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Drug Abuse And Its Detrimental Effects On Youths

Updated on June 8, 2014

The severe effects of drug abuse are all over the world. It is one of the most prevalent issues that the youths are forced to face. This has been for centuries and has affected millions of youths around the globe health wise and also become one of the most social ills.

More so, drug abuse has held back the economy. Families are made less happy and occasionally some sustain injuries that might lead to death. Youths in any society occupy a delicate and sensitive position between the population structures for several reasons.

Nigerian law, for instance, recognizes that an individual below the age of 7 is incapable of committing crime and also an individual between 7 and 12 years should be able to know what he ought not to do, that is, if it can be proved he doesn’t know and is also not criminally responsible of his acts. It is worthy to know that between the ages of 12 and 17, a person is regarded as a juvenile and while he may be held responsible for his acts or omissions he is treated specially under the law by the Children and Young Persons Act instead of Criminal Procedure Act.

A young woman 'enjoying' her drugs?
A young woman 'enjoying' her drugs? | Source

Causes of Drug Abuse among Youths

There are two primary causes of drug abuse among the youths.

  1. Peer pressure
  2. Depression

Peer Pressure

Youths associate with different types of people known as friends. Through the pressure from these groups, a child tends to have a taste of these drugs and once it is done, they continue to request for it and becomes addicted.


This is another primary cause of drug abuse. When an individual undergoes certain problems that are disheartening, s/he may think of ways of becoming happy hence the use of drug, most especially hallucinating drugs, will come in.

This will turn to become a habit, hence, drug abuse.

Other causes of drug abuse include unemployment and economic frustration, academic/professional failures, easy availability of substance, advert in media, loneliness and environmental influence from family, school, work place and community.

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse

  1. Withdrawal and change in behavior
  2. Trembling of hands and staggering
  3. Always being in lack of money, stealing and robbery
  4. Loss of appetite and weight loss
  5. Possession of pills, pieces of wrapped hemps
  6. Constant lip licking, perspiration and body odor
  7. Running nose and watery eyes etc.


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Effects of Drug Abuse

The specific effects of some of the drugs have been mentioned in my other article but I am going discuss the general effects on youths are going to be discussed here.

I am going to now discuss these general effects from the aspects of financial, social and health angle.

Financial Aspects

An individual that is so much addicted to drugs tend to spend more money on the purchase of these drugs. This can make the abuser to become bankrupt or start searching for money by all means.

This will also increase the problems of the abuser.

Social Aspects

These hard drugs make the abuser hyperactive and induce abnormal behaviors. Substance abuse can result in immoral acts such as armed robbery, sexually transmitted diseases and many other societal vices.

Health Aspects

It makes the abuser unstable health wise. The individual in most cases may develop mental illness and tends to go mad. A lot of diseases is infiltrated into the system and can eventually lead to death.

Solutions to Drug Abuse

  1. Aggressive removal of all the sources of these hard drugs including the farms where they are been planted by a joint force of the United Nations organization (UNO), etc.

2. Parents should monitor the type of friends their children keeps and guide against bad company.

3. There should be health education on the effects of drug abuse in schools, homes, churches, etc.

4. Continuous campaign against the use of hard drugs at federal, state and local levels.

5. Stiff penalty should be meted against anybody found dealing with hard drugs.

6. Soft drugs such as analgesics, antibiotics and mild services (e.g. valium) should only be sold and taken under a doctor’s prescription.

In conclusion, it is important to emphasize on the effects of drug abuse in general and to youths involved in it.


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