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Douglas Carswell quits UKIP but staying on as an independent MP

Updated on March 25, 2017

UKIP as far as its only MP is concerned is a party past its sell by date. The party according to Douglas Carswell has out lived its use now that the UK is leaving the EU which has caused him to cease being a UKIP MP and continue being an MP for Clacton but he will be independent from now on.

No one apparently at UKIP knew Carswell was leaving the party until a BBC reporter happened to mention it. Will the loss of Carswell as UKIP's only MP be a blow to the party possibly but many of the rank and file members wanted him as did former leader Nigel Farage and party donor Arron Banks gone.

It seemed Carswell was never really at home in UKIP and differed on what direction the party should go politically with the leadership. Both Farage and Banks had public disagreements with their only sitting MP and new leader of UKIP Paul Nuttall wants to court the working class Labour vote something perhaps as a former Tory Douglas Carswell is perhaps not comfortable with hence another reason why he has gone.

Its ironic unless it was by choice that Douglas Carswell should choose to leave UKIP now as Theresa May will announce the formal launching of Article 50 on Wednesday this coming week.

One group on Twitter affiliated to UKIP the Leave.EU campaign said it always suspected that Carswell was a Tory Plant and not a true kipper as followers of the party are called.

Of course Carswell is not the only person to question the continued existence of UKIP now that Brexit has been achieved. It would appear also Arron Banks UKIP's donor may not fund the party any more but has stated he would like to see another party set up in its place.

UKIP still has Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall plus others as MEPs but the job of the party if it wants to survive is to get its members elected to parliament.

Douglas Carswell and beach huts
Douglas Carswell and beach huts | Source

Brief Bio of Douglas Carswell

1) Full name Douglas John Carswell

2) Date of birth: 03 May 1971

3) Aged 45

4) Born in the city of Westminster, UK

5) Educated at Charterhouse school, Kings college London, University of East Anglia

6) Has been an MP for Harwich, 2005 and Clacton, 2010

7) Left Tory party to join UKIP which caused by - election which he subsequently won in 2014

8) Married to Clementine

9) Clashed with UKIP's leadership a lot

10) Now Carswell no longer a UKIP MP but is an independent instead

Douglas Carswell posing for selfie with supporters
Douglas Carswell posing for selfie with supporters | Source


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