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Dr Christine Blasey Ford Is a Player and Not a Victim [F2 888]

Updated on June 24, 2019

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford the poster girl for lying can be profitable

Dr Ford is a player, and she not only made out like a bandit financially, she also became not the heroin for Women, but for the Democrat Party. Over $700,000 in Go Fund, and the talk of Palo Alto not just the University she taught at, but the town. The mayor of Palo Alto bestowed an award on her.

All the anti Trump democrats across the country have a new Queen. The old Queen was the loser in the presidential election, and she is now an embarrassment to the democrats. Dr Ford is now the Queen of the Democrat Party.

All she did was to concoct a 36 year old recovered memory, and make sure it only had one thing that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her. And that was her testimony, and she was the sole keeper of that testimony because no one else knew about it, especially Brett Kavanaugh.

There were no details that could be used to prove or disprove this testimony. There was no place, date or time to investigate her story.

Dr. Ford never proved her story, and no one else corroborated it.

That should be the end of the story, but not for the Anti Trump democrats, or the democrat party's msm. They are still carrying on as if there was some sort of video being played by the way back machine. The truth is the anti Trumpers are the only ones that are seeing that video. And they want all of us to Believe in what they see. They want us to kick off from reality and fall face down in their fantasy.

Did you buy it?

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is now Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh

Even though this article has a happy ending, it doesn't have the full ending of truth. The truth is that all the democrat senators less one from W Virginia said they would vote NO on confirming judge Kavanaugh.

They said NO and then they voted NO. They played real dirty tricks that should have given them a slap down for their lack of ethics. In fact, it was more than unethical would they did to Supreme Court nominee judge Kavanaugh. It was fraudulent, criminal and filled with lies.

When they put judge Kavanaugh through the confirmation hearing, it was more like the Nuremberg trial for Nazi war criminal. Kavanaugh prevailed in that hearing and when it came time to vote, which the democrats said they would vote NO, CA democrat senator Dianne Feinstein pulled a rabbit out of the democrat hat.

That rabbit was created six weeks before the time for the vote, but she had kept it hidden to sandbag Kavanaugh. From that point until yesterday when Kavanaugh was voted in as a Supreme Court justice, the Nuremberg Trial tactic turned into the Gauntlet.

Looking back, the democrats literally took an empty accusation from over 36 years ago and played it like they had eye witnesses and a video recording of the incident. In the end, they had less than what they started with because after the hearing had gone into the senate investigation of that accusation, they then followed it with an FBI supplemental investigation.

During those two weeks, they couldn't find any corroboration for any of the accusations against judge Kavanaugh. Zero, nada, ziltch, nothing, and what they did find was that Dr. Ford and her attorneys were caught in major inconsistencies in her testimony.

Not only wasn't there any substantiation for her story, there were numerous flaws in it. What the democrats and Dr Ford caused was a tear down of the US Constitution and the American Way. The democrats with the help from Dr. Ford almost successfully took the keystone of the constitution of due process and dismissed it, because their goal was to prevent president Trump from getting another nominee into the Supreme Court. And they didn't care that their method and process of stopping the nominee would destroy the due process clause, as well as the presumption of innocence.

These are the same democrats, along with their democrat in the House that want to impeach president Trump by using any and all tactics including bringing down the country. They are doing that because they lost the presidency, and now all the dirty acts that they and the Obama administration did during those eight years are now coming to light, and it could mean some or many of them might wind up not in the White House, but in the Big House.

Dr Christine Blasey Ford's testimony under oath is meaningless.

The only reason to ask for testimony to be under oath and under penalty of perjury is to ensure that a person will tell the truth.

  • Perjury and Dr. Ford's Testimony
  • In the case of Dr. Ford's testimony to the senate judiciary committee there is no possibility of perjury. The reason is not because she told the truth, but because her testimony didn't give any evidence or facts that can be verified or challenged.
  • He entire testimony focused on herself in a closed bedroom with two boys The two boys under oath and penalty of perjury denied the incident. In essence their threat of perjury is the same as Dr Ford because they are playing the cards that she dealt.

