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Doublespeak, what it really is...

Updated on May 2, 2012

Political correctness, words used not to offend any groups of individuals

Media words, words used to spin and cause emotional reactions to what is going on in the community.

Double entendres, usually used in flirting or sexual innuendos or jokes. Using words that can also be understood as sexually laced.

Christianese, words used in the church, typically from the bible, that becomes a part of the Christian's everyday speech pattern and expression.

Double talk, similarly to slang but normally used in business and politics.

Slang, every generation developed words and speech patterns to hide what they were really talking about. It was really done to disguise what they really meant so that the old folks didn't know what was going on. Words became codes for other things.

It was normally non offensive, every day words that did not attract the attention of anyone, that soon started taking on a second meaning depending on who you were talking to or who you were discussing.

Those meanings have filtered into everyday speech, causing confusion and sub culture slang needing to be translated as if one were speaking a foreign language. The truth is from generation to generation that is exactly what is going on and few people know what is going on around them and their children because they cannot understand or get the gist of what is really being discussed.

But that isn't anything new, mankind as long as words have been spoken have talked in a sub language of code to pass messages for what ever reason. Most of the time and throughout history it was used to protect oneself from violence, concealing ideas, etc.

Double speak is disguising the true meaning of what you are trying to say, so that the person or persons you are discussing are not offended. An open dialog means several things to those who are listening.

Double speak has caused the break down of communication. Since words no longer mean what they were intended for then they are no longer valid.

It is easy nowadays to offend any group of people. And because freedom of speech is being attacked at every side, lots of people, not just interest groups are afraid to speak their minds or express their true feelings or views.

Don't get me wrong, no one has the right to intentionally hurt someone if it can be avoided. But if we all start suing each other about what we personally find offensive then we as a society will be left with no honest expression or freedoms.

Political correctness is another way of being polite. Maybe? I wonder, if it is not just another way of embracing prejudice and lies.

Who gets to say what should or should not be correct for anyone but the person themselves if they are not offending others.

I wonder?

Offense comes in many forms but if every person has the right to express themselves, in what ever way they feel works for them how can one individual feel like and have the law defend them in suing over what they consider offensive.

I find it offensive that i can't express myself for fear that someone will take me to court for expressing what is my opinion and freedom of rights.

The english language is an ever growing organism borrowing words and taking others that have been made up by the popular social media culture to describe something. What is interesting is that these words usually come from what others assume is and labels as the sub culture.

You know that culture that lives right beneath the feet of those they have labeled as straight laced, normally in the derogatory sense. What i find hilarious is that the generation that is now labeled as straight laced is the one that said the same things about their old fogies, you know their parents.

It's interesting how the human dialect and the human race revolves around the same old markers. Nothing is new under the sun.

In our search to make everything sound good and feel good to everyone, which is impossible, we find that the basic communication skills that everyone is pushing is thrown by the way side in favor of abusive speech and violence.

Everyday freedoms that are affected by doublespeak.

  • Freedom of rights.
  • Freedom of expression.
  • Freedom of choice.
  • Freedom of religion.
  • Freedom of belief.

All of the freedoms we enjoy, we enjoy because of what the law says is the rights of all mankind. Yet everyday we are finding that the freedom of expression is being twisted to suit those who can rally the law to their side, only to destroy the infrastructure needed to keep any society viable and all freedoms available to any and everyone.

Half truths and lies are accepted as truth. Mis communication is irrelevant, if it does not offend. We make decisions to intentionally weave untruths so that we are not offensive, and then wonder why people are afllicted with paranoia.

But we will accept it from comedians, and television shows because they are not 'real'. We accept the worse types of behavior as a part of reality TV, about honest shows or view points on CNN and other media avenues but the everyday person must censor what they want to express because of 'political correctness'.

I continue to wonder is there such a thing?

If you attack the freedoms of another to make choices, then you have made yourself God! No you have become a dictatorial society that keeps their peoples in bondage and fear.

Just because the dog barks at the moon does not mean that the moon will stop glowing!

Double speak, political correctness, slang and such, have caused communication between any two people, cultures and sexes to decline. Is it worth it?

It is words spoken that can be understood, in context and meaning that make up the foundation of communication!


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