “Third World” countries. Thus, U.S. Military Industrial Complex and everyone who’s partnering with them profit. Who is victimized? The taxpayers, whose money is used for warfare instead of improving our lives, the soldiers, paying the ultimate price with their lives, and the victims of wars who get raped, dismembered or killed in the process of extracting the wealth of their homeland’s resources right from under them.

This is the short orientation on the war machine that Hillary Clinton is set to feed with our livelihoods in not so distant future. Her popularity among neoconservatives and supporters of infinite wars is very troubling, making her the candidate of the “War Party”, and definitely not the people of the United States. If you don’t like Trump for whatever reason, it’s not your only choice to vote for Clinton! There another peace-oriented Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein that have recently tweeted on Paul Wolfowitz’s decision to vote Clinton, mentioning that Democratic Party becomes the preference for “neocon war hawks” like Wolfowitz and Clinton.


Until we all realize that the American people risk losing thousands of soldiers and officers in these needless “Infinite Wars”, and that our soldiers are not “defending our Freedoms” (what freedoms and from whom?), there’s not much that could be done regarding the plans to instill Hillary Clinton into the White House and let her madness (pun intended) run wild to please the super-rich and powerful war mongers and the Elite. I predict that our votes will be tampered with, so I urge you to consider voting on paper ballots only and pray hard for our country and the rest of the world! Stay away from electronic voting and please reconsider your support for Hillary Clinton if you haven’t done so… May this year bring us all Peace, not War!



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    • profile image

      Peggy 18 months ago

      if you are a born again Christian you can not vote for someone who believes in abortion make you a murder as well..why should I be surprise at you and many who say they love God am not sad but true...

    • profile image

      Nathan Binns 19 months ago

      If 100% of Americans wanted the records they never would release them. The only way this might help is to convince people to vote for Trump and then hopefully she will be defeated.

    • profile image

      Fabian Patrizio 19 months ago

      What is scary (scarier even than Hillary) is how in a country like the US of A....things like this are covered up! much for land of the free and free speech!

    • profile image

      Ricky Pisano 19 months ago

      Obama was working on his handicap on the golf course, Hillary was MIA, Twitching somewhere, and TRUMP was in LA. handing out supplies and actually helping people that didn't have flood insurance with his own money. Who REALLY cares about regular people??

    • profile image

      Samuel Christen 19 months ago

      Given the information about Hillary I am very much looking forward to the TV duels. Let us see how Hillary likes to cover her medical or stamina problems against Donald Trump. This will be interesting!

    • profile image

      Ricardo Garcia 19 months ago

      Mccain was slammed about health just because of his age. he was 71 at the time.hillary is 68, not THAT much younger but shows ACTUAL concerns for health and no one gives a damn in the media????

    • profile image

      Nynia Chance 19 months ago

      Never any personal responsibility taken as to how policies she has championed created the same problems she refuses to even acknowledge, let alone solve.

    • profile image

      Jeanette Lajara 19 months ago

      We should deport the Clinton's, they are dangerous to America & are traitors to America. They are proof that there is no real justice in America.

    • profile image

      Raul Esparza 19 months ago

      I did not know about the Honduras issue, she has committed so many crimes and lied so much it's almost impossible to keep up & having the corporate media be silent also doesn't help. So, is Hillary a terrorist?

    • profile image

      Brian Hamilton 19 months ago

      Señora Clinton es un mentirosa habitual. Ella dirá cualquier cosa para ser elegida.

    • profile image

      frumpleton 19 months ago

      We have a terrible decision to make come election day. I don't trust any politician -- regardless of the party they represent. Once in office, they either get lazy or corrupted. If all the young people would stop enlisting into the service, maybe it would stall a war for awhile. I know, the government would force a draft if that happened. Those who seek war for monetary gain have blood on their hands. My father, his brothers and all of his male cousins were loyal and fought in WWII. But I married a Vietnam Veteran who had PTSD and died by his own hand. My sons never entered the military. I told them not to. It is one thing if American soil is being attacked, but it is quite another to go all over the world, fighting to push our religion and culture onto others. I will be glad when we no longer use oil. But there is probably little profit to be made by stockholders for solar, which is passive energy, compared to drilling into the oceans and land. All the blood that has been shed would probably fill up plenty of oil barrels

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 19 months ago from Auburn, WA

      I agree on Wolfowitz. Same w/Cheney and Rumsfeld. What were they thinking? And Bush fell for that crap. Angers me as a Republican. I'm glad they are not welcome in the Party anymore. What's worse? The Senators who were planning on Presidential runs (Kerry, Edwards, Clinton) all voting yes.

      You might be the first person ever to quote Smedley Butler in a hub (unless there's a hub about Butler, :)). Despite the FDR coup attempt, interesting guy.