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Dr. Ronny Jackson Says No Need for President Donald Trump to Be Tested for Coronavirus

Updated on March 10, 2020

Donald Trump Was Dr. Ronny Jackson's Boss

Dr. Ronny Jackson Tells Shannon Bream No Need for President To Be Tested

Dr. Ronny Jackson, formerly the physician for President Donald Trump, told Fox News Host Shannon Bream, yesterday, March 9, there was no need for the leader of the free world to be tested for Coronavirus. Dr. Jackson said, "He has no clinical symptoms so there's no reason for him to be tested. That's what I would tell the President."

Dr. Ronny Jackson Says Fears Of Coronavirus Overblown

The former doctor to the President, who is now involved in a runoff for the U.S. Congress, took time out from his campaign duties to discuss the virus on Fox News. "I suspect a lot people will get Coronavirus, recover from it and never realize they had it," he told Bream during the interview.

He further said he thought "fears of the virus were overblown."

Bream Mentions New York Lawyer Coronavirus Case

Bream followed that question up with one about a New York lawyer who has tested positive for Coronavirus. "Dr. Jackson, there is currently a lawyer in New York who is in critical condition with Coronavirus. His family has also been tested, but his wife said she only had a cough and would not have realized she had the virus were she not tested. What can you tell us about this?"

He replied, "There's lots of people out there who have had it and didn't even know they had it. They got over it without even knowing they had it. That's why it's not that big of a deal."

Ronny Jackson Busy Between Election And TV News

The interview Jackson gave to Shannon Bream was the second discussion he's had with Fox News about the virus in recent days. In a prior interview Saturday, he defended his former boss President Donald Trump. In that discussion he said he believed the Trump Administration had responded as quickly as possible.

Between interviews Dr. Jackson campaigns for the U.S. District 13 Congressional District seat in Texas. The runoff election is slated for May 26.

Hired By George W. Bush

Jackson was an admiral in Iraq when he was told he was being considered for a position in the White House during the George W. Bush Administration. The admiral said, "I was out in the middle of the desert when I got the word, and I said, 'No way!"'

He explains his superior in the Navy handed him a huge stack of papers and told him he had to fill them out before his round of White House interviews.

Jackson Credits Navy Superiors With Rise

The youthful-looking Jackson said recently, "I've heard it said timing and luck are sometimes a big factor in a person's success. I was fortunate to have people around me in the Navy who liked me and took an interest in me."

A native of Levelland, Texas, he said he never had dreams of being in the White House or even in politics. "I went to Texas A&M University, please no Aggie jokes,a nd got assigned to a lab cutting up cadavers. I wasn't expecting that assignment."

He laughed.

Texas A&M Lab Assignment Led To Medical School

Jackson recalled he met his wife at College Station. The lab assignment gave him the idea of attending medical school which he did at the University of Texas. Rather than going into a lucrative private practice, he decided on a route to public service.

He said, "That goal of public service was big in my decision to seek the District 13 House Seat. I could've opened up a medical practice in the Washington D.C. area, b ut I decided on public seervicce.

New York Times Covered Ronny Jackson's Political Race

Even the behemoth New York Times has taken an interest in Jackson's political race since he left the White House in December, 2019. The newspaper, which has been described as the newspaper of record in journalism schools, has run several articles about Jackson jumping into the crowded field. Talk about being under a microscope, that is certainly it.

Jackson Entered Crowded Field

Jackson got a late start in the 15-person race. While others were already campaigning, he was finishing his service in the nation's capitol. He actually at one time had an office directly below Trump's living quarters.

"I'd see him every morning when he came down the elevator," Jackson recalls. "We'd walk over along the Colonnade together to breakfast."

Jackson Unadaunted By 15-Person Field

A lesser man would not have entered a race late against such odds. A 15-person field would not be easy to conquer. It was almost inevitable there would be a runoff in a field so huge. It resembled a Kentucky Derby race with too many horses.

The Fabled Thirteenth District Race

District 13 is a fabled battleground in American politics, it was once blue, but in recent decades has swung red. Democratic Congressman Graham Purcell, of Wichita Falls, Texas, was one of the most famous representatives of the area.

White House Connections Of District 13

If he were to win the runoff, Jackson wouldn't be the first representative of the district to have White House connections. Purcell used to recall how then President Lyndon Baines Johnson greeted him to Washington.

"Give me your laundry, and I'll get it done," the imposing President ordered Purcell upon his arrival in the nation's capitol.

Ground Zero Of District 13 Campaign

Jackson and his supportive wife moved from Washington D.C. to Amarillo, Texas upon entering the race. Amarillo and Wichita Falls are the two major cities in the sprawling district.

Several of his supporters have remarked, "Ronny is a good o'l West Texas boy coming home."

His hometown of Levelland is not that far from Amarillo. So he really is coming home.

Finish Line Not Far Away

The finish line of this epic District 13 race is not that far away. While his opponent has filled the air waves with an endorsement from retiring Representative Mac Thornberry and his wife, Jackson has countered with ads of President Donald Trump singing his praises.

Jackson said, "I am completely loyal to the President, and he is completely loyal to me."

Dr. Ronny Jackson And President Donald Trump


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    • EdwardLane profile imageAUTHOR

      Edward Lane 

      2 months ago from Wichita Falls, Texas

      Thanks, Taylor!

    • profile image

      Taylor Bild 

      2 months ago

      Great article! Trump is not getting this virus I think.


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