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Doomsday Preparation: Stockpile Canned Food

Updated on October 16, 2016


Nuke Explosion
Nuke Explosion | Source

The End of the World

Some believe doomsday will come in the form of a natural disaster, a previously predicted event, or in the form of unexpected, unimaginable destruction. According to the Mayan calender, the world will come to an end on December 21st, 2012. This marks the end of the 5,125 year long cycle of the Mesoamerican Long Count Calender, and starts the beginning of a new world. Doomsday can be unpredictable like a hurricane or a devastating earthquake, giving people only a few hours or days to prepare. Some believe this will happen and some think it's all a bunch of superstition, but why even take the chance. If you expect to survive the aftermath of doomsday, you need to be prepared to keep you and your family safe. Below are some essential steps you need to take in order to insure your and your family's sustenance.


Stockpile of canned food
Stockpile of canned food | Source

Stock Up on Non Perishable Food Items

Having an abundant amount of food is essential for human survival. Fortunately, this is easily obtainable. All the necessary food you need to survive the aftermath of doomsday can be found at your local grocery store or discount outlet center. You will want to make sure you purchase food items that have a long shelf life. This is important because no one knows exactly how long it will take for society to get back to order, or if it ever will. Crops and farm animals will probably be completely wiped out and food production will come to a halt. People will have to live off of food they’ve stockpiled for months, or even years. Below are some suggestions of some canned food items you might want to stockpile in order in insure yours and your family's sustenance for doomsday.


Canned Soup
Canned Soup | Source

Canned Soup

Canned Soups are especially handy in a survival situation because they do not have to be heated before they are consumed. Not only do canned soups have a shelf life of several years, they are delicious and contain all the nutrients you and your family need to stay healthy. There are many different brands and flavors of soups you can choose to stock up. I suggest stocking up on Campbell’s and Progresso Soups. Both companies have an assortment of flavors that include Vegetable, Tomato, Manhattan Clam Chowder and Beef Pot Roast. Both brands of soups are sold as ready-to-eat and Campbell’s also sells a condensed version. Ready-to-eat soups are more practical because all a person needs to do is open the can and eat. Condensed soups are meant to be mixed with water before eaten, which can deplete your supply of valuable drinking water. Water is not necessary needed to consume condensed soups, it’s just more enjoyable to eat it that way. Most ready-to-eat soups come equipped with pop-top cans, which can come in handy if your can opener breaks, or for a quick meal while on a mission scouting for supplies. Amassing a stockpile of these soups is crucial in order to survive the aftermath of Doomsday.

Canned Soup Suggestions and Shelf Life

Shelf Life
Campbell's Soup
18 months
Progresso Soup
36 months
Dinty Moore Stew or Chilli
96 months
Bush Brothers Chilli
24 months
Canned Soup Suggestions and Shelf Life


Canned Meat
Canned Meat | Source

Canned Meat

Canned meats are an extremely important food item to stockpile in order to prepare for the aftermath of doomsday. Protein is the building block of human life and is essential to maintain and build muscle tissue. Fortunately, there are many different types of canned meats to choose from that have a lengthy shelf life. Some examples are tuna, chicken, deviled ham, salmon and Spam. Canned meats will usually keep their flavor for 3 years if stored in a cool, dry environment. Canned meats can be consumed well after 3 years, but after that time the meat will lose flavor and not taste as good as it once did, but flavor is not important, survival is. It is strongly suggested to stockpile these protein packed canned food items.

Canned Meat Suggestions and Shelf Life

Shelf Life
Star Kist Tuna
60 months
Underwood Deviled Ham
12 months
Hormel Spam
96 months
Libby's Canned Salmon
24 months
Chicken of the Sea
24 months
Canned Meat Suggestions and Shelf Life


Canned Vegetables
Canned Vegetables | Source

Canned Fruits and Vegetables

Canned fruits and vegetables are crucial for doomsday survival and are essential to promote the health of you and your family. Although not as healthy as fresh fruits and vegetables, canned versions are still packed with enough antioxidants and vitamins to provide energy and help prevent sickness and disease. Practically every type of fresh fruit and vegetable can also be purchased canned. Canned fruits and vegetables have a shelf life of 3 years and over, so make sure that you choose your favorites because you will be consuming them for a long time. It is highly advisable to stockpile as many canned fruits and vegetables as possible.

Canned Fruit and Vegetable Suggestions and Shelf Life

Shelf Life
Del Monte Fruits
30 months
Del Monte Vegetables
24 months
Green Giant Green Beans
24 months
Green Giant Mushrooms
48 months
Green Giant Corn or Peas
36 months
Contandina Tomato Products
24 months
Canned Fruit and Vegetable Suggestions and Shelf Life


Canned Drinks
Canned Drinks | Source

Canned Drinks

Canned drinks typically have a shelf life of 1 to 2 years and are extremely important to stockpile for doomsday preparation. Maintaining hydration is crucial, fortunately there are numerous different types of canned drinks to choose from ranging from water, fruit juice, vegetable juice, soda and beer. Some of these canned drinks provide essential nutrients, and some are used more to cheer a person up from being buried in a bunker for months on end. Below are some examples of canned drinks a person may want to consider stockpiling for doomsday preparation.

Canned Drink Suggestions and Shelf Life

Shelf Life
Campbell's V-8 Juice
18 months
Capri Sun Juice Pouches
18 months
Dole Canned Juices
36 months
Mott's Apple Juice
12 months
9 months
6 months
Canned Drink Suggestions and Shelf Life

Plan Ahead

Doomsday Preparation
Doomsday Preparation | Source


Doomsday is inevitable and could strike unexpectedly, therefore its important to prepare yourself for the initial devastation and aftermath. Stockpiling canned food is a great start for any survivalist. Preparing for doomsday does not guarantee survival, but it will certainly increase the chance.

Canned Food Preparation Video

Stockpiling Canned Food

Have you stockpiled canned food for doomsday?

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    • profile image

      Lin Hint 

      6 years ago

      Food pantry will not take expired food.

    • SidKemp profile image

      Sid Kemp 

      6 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach)

      Did doomsday come last December and I missed it? Or did it miss us?

    • Corrie Lamprecht profile image

      Corrie Lamprecht 

      6 years ago from Thailand

      I agree. A nice stockpile of food will also make you a target by those who did not prepare. Once they are hungry and police are no more - your life would be in danger. On the other hand you can live very healthy from plants. Take for instance the tree Moringa Olifeira and Lagaerstroemia xx (Excellent Nutrition) or Terminalia Ivorensis (Excellent medicinal) just to name two of the top of my head. How to purify water - what you need to purify water against; learn to use bamboo segments, limestone, charcoal ...

    • Fritz Isaacs profile imageAUTHOR

      Fritz Isaacs 

      6 years ago from San Francisco

      Thanks for the insight Corrie Lamprecht. I completely agree with your comment. While learning how to live off the land is more important in the long run, stockpiling canned food is certainly a step people should take in order to initially survive the aftermath of doomsday. It's a lot easier to open a can of soup than to go out and dismember a cow for hamburgers.

    • Corrie Lamprecht profile image

      Corrie Lamprecht 

      6 years ago from Thailand

      Stockpiling canned food is the same as the proverbial "Give a man a fish and he is hungry tomorrow, teach him how to fish and he will have food every day". Stockpiling food will only be good for a relative short period of disaster. Rather learn techniques on surviving from raw nature. In best case scenario some parts of nature would have survive; else you will anyway be dead too.


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