But there are parts of her testimony aside from the actual incident that may show perjury in that testimony.

No one can say that she lied about the incident because there were no witnesses outside of the boys allegedly being there. If she had given a date, time and location of the party, then these boys could have given their denial based on those specifics.

While Dr Ford cannot be guilty of perjury, that same lack of details also doesn't provide any evidence or facts to make her accusations valid and true.

  • But her testimony that the incident caused her Trauma in the form of not being able to fly has certainly been debunked, and that should constitute perjury.
  • Or that the Trauma of the incident made her claustrophobic and she said that is why she had a second front door put in her house. This turns out again to be a lie and the door was added to rent the room. And she said at the hearing, that she rented it to people working at Google.
  • She was also asked at the hearing about her knowledge of lie detectors and had she ever instructed anyone on how to pass them. And now we have a letter from an ex boy friend that lived with her, and he states in that letter that he saw and heard Dr. Ford give advice to her friend on how to pass the lie detector test so she could get a job with the FBI

That is three strikes and usually that makes you out, but we will have to see after the senate confirmation vote if the republicans will get her called out on perjury charges.

The bottom line is that Dr Ford can lie about this accusation and not be held to have perjured herself, but she did cause a lot of damage to the reputation of judge Kavanaugh and damage to his family. But as I have shown above that plan of Dr. Fords was not fool proof. She has some major explaining to do.

Dr Ford was and is not a credible witness, and the republicans made a mistake of caving into this obvious political smear to delay tactic.

The Players Dr Ford, and senator Dianne Feinstein


Ford is not the victim, she is a player and a co-conspirator to delaying the vote on Kavanaugh and her goal was to stop Kavanaugh from going to the SC.

It all started with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford during the SC confirmation hearing on judge. Just like the Trump Russia Influence the US Election of 2016. Both of these women started the seeds for an investigation to disrupt the republicans and president Trump for winning the presidency.

Hillary Clinton is under investigation and the investigation disappears by the election with no charges being filed, and no grand jury being impaneled. She loses the election but during the election campaign she installed an insurance plan that would try to take down Donald Trump if he won the presidency.

That plan was the millions of dollars paid for the DNC opposition paper that would try to blackmail Donald Trump or discredit him if he won. The plan was to dig up dirt from the Russians, and that is the only Russian influence on our election. They paid through straw men for this opposition paper using an ex MI6 British spy. He went to the Russians and accumulated a lot of dirt on Donald Trump, or so Hillary and the DNC thought. As it turned out the Steele Report was filled with unverified, false, and inflammatory claims about Donald Trump.

Remember when the democrats cried that this report was supported by all 17 US intelligence agencies. The reason is that they all used the same report to base their support. Yet, not one of these agencies actually verified the information in the report. And to this day, nothing in that report has turned into any evidence against Donald Trump.

  • But they then used this report along with support to allow the FBI to get a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page an American. They didn't charge Carter Page with any crimes, and yet they were allowed to not only get the original FISA warrant, but they also got three extensions. So for a full year from the election campaign, through the election, and through the president elect phrase, and finally in the beginning of the Trump presidency.

And after all of that, their high level of confidence that they and the other 16 US intelligence agencies gave this report, the result was no charges against Carter Page, and no evidence against Donald Trump, President Elect Trump or President Trump.

But the Steele Report was not dead because the FISA warrant was not public knowledge. They then used it to be the seed for five investigations on Donald Trump to President Trump. And four of the five investigations have ended with the conclusion of no findings of Russia Trump Influence in the US elections.

The final investigation is the Robert Mueller investigation that started the day after president Trump rejected him for the position of FBI director. In that year, several of the top FBI management have been removed, fired or resigned because of information and evidence acquired by the Inspector General

The real Russia election influence that existed originates from Hillary Clinton and the DNC along with the swamp rats in the DOJ, FBI and CIA. Yet, we can't seem to get any determinate investigation with the same vigor and enthusiasm as the democrats give to the investigations.

The democrats are hoping to win back control of congress so these investigations into their influence in the election, and there plot to influence the election results by impeaching president Trump through a planned coup.

