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Don't Pro-Life Women Realize That Their Anti-Abortion Stance Does Not Apply To All Girls and Women Even Some Pro-Lifers?

Updated on September 28, 2014
gmwilliams profile image

Grace loves to write commentaries on psycho-cultural and sociocultural dynamics in their myriad forms.


Abortion Freedoms Positively Affect All Women Whether They Believe It Or Not

Abortion has, is, and will always be with us. That is an undeniable fact of life. From time immemorial, women have been using abortions as a method of birth control, especially when contraceptive methods were either unavailable or more primitive.

Abortion was accepted in American society until the late 19th century when it became under increasing scrutinization. Even though abortion was becoming increasingly illegal, it was still permitted to save the life of the mother. Despite its increasing illegalization, abortionists continued to practice openly with public support.

The demonization and subsequent criminalization of abortion was initially on health, not so-called moral and religious grounds. Abortions were often performed, using crude methods which resulted in high mortality rates. Subsequently, the increase of anti-abortion stances occur as backlashes to the rising suffragette movement and a women's right to voluntary motherhood. These antiabortionists believe that modern women were becoming less feminine and they should return to their "traditional feminine role" of motherhood and access to abortion would interfere with the traditional notions of motherhood.

The male medical establishment wanted to get rid of midwives(who routinely practiced abortions) out of medicine in order to gain total masculine hegemony. Although abortion subsequently became illegal in the United States, women still had abortions. Wealthier women had the liberty of going to other countries where abortions were legal and/or more acceptable while poorer women had to resort to back alley abortions under unsanitary conditions which results in either infections and/or death.

In 1973 with Roe vs Wade, abortion was finally legal. During the period from the 1970s-80s, feminist health centers were established to provide women with low cost abortions and aftercare. With the legalization of abortion, conservative and religious groups such as Catholics, Mormons, fundamentalist Christians, and right-to-lifers opposed abortions, believing it to be equivalent to murder. The battle between liberal progressive and conservative elements regarding abortion rage to this day. While the former is ever so vigilant regarding and fighting to retain abortion rights, latter is fighting to trying to totally eliminate abortion rights.

While many girls and women are justifiably and rightly pro-choice, there are quite a few girls and women who are pro-life. The latter believe that no girl and/or woman has the right to interfere with her pregnancy. They further contend that life starts at conception. They assert that once a girl and/or woman becomes pregnant, she must completely undergo the pregnancy.

Girls and women who are pro-life maintain that no girl and/or woman should undergo an abortion under no circumstances. It is of no concern to them if a girl's and/or woman's pregnancy is either unplanned and/or unwanted. In fact, they strongly assert that pregnancy is a pregnancy regardless of the circumstances because there is a baby forming and the most important thing at the moment is the baby, not the mother.

In the minds of many pro-life girls and women, there is no such thing as either an unplanned and/or unwanted pregnancy. They maintain that if a girl and/or woman did not desire pregnancy, she should have thought long and carefully before indulging in sex. Quite a few pro-life girls and women assert that many girls and women use their issue of an unplanned and/or unwanted pregnancy as a ruse to avoid their full responsibilities. In other words, these pro-life girls and women believe that any girl and/or woman who elect to terminate her pregnancy is indeed acting seflishly and irresponsibly.

What many pro-life girls and women fail and/or refuse to realize that pregnancy is difficult enough without it being unplanned and/or unwanted. When a girl and/or woman is pregnant, her body undergoes several physical and hormonal changes. In addition to that, pregnancy also affects girls and woman psychologically. Teenaged girls, because of their tender age, tend to have higher risk pregnancies because their bodies are in the process of developing.

The educational and economic cost of an unplanned pregnancy for teenagers included dropping out of school thus discontinuing their secondary educations. This makes college education highly unlikely for teen mothers thus they are often undereducated, impoverished, and relegated to lower paying jobs. Overall, teenagers who are pregnant and become mothers have a poorer socioeconomic outcome. Conversely, teenagers who become pregnant and elect to terminate their pregnancies finish their secondary educations thus attending college. They are more economically successful overall.

