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Dream Act Defeated Again!

Updated on April 4, 2012

Defeated Again

Latest Amnesty Goes Down in Flames

For the second time this year and God knows how many times this decade, the so-called Dream Act amnesty was defeated again today. Harry Reid needed 60 votes for cloture. He received 55 votes, 5 short of the needed 60. Apparently, 5 Democrats voted no to cloture (Mark Pryor, Jon Tester, Max Baucus, Kay Hagan and Ben Nelson). Three Republicans voted for cloture. No word on who those 3 were at this time. However, just because they voted for cloture does not necessarily mean they would have actually voted for the Dream Act. But, I can't say with absolute certainty the 3 Republicans would not have voted for the Dream Act itself. Those three will have some explaining to do to their constituents during Christmas break.

As I said in my other hub on this subject (Stop the Dream Act!), on the surface, the Dream Act appears to be noteworthy and with merit. It gives children brought into this country by their illegal parents a chance to enjoy the American dream if they go to college, or serve in the U.S. military. What is often overlooked, when discussing this underhanded amnesty, is the cost and unfairness. The cost would have been $6 billion a year annually. I have seen estimates as high as $20 billion annually. The unfairness comes down to the legal immigrants who have done things the legal and correct way. Even more unfair is to native born Americans, who have paid taxes all their lives, who are unable to get the same instate tuition rates that illegals receive (ten states now give instate tuition to illegals). The Dream Act tries to tug on the American heartstrings by saying those 16 and younger are the only children who will be granted amnesty. Not true. These children who are now 30 years old would have also been eligible. Then there is the chain migration with children getting legal status for their illegal parents. How many more would then be eligible for welfare benefits and/or social security? In short, it would give an advantage to illegals, both parents and children, by passing this travesty of an amnesty.

Of course, it will be difficult for any form of amnesty to be passed now with a majority of Republicans in the House and 46 Republicans in the Senate. Plus, there will be at least 4 of the 5 Democrats in the Senate who will be around for 2 more years. I'm not sure what it is about the rule of law that so appalls Democrats. You can say illegal to any other word in the dictionary and everyone is in agreement. Say Illegal in front of "immigrant" and people fall all over themselves crying for justice. Why? What part of "illegal alien " do you not understand? Why Democrats push so hard for these amnesties is because of the millions of new Democratic voters that would be available to push their socialist agenda on the United States of America. I am pretty sure everyone, who is the least bit honest, would agree with that statement. If they were still on this honest kick, they would admit that granting amnesty only encourages more illegal immigration. That has been proven over time in this country and elsewhere (Greece and Great Britain to name just two).

Despite being defeated today, the open borders zealots will not go quietly into that good night. They will continue to push their radical agenda for an America without borders. They will not give up. The Democrats, especially President Obama, will not give up either. In fact, I will not be surprised if King Obama rules by decree to grant amnesty to all illegals in the nation. If he does that, then he will own the civil strife that will ensue. Rule of law is such an inconvenience to people who really only want to obey the laws they really like. The U.S. Constitution really is out of date for this "day and time" to these progressives. Every country on earth has a right to define, protect and guard its borders. Why on earth are there people who believe the United States does not have this same basic right? Even Mexico jealously defends its southern border. In fact, I would settle for the same illegal immigration policy that Mexicohas in place to deal with this issue. I'm just curious how Mexico or any other Latin American country would react if some of our college age, young Americans immigrated there and demanded rights their own citizens presently have. I think we all know the answer.


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  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    7 years ago from Mobile, AL

    Sheri, this whole thing with illegal aliens is to get millions of new Democratic voters to push their socialist agenda. That is why I said in this hub that it would not surprise me if King Obama, not able to get his socialist dreams realized at the ballot box, decrees all illegal aliens will be pardoned. I'm actually thinking this is going to happen. If it does...well, people are going to go berserk.

  • SheriSapp profile image


    7 years ago from West Virginia

    I heard a black lady on a radio show a few weeks back saying how opposed to this legislation she personally was because she chose to WORK TWO JOBS to put her son through college, but this would give breaks to folks who are NOT EVEN American!! The libs are working feverishly to dismantle everything that America has always been, and their latest objective is to remove our borders and give benefits to the folks who don't even pay taxes! I hope this bill if finally DEAD for good.

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    7 years ago from Mobile, AL

    HP, I could not agree with you more.

    breakfastpop, I expect anti-immigrant groups to go on the offensive now. Look for the new Republican House to push for stricter limits on granting illegals access to social services, education and, especially, jobs that Americans should be doing, such as construction. We either are a sovereign country or we are just a territory of Mexico. We have to make a stand.

  • breakfastpop profile image


    7 years ago

    The Dream Act should have been defeated. Offering all these privileges to children of illegal immigrants while denying these very same things to children of parents who came here legally is wrong.

  • H P Roychoudhury profile image

    H P Roychoudhury 

    7 years ago from Guwahati, India

    It is the duty of the State to protect its boundary.


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