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Dowry - A Disease

Updated on December 3, 2015

In India, people say that the dowry system is stopped and is a punishable crime if anyone demands for it. But I want to ask each and every Indian out there is this law is enforced in reality? If they will marry their son, will they refuse to accept any gift from the in-laws? Will they stop their neighbors from demanding dowry and complain about them if they don’t stop?

Let me give you the answer: NO. This is a bitter reality about India, “Dowry”. This is the biggest reason why families don’t want a girl child to be born in their homes, because they know that someday their daughter will grow up and they have to marry her and to do so, they will have to give dowry.

Do you agree that Dowry system should be stopped in each form?

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People claim that they are educated enough to stand against this filthy custom. But when their turn comes, they say that it’s a tradition, everyone in our community is getting a huge amount of money or a big car as dowry so if we won’t take it, people will think wrong about us. Or when a father marry her daughter, he tries his level best to give everything to her daughter as a gift so she won’t need anything later that she can’t get in her new home. Some people even try to harm their daughter-in-law if they bring less gifts i.e., dowry with them. Still in today’s generation, there is at least one case registered in police against violence due to dowry.

Here, I can just give you examples, but real work can only be done by today’s youth. If we decide that we won’t allow our parents either to accept or to give dowry in our wedding, then only we can make a difference. And this is not a one person job. I can just hope that there are more people who think that dowry should stop and are ready to take steps for the same.


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