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Don't look to the Russians, it is the Democrats that are trying to influence our elections

Updated on March 22, 2018

It is not the Russians

Since Donald Trump won the US presidential election, the US Congress, and the presidency has been involved in the numerous democrat created investigations. These investigations have a NO Crime associated with it. So what is being investigated, the simple answer is Nothing.

This is a two prong strategy created by the loser of the presidency, Hillary Rodham Clinton. The first prong is how does she square the one point two billion dollars given to her campaign by some very rich supporters. That election was supposed to be a shoe in for Hillary, and yet she took defeat from the jaws of victory.

That means she has some heavy duty explaining to her supporters. And viola, that is when the Russian scenario was created. But even that wasn't enough for her to save face, I wrote an articles that describes over three dozen excuses put forward by Hillary Clinton why it wasn't her fault that she lost the race.

She is still telling this story today in India, and to anyone one or group, or country that will listen to her. The truth however doesn't require over three dozen excuses. The truth is also the simplest answer. Hillary failed because, she didn't have a winning platform. I am not Trump, don't vote for Trump is not a winning platform. In addition, what does it mean when her campaign says, I am with her.

Who is with her, and who is her? And then the infamous, Stronger together. What do they even mean to the voters. Stronger than what, and who is together. And how does that benefit the country, and the people.

She didn't hold a press conference in the last year. She didn't campaign much in the last year. She didn't campaign in the swing states, and then she wonders why Trump one, and she didn't win the presidency.

From the beginning of the election campaign, Hillary had a distinct advantage over Donald Trump, as well as her democrat opponents. Trump had to beat sixteen of the republicans best and most experienced opponents. And one by one, he took them down and out.

Hillary Clinton started her democrat primary campaign load with Super Delegate votes, and of course the polls gave her the uncontested lead over her best known opponent Senator Bernie Sanders. There was only five people in the democrat primary anyway.

As each month went by, Sanders kept gaining on those polls. And by now, it was expected by the DNC and Hillary's backers that she would have dispatched her opponents early on, so she could then focus on whoever came out as winner of the republican primary. Jeb Bush would have been the even money projected winner of the republican primary, but he bit the dust early.

Remember all the polls and all the criticism in the media about Trump not having any chance of winning the primary. And there was even talk that he was only in it as a lark. They said he really didn't want the presidency. But, then they had to take him more seriously when he kept nudging his opponents out. Then when the political dust settled, there was only one candidate standing and that was Donald Trump.

In my opinion, he won because like Hillary Clinton none of his opponents had a real campaign platform. And his campaign platform was all about the people, the voters, and the country. How could the voters resist that kind of straight talking make America great again, anti establishment platform. And they didn't resist it, they embraced it even through all the intervention by the democrat goons that tried to disrupt his speeches.

One of the key factors that went against Hillary Clinton was the WikiLeak emails from the DNC server. Does it really matter whether they were hacked from the outside, or leaked from someone in the DNC.

There was no defense, objection, or controversy about the veracity and the authentication of these emails. It was the content that told the story of the bad and even criminal things that were done by Hillary and the DNC. And one of the most influential of them all was getting Bernie Sanders out of the primary. Bernie had been gaining ground on Hillary every month, and if he had stayed in for the convention, he might have even one. But alas, he scratched out of the race. He let his hardened loyal supporters in the lurch.

This left Hillary alone to accept the primary win, but it is doubtful that the Sander's supporters voted for either Hillary or Trump. This would have happened with or without the emails as Sander's supporters weren't keen on Hillary or her platform.

Since the election the democrats have been trying to influence the result of the 2016 election, and by their continual resistance to president Trump and their never ending criticism of him, they are trying to influence the 2018 elections in their favor.

They are doing it by falsely claiming that not only was Russia trying to influence the election, they were colluding with Trump and his team to influence the election.

Here is the end result of that democrat tsunami of fiction, there has been no Evidence at all of Trump being involved in anything criminal Yet the democrats and their wholly owned media are still playing that same card, probably thinking that if you tell lies long enough, people might confuse it with the truth.

As for the DNC emails, no US intelligence or US agency has been allowed to verify the so called hacking. As for the emails that she deleted from her private unsecured server, once again their was no objection that they weren't authentic and truthful, only that Wikileaks spread them.

The bottom line here is that Hillary lost the election, the Russians,nor Trump made her write and received classified emails on her private unsecured server that she kept in the toilet in her home. The same is true of the DNC emails, no one told her to write them.

And once they hit the light of day, they were still authentic, and truthful.

We know that Obama, and his appointees in the DOJ, State Dept, CIA, NSA and other agencies help keep her out of being indicted for a number of her criminal activities.

The conclusion is Hillary and Hillary is responsible for losing a race that was rigged for her to win.

Donald Trump did all the things that a winner was supposed to do, and it paid off giving him the presidency.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 4 weeks ago from Orange County California


      That would be nice. What, I am concerned with are the people that voted for Flake, and why they haven't called his office and told them opposing the president isn't why they were elected.

      What is disappointing is that many of the republicans that won their election or reelection in 2016 did it because of Trump. It wasn't the republican party that helped them it was Trump.

      It is time for them to realize that if they don't stand behind the president today, they will stand in the unemployment line while some democrat takes their job.


    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 4 weeks ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

      "Flake," there couldn't be a more appropriate name for that guy.

      And there couldn't be a more appropriate name for Donald than "Trump" if you liken politics to cards! Let's hope he keeps trumping them all.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 4 weeks ago from Orange County California

      Thanks TSAD

      I agree, they never wanted Trump to win, and now many of them don't want him to succeed. Jeff Flake, the Republican is threatening Trump with Impeachment if Trump fires Mueller. And that is sad because, it should be the republicans that demand it.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 4 weeks ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

      Wow brad, nothing like reliving the past. An accurate accounting too.

      The only thing I'd take issue with is that Trump beat his competition in the primary. I'm glad he did because they are all phonies. They claimed to be conservatives but instead of getting behind one of their rank for the sake of the cause of conservatism which would have handily defeated Trump who never got much more than 30 % of the republican primary vote they selfishly split the anti Trump vote making it easy for Trump to vanquish them all. Were they truly conservatives (and half as smart as Trump) and down for that cause and not just in it for themselves the republicans could have had a conservative candidate for president, and not Trump. Truth is the so called "conservatives" in the Republican Party are really anything but - they only give it lip service to get constituent's votes.