Women who have unplanned and/or unwanted pregnancies and become mothers before they are ready often have to derail their goals and careers. They may have financial difficulties and this pregnancy often cause a strain between them and their significant others whether it is husbands or significant others. Either which way girls and women who have unplanned and/or unwanted pregnancies and have their babies suffer emotionally, financially, and psychologically.

Not only are these girls and/or women negatively affected, their children are thus affected too. They usually have no feeling for their children, usually viewing them as obligations and intrusions in their lives. Because the children are unwanted, the mothers will find it impossible to bond with them. Oftentimes as a result of these mothers not fulfilling their desired goals and ultimate human potential, they taken out their frustrations out on their children. Unwanted children are more likely to be abused than children who are wanted and cherished by their mothers.

Many pro-llife girls and women counter the abovementioned with they must do "the time" if they "do the crime." They further add that it is tough luck if the pregnancy is unplanned and unwanted. They believe that if a girl and/or woman makes a "mistake" , she has to pay the penalty whatever it may be. If the girl and/or woman have to give up her life, that is so insignificant in comparison with the baby forming inside her body. They contend that she is a woman and it is time to step up to the plate. They further assert that if a girl and/or woman is "mature" and "woman" enough to have sex and get pregnant, even though it is unplanned and/or unwanted, she is should be prepared to face the responsibiliy of being a mother. In other words, you lay, you pay!

It is very futile presenting a logical argument to many pro-life girls and women explaining the legitimacy of a girl and/or woman have access to abortion if need be. These girls and women adamantly refuse to acknowledge is that every child should be wanted and that motherhood should never be involuntary. They will not even stop to consider what if their daughter, niece, granddaughter, friend, sister, cousin, and other female associate happen to be unexpectedly pregnant and clearly do not wish to continue with the pregnancy. Will they advise them that they should continue with the pregnancy against the wishes of the latter thus having an unwanted child or will they reconsider their pro-life stance and realize that each girl and woman has the right not to endure and go through an unplanned and/or unwanted pregnancy which often is psychologically damaging?

These pro-life girls and women do not realize that abortion freedoms positively affect them also whether they realize it or not. There are instances in which girls and women who were antiabortion and pro-life underwent abortions in extreme emergency situations such as rapes and when pregnancies threatened their lives. Some pro-life teenaged girls, when faced with an unexpected pregnancy and considering their options, elected to have abortions because they were not prepared and/or too young to be mothers either educationally, emotionally, financially, and/or psychologically. They wanted to wait until they are educated, older, and successful to become mothers.

Many pro-life mothers when faced with an extremely dangerous pregnancy elect to abort the fetus because they do not want to die and leave their children motherless. Other pro-life girls and women, even though they are against abortion themselves, avidly supported and encouraged their sisters, daughters, relatives, and friends to undergo abortions when the latter believed that they were totally unprepared either emotionally and/or economically to be pregnant. Yes there are some moderate pro-lifers even though they do not believe in abortion for themselves, they are somewhat open regarding the abortion choices of other women while others opposed abortion for themselves and others. These latter extremists believe that it is only right for any pregnant girl and/or woman, regardless of the circumstances of pregnancy, to endure it and become mothers.

While many pro-life girls and women assert that the fetus is an important life, the lives of the girls and/or women involved are just as important. Many female pro-lifers assert that there is no such thing as a girl and/or woman owning her body. They contend that the female body is just an vessel that is to adhere to a preordained plan. In other words, many female pro-lifers have the precept that their anatomy is destiny and they passively accept that destiny.

What these female pro-lifers do not realize that if abortion rights suddenly and completely erode, it will have quite a deleterious effect on female pro-choicers and pro-lifers alike for all are sisters under the skin like it or not. While female pro-choicers support the right of a girl and/or woman to do what she feels is right with her body, many pro-lifers strongly portend that there should be a one size fits all philosophy for all women which is antihumanisitic as well as illogical.

In summation, many pro-life girls and woman believe that abortion is wrong because it is murder. They further contend that if a girl and/or woman becomes pregnant, she should face up to the responsiblility, carry that pregnancy to term, and have the baby. They maintain that the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy is quite inconsequential- a life is a life regardless.