This way it will be back to the Obama presidency and none of the investigations against Hillary or the democrats resulted in any arrests.

The need to win the mid term or they go to jail?

Next we will tie the Hillary to the Ford.

Dr Christine Blasey Ford and CA democrat senator Dianne Feinstein

The democrats tried hard and played hard but never gave up on taking the presidency from Donald Trump. They are still hoping their coup will bring blood through their Robert Mueller investigation.

  • While that investigation limps along, they had another major president Trump issue. That issue was president Trump was going to nominate someone to the SCOTUS. It really didn't matter who he would nominate, because they were in the revenge mode from the republicans not voting on the Obama nominee.

They went whining and kicking throughout the entire nomination process from judge Robert Kavanaugh and they just couldn't get any traction to kick him to the side of the road. The confirmation hearing is over and all that is left is the committee vote followed by a full senate vote.

They had nothing to stop it, or did they?

Then it happened, CA democrat senator Dianne Feinstein reveals that she has what the democrats need to knock Trump's nominee out of the game.

  • What is this democrat blue pill?
  • Where did it come from?

How can it be used to work against Kavanaugh to either get him to resign from the nomination, or discredit him so that he won't even get a vote. And if it somehow does get to a vote, he will not get enough votes.

You know the story and the current results but consider the following:

  1. Was Dr Ford writing a letter to her congresswoman really the proper approach for her admitted intent, or was it more in line with her real intent?
  2. That congresswoman forwarded Ford's letter and this is another path that reveals an opposite one to her admitted intent. That intent was to inform the senate judicial committee that was in the process of a confirmation hearing.
  3. Was senator Dianne Feinstein the proper party in the senate judicial committee to receive this letter? Well she wasn't the chair person for the committee, and if you wanted results and action for the letter, then she should have sent it directly to the head of the senate judicial committee. As we see now, that would have made Dr. Ford's intent to inform credible.
  4. The senate has rules and procedures to deal with the kind of information that was in Dr. Ford's letter. But the letter didn't get to the committee as it would have if senator Feinstein would have followed protocol.
  5. Feinstein's feeble excuse of holding onto it because Ford had requested anonymity seems to be working, but that doesn't change the fact that it was intentionally done by Feinstein. The Feinstein excuse shouldn't have worked because she should have passed it onto the head of the committee still being anonymous. The importance of this letter was not the name of the person but the contents of the letter.
  6. This was a political act by democrat Feinstein to delay the confirmation hearing from voting. And it did that and more none of it good for anyone. For that malicious calculated act by Feinstein she should have been removed from the committee.
  7. There is further evidence that anonymity was not a real issue because a week after writing the letter to Feinstein, Ford had two top democrat lawyers representing her, most likely setup by Feinstein. Or at the least with her knowledge and consent.
  8. With these two attorneys Ford takes a polygraph test they setup for her. Of course now these attorneys can say she took a polygraph test and passed. This test took 2 hours, and only had two questions. Really!
  9. This is now early August and there is still a month before the hearing ends to take their votes. During that time, Kavanaugh is put through over, and forced to swallow the coals, but Feinstein keeps it in the bag about the letter or even the accusation. This cannot be construed in any other way than a political sandbagging.
  10. When Feinstein finally makes the letter public, she has already sent the information to the FBI to investigate. She doesn't turn over the letter to the committee. That is another political play.
  11. The goad of the Feinstein and Ford political play by the democrats was to get an investigation on the accusation to delay the vote on Kavanaugh. They then go back to their hearing mode and put Kavanaugh through more of their intended vile and rude questioning that puts innocence away, and even demands that Kavanaugh ask the FBI to investigate himself.
  12. Not only have Feinstein and the democrats broken senate protocol, they now break the constitution by discarding the presumption of innocence. Kavanaugh is interrogated, not interviewed by the democrats demanding that he resign simply because of Ford's accusation. And accusation that has little details, no evidence, no corroboration, and only her words.
  13. The democrats even get the republicans and the media to call her a credible witness. They also make the incident of the accusation anywhere from attempted rape to rape and even attempted murder.
  14. Yet, there is no evidence to even support groping.
  15. None of the witnesses Ford provided say that they no nothing about it. Yet, the democrats keep whining and say how serious the matter is because Kavanaugh is applying for a life long position in SCOTUS.
  16. Feinstein, Ford and the democrats along with the media have made a GMO onion that stinks really bad. Yet, they keep feeding it like it was a 100 year old Chinese egg.

