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#Dowry: Worst Crime Ever Against #Women

Updated on November 19, 2013

Dowry: Where Is The End?

The customary practice of gifting our daughters on their marriage has taken the form of the evil practice of dowry. It is that evil that has permeated all sections of Indian society, forcing several girl parents into penury. I am saddened and distressed at the sight of hundreds of thousands of girls and their parents who are forced to suffer at the hands of the greedy groom family. If the girl's parents fail to fulfill their greed either at the time of marriage or post-wedding, the girl is either forced to commit suicide or killed by her in-laws. In both ways, it is the girl who has to suffer and live a life that is no less than death.

With a majority of the population in India living below the poverty line, girl's parents find it hard to fulfill demands of the groom family, which may range from television to property, from cash to jewelry, from scooters to cards. In majority of the cases, dowry is the root cause of the problem of female foeticide. Since parents of the girl fear they would be forced to give dowry to their daughter on her marriage, most of them end up killing their unborn daughters in the womb so that they don't have to submit to the groom's family's demands if their daughter is born and married.

Dowry and Poverty

Poor parents who are forced to submit to the boy's family's greed are sometimes dragged to the doors of penury. In some cases, when they do not submit, their daughters are forced to take drastic steps, such as suicide, to save their parents from shame of keeping a married or unmarried girl at home. Indian society is biased toward male sex and parents of boys consider themselves as superior class, who can demand just anything from the girl's parents.

Root Cause

I think parents are responsible to a great extent in giving airs to this heinous practice of dowry. The custom of bridal gifts assumed greater proportions in the form of forced bridal gifts, in which the groom's family seek bigger gifts from the bride's family --to fulfill which they even go to the extent of calling the marriage off on the very day of marriage - or boycotting the marriage and returning from the doors of marriage, forcing the parents of the girl to submit to their demands merely to save their pride and safeguard their girls from social ostracism (girls whose marriages cannot solemnize or break on the marriage day are looked down upon in India to the extent that in most cases nobody ever marries them or if someone agrees to enter into a wedlock with them, they demand dowry - so this means girls and their parents continue to be caught into the vicious circle of dowry - the very reason their marriage broke earlier).

May I know why do the parents of the girl need to give even a single penny to the guy's family? If the boy's parents have raised him, did the girl's parents not do the same? Or did the boy's family raise him in a different manner than the girls' parents? Why does the girl's family have to suffer? Why can't the girl's family live in peace? Why is the girl's family forced to feel that giving birth to girls is the biggest blunder of their lives..for which they will suffer from birth to death? Why?

Why does this happen? Why is the purest relation between a husband and his wife hanging on the brink of dowry?

This brutal practice of dowry needs to be stopped. What can be done?

  • The first to take the initiative has to be the boy or the groom, who has to make his family understand the values that the girl is bringing into their family, not anything else that her parents give her happily.
  • The girl should be brought up in a manner no less than boys - they should be made to realize that they are at a par with their brothers and that they should never submit to dowry demands.
  • Parents of girls should realize that daughters are an asset, which will continue to reap rich dividends all their lives - daughters are yours for life, but sons are yours until wife.
  • Anti-dowry awareness campaigns are the need of the hour that can enlighten people about the value of girls.
  • Strict law and legal action will certainly become a deterrent.

Why can't we all live happy lives? Why are we fighting with each other? Why such an inhuman, beast-like attitude with our daughter-in-laws just for the sake of dowry?

This is high time we opened our eyes and brought this savage practice to an end before it drags our daughters to the death doors!

Who will initiate. I know merely writing or giving my views on dowry is not going to change anything unless the poor mind-set of the entire society is changed. Who will change it? From where will the winds of change blow? God knows whether that day will ever come....

Today, I pledge that being a daughter, I will not take a penny from my parents to my husband's home. I am educated. I am standing on my feet, then why should my parents give their hard-earned wealth on my marriage? I totally reject that.

Girls wake up!!!! Please wake up and take the cudgels in your hands to put an end to this heinous practice once and for all. If you do not initiate and make your husbands understand this, your life will certainly be a hell.

I have seen so many girls being dragged to death, forces to kill themselves -- because their parents could no longer afford to dole out more money to her in-laws. Once the girl's parents stopped giving money, or other amenities, the boy's family forced them to suicide or murdered them in cold blood.

My dear friends, this is the height of brutality. Kindly wake up and show to this world that girls are no less than boys and they stand at a par with them. Once this mind-set changes, lives would certainly bloom.....

Please listen to my voice against the worst crime ever - dowry!

Dowry and women
Dowry and women


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    • girlgenius profile image

      girlgenius 7 years ago from Los Angeles

      Greed and love are incompatible. Thanks for your hub!

    • profile image

      AJIN R 8 years ago


      it is brutal



    • dutch84 profile image

      dutch84 9 years ago

      thisi s very controversial, but i suppose it is good to discuss it openly for understanding and progress

    • Anamika S profile image

      Anamika S 9 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

      I too oppose the practice of Dowry. It should neither be given nor be taken.

    • solarcaptain profile image

      mike king 9 years ago from california

      well, change sometimes does come slowly but once the seeds are planted

      change can happen, sometimes unexpectedly. I never thought I would see a black man in my day

      make a serious run for president, nor a woman running almost neck and neck with a man, a black man at that. Of course it makes sense. Obama is very bright and I have no doubt will make a great president.

      Whatever happens it is good to see that change can occur. I think maybe one day

      you will see great cultural changes that you never expected to see. I hope that

      one day the assimilation of Muslims into U.S. Culture will come about and each

      may live with the other in peace and harmony. It is bound to happen and one day it will.

      Keep up the good blogs, I enjoy reading them.