They fail to realize that there are often negative psychological ramifications in girls and/or women being forced to endure an unplanned and/or unwanted pregnancy. These negative ramifications both affect the mother and the child. In addition to the negative psychological rarmifications of being forced to endured an unplanned and/or unwanted pregnancy, there are also negative socioeconomic ramifications, especially for teenagers, e.g dropping out of school thus discontinuing their educations which results in being relegated to low paying, dead end jobs. On the contrary, teenaged girls who have abortions can continue their educations thus being better prepared socioeconomically.

Many female pro-lifers are loathe to believe that not every girl and/or woman with an unexpected pregnancy want to be mothers. The latter has a right to terminate her pregnancy if that is what she desire. These female pro-lifers should realize that all women are sisters and that each girl's and/or woman's rtespective reproductive freedom should be respected and one size definitely does not fit all!

© 2012 Grace Marguerite Williams


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      The life of the mother is a not really an argument, because she has as much of a right to live as the child. Rape is another bad argument and the victim should have all the rights. The real argument is about convenience. With all the contraceptives available, yes I know they are not always 100 percent, why do we abort so many children? Thrown out of the argument is sex, do we really need it so badly that we are willing to take chances of stupidity and not use contraceptives. Like the cheating wife or husband and sometimes woman looking for a noose around a guy this is risky business. If you were going to have sex, what did we think might happen. Those I know who had them, ended up pretty much the same a few years later but kept the child eventually. I can not speak for everyone but I hope we take life seriously and I hope life is not a inconvenience.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 

      5 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Just curious... should women have the choice to smoke crystal meth while pregnant?

    • kate12402 profile image


      6 years ago from Storrs, CT

      I am pro-life, and I have to say that almost nothing you said here about the opinions of pro-life women applies to me. I believe that life begins at conception, therefor the destruction of said life is murder (as it is legally considered murder to kill someone - regardless of their age - without provocation). That is why I am pro-life. I do not consider inconvenience, emotional health, or economical status, to be valid reasons to murder someone. Murder should only be condoned if it is done in self-defense (which would, in regards to abortion, be the risk of the mother's life). It's as simple as that.

    • Bonitaanna profile image


      6 years ago from Oil City, PA

      I chose not to have an aborption for one reason only. I knew no matter what other people thought, that it was murder in Gods eyes no matter where I stood on it. I knew then that it was my responsibility to make sure that I did what God wanted me to do! Even if it killed me. I was also told by doctors to let them abort my second child so they could do a complete Mastectomy on me. They told me I had cancer in both breasts. I DID NOT HAVE cancer. I always wondered if God healed me right before I went into surgery two months after I gave birth to him. Had I listened to others, I would only have one son today and no grandchildren!!!ever. See what happens when you listen to God and not what others tell you to do. Not only that my parents disowned me for 14 years after that, and the father of the child told me to have an aborption and walked out on me. I became homeless and moneyless. My christian grandmother is the one who came to my rescue. Thank God again! That son today is 49 years old and he and I are very close. He had two sons. my grandsons.

    • gmwilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      To LauraGT: Of course, there are many pro-life women who had abortions, especially when the situation hit near home. i concur with you that there must be rigorous sex and contraceptive education, particularly for teenagers. Many teenagers have abortions because they had unprotected sex. People must use protection(alas, good contraception) if they wish to indulge in sex.

    • LauraGT profile image


      6 years ago from MA

      Thanks for this interesting article. I agree with you that unwanted and unplanned pregnancies can be devastating for individuals and forcing motherhood on someone who is not ready for it does not good for them or for our society. I think our society needs to do more to decrease the demand for abortions (though greater sex ed programs and better availability of contraceptives), but as long as there are unwanted pregnancies, there must be legal abortions available. I also often wonder how many pro-life women have abortions themselves? I'm sure more than that group would like to admit.

    • profile image


      6 years ago from Ohio

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post, however I respectfully diagree with you on this subject. Regardless of the circumstances in which a woman or girl becomes pregnant the unborn childs life should not be sacrificed as there are other options. The only time in which I believe an abortion is justified is when the unborn child has no chance of survival outside the mothers womb. As far as the pregnanct causing problems with the mother health, this is very sad when this happens however I don't seee how anyone could live with themselves knowing thatthey chose their own life over that of their childs.


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