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Don't Let the Gas Pump Stiffle You

Updated on March 18, 2011

Bullied by the Pump

Make Use of Provided Resouses

Its Our Call

Through out the years we've had problems with oil prices and we've come out pretty much unscaved. We should always be aware that this situation can come up time after time because of situations that we cannot control. Whether it is war or manipulation by OPEC WE have to be prepaired. After all this is America. We pride ourselves on being ahead.

What Should We Expect from Government

I think one of the mose important things that we can do is continue to look for alternate energy sources. Viable energy souces can, will, and do make a difference in holding down gas prices. Tapping into our own resources to refine raw patrollium, here again I must imphasize wise use of money approations. We must, here again, elect representatives who will work in the best interest to blance our environmental issues as well as energy concerns. What does this mean? While conserving some parks we must also work to develop energy refinement and alternate energy such as natural gas and hybrid vehicles that run on gas and electricity. These are complicated issues which must be sorted out by qualified goverment officials in co-operation with non-partisan research and safer develop technology.

What can We as Citizens Do?

Use your local bus service whenever possible. Most public busses have places where you can store your bikes and when you get to where you are going you can bike instead of walking if you prefer. You can form a car pool with your co-workers and friends with everyone tipping in on gasoline. If you have a car and choose not to car pool, you can park your car at a secure parking place where it is allowed such as a mall parking lot and take the bus.

You can also set aside a small amout of cash while you utilize public transportation, a portion of the money that you use for gas, to use incase you have an emergency or it is inconvinient for you to use public transportation. In these difficult times you may already be sacrificing what you feel is enough. However, bare in mind that you were already paying for gasoline at the prices that were posted before this crisis. So as I said before, you will have the ability to set aside a small portion of cash because it will be much cheaper using public transportion.Set aside small change you get back from vending machines and coffee shops and you will be surprised how much you can save. We tried putting back a couple of dollars each pay week and we were surprised how much we saved.

Continuing ro Conserve Energy at home

Eliminate running more than one appliance at a time such as TV's and computers. Burn only lights that you need. Cut down on accesive water use and natural gas use. Why? because this will save you money even if its just a few more dollars. I believe these methods will go a long way to bring us through this crisis.



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