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Double-talk: a redoubtable opponent

Updated on February 16, 2015

Double-headed politicians

In politics, the double- talk is the duplicity consisting of saying one thing and meaning another. Everywhere politics is destroyed by the double-talk. In public, officials say this, and in the same time, they express an opposite opinion.

Around the world, politicians are the same. The only battle they trust in is to be elected. When it is done, they start the real fight that is to gain the vote for the next term. Therefore any decision is taken in order to satisfy their personal interests. Don’t listen to the speech they are making in public focused on the voters’ needs. It is not true: that’s the double-dealing of politicians, the first opponent of the electors.

In United States of America, November is coming on the double so that the voters should be ready to see double because of the double-dealing of the double-headed politicians.Overseas in Africa, the population doesn’t usually trust in politicians called ’’liars’’. In the daily life, when a kid says something that is untrue, his parents have to yell at him strongly,’’ stop to be a politician’’, they cry out. It means that a politician is known as a liar because of his double-talk speech. The campaign promises never become true. The fact of broken promises is really a divesting case for African countries trying to set in democratic institutions. The presumption is that politicians are liars who say what voters want to hear to get elected and then behave very differently once in office. Then politics equal lie due to politicians’duplicity.


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