The bottom line is that when you go through the genesis of Ford coming forward after 36 years, and the way that Feinstein and the democrats handled it, then the conclusion that should be made is that this was a political dirty bomb delivered with the cooperation and intent of Dr. Ford to undermine Kavanaugh's bid for the SC and they don't care about collateral damage to other people, America, and American government, much less the truth.

Christine Blasey

Is Dr. Christine Blasey Ford a Player or a Victim

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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      21 months ago


      I think that Kavanaugh has a good chance of being voted into the SC.

      Hope, think what is the difference!

    • tsadjatko profile image

      The Logician 

      21 months ago from now on

      It will never end - the left will not stop until Kavanaugh is gone whether he is confirmed or not.

      They hope they can win congress so they can impeach Trump then Kavanaugh - they will give up on that hope after they get creamed in the next election because of what they have done here. Then it will be up to whoever the assassin or assassins they hire to get the job done while making it look like a terrorist hit. Most likely a bomb will be used and some insane dupe or terrorist wannabe made to look responsible.

    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 

      21 months ago from Central Florida

      It is a horror show alright Pop, but it needs to end long before Halloween, for all our sakes!

    • breakfastpop profile image


      21 months ago

      The right questions were never asked of Ford, and they never will be. This horror show must come to an end this week or the nation will never recover from the ugliness.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      21 months ago


      Thanks for the read and comment.

      There was the 'A' bomb and then the 'H' bomb and last week we saw the most devastating bomb and it was set off in the Capital of the US.

      That was the 'D' bomb.

      It was Dropped by the Democrats to Damage our Democracy.

      The DDDD bomb?

      As for the Go Fund of a million dollars, I wonder if the donors gave money to the 32 people that died from Florence, or did they gave to the survivors of Florence?

    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 

      21 months ago from Central Florida

      So true Brad, innocent people are being harmed as a result of this fiasco (and the left does not care) None of this is doing anybody any favors (well...maybe Dr. Ford appreciates the favor of a lucrative go fund me account) But, as for everybody else.....great harm has been done.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      21 months ago


      These are good questions and they could have been asked last Thursday. But with her two democrat lawyers they would have objected to any questions that might show she was biased.

      The only justice that can be metered against these democrats is for them to lost the mid terms in a big way. If that doesn't happen then look to CA because that will be the paradigm for America.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      The Logician 

      21 months ago from now on

      Nice summary!

      I think Kavanaugh should agree to a lie detector test if Ford agrees to same and these are the questions she should be asked.

      1) Who wrote the letter you sent to Feinstein? (Writing experts say there is no way a PhD could have written it)

      2) With whom did you collaborate to perpetuate this sham? (No one is a lie)

      3) When was the first time you were approached by Democrats or their representatives to tell your story? (She’ll have to lie to answer this).

      4) Why did you wait until the last possible moment to come forth with your story? (The only true answer is to delay)

      5) Did you receive death threats? How many? Can you produce what you received to back up your answer? Who investigated the threats against you. (I don’t believe she received death threats).

      6) How long have you worked for the CIA and in what capacities? (Now we’re getting to the deep state),

      7) Who from the CIA has helped to coach you with your story?

      8) Did you ever think coming forward would ruin your life? (Honest answer-never)

      9) When did you stop thinking coming forward would ruin your life? (When the Democrats promised her it wouldn’t or when her Gofundme hit one million?)

      10) Who did you report your story to when you were a teenager? Why?

      11) Did you discuss your story with anyone from the abortion pill manufacturer you worked for?

      12) Did you approach them with your story or did they contact you about telling your story? (Aha this is where she terminates the lie detector session)

      These are questions that can determine her truthfulness, not just two questions for which she has practiced that ignore details of her accusations and her life.


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