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Drug Etiquette--Guidelines for Sub Cultural Lifestyles

Updated on September 11, 2011


    This topic may not be for the average reader, so if you think that you may be offended or disturbed in any way by the subject content, which obviously is about drugs and the lifestyles of those who use them, this is the place to stop reading.  It is not my intention to hurt anybody's feelings, or to in any way offend my readers.

Being Polite Goes for Everyone

It might be easy to think that those who live the lifestyles of the drug user, would have not much of a need for politeness and manners. The truth of the matter is quite the opposite, for if the user does not have good manners, it could and often has in the past, cost him his life.

For the sake of makiing this easier to understand, lets call the user or addict by a name, for they do all have names, right? Our user will be called Steve, for the rest of the article, and our seller will be named William.

I am going to begin this at the small end of the spectrum, and move up as we go on. I am going to begin as with all manners, at home. Steve lives in a home, and has housemates, who also are users. If Steve does not use his manners at home, he will not have a home long. There is nothing more irritating than having someone get into your personal stash. So the first and most obvious rule would be, if you do not buy it, stay out of it. Steve becomes a bit more than irate when he comes home looking forward to getting high, and his stash is gone.

Keep the house safe, and never leave your drugs in a place where they will be a temptation to others, a danger to animals or youngsters, or a possible threat to everyones freedom. Find a lock and key, and use them.

No matter how close his friendships are with his housemates, Steve expects others to respect his personal boundaries and stay out of his stash. If Steve wants you to have or partake of his personal stash, he will give it to you, do not help yourself. Friendships end over disputes about how much of something you helped yourself to.

This respect of property also includes paraphernalia such as pipes. When smoking out of someone else's pipe, it is known that the owner of the pipe, is the owner of it's contents. When Steve shares his speed, he usually does so in the more socially accepted way of smoking it with others. When Steve puts enough stash into the pipe to pass around the room, there is nothing good about it returning to him with not only all the drugs smoked out of it, but to find that someone in the room feels it is OK to burn up all that is there, and also to burn up the stem of the pipe, making it so hot that people get burned, and it is not good manners to burn the neck of someone else's pipe.

There is also etiquette for those who snort the drug. Steve's girlfriend is a snorter, and some good rules to follow would be to make sure your hair does not hang down into the lines that are made up on a plate for every one's use. It is also in good taste to bring your own snorter, for Steve doesn't like to share with others. It may not occur to everyone, but it can be a good thing to make sure that if you feel a sneeze or cough coming, that you turn your head away from every one's lines, for one good sneeze and it is all in the shag rug somewhere.

Also, when Steve has friends over, and he decides to share, the pipe is being passed around and whoever put the stash into the pipe is often being very generous, for it costs anywhere between $10. to $50 to get a hand full of people high. It is considered to be a "dope fiend move" to do any of the following things, and also is not good manners or etiquette. Everyone in the room is often having different conversations, and may not be paying attention. This is when the fiend takes advantage. He will double hit the pipe, that is, he takes his turn, waits a second and takes another. He will take one hit, pass the pipe, then move around the room to position himself into the circle again. He will act like there will never be more dope ever again, and smoke the pipe like a cigar, puffing large clouds of smoke, wasting the dope.

Speaking of shag rug, if spillage does occur, it is in very very poor taste to get on ones hands and knees and begin looking for whatever might be found or left, or even if the spilling occurs on a hard floor surface. Get real, and do not consume drugs that have been lost and found again. There are times when Steve cannot stop his friends from just getting violent when those who cannot seem to help themselves get on the floor and begin to search. Once it has hit the carpet, consider it a sacrifice to the shag rug god, the power that keeps all good users out of jail.

what ya got there?

looks like your average working stiff, except for that funny smell
looks like your average working stiff, except for that funny smell

Buying and Selling--Street Etiquette

   This is where manners and etiquette become not just nice, or nicer to be around, but essential for survival.  There are times when making the wrong move can be the last move you ever make.  Things get misunderstood, or the situation  is misinterpretted, and things begin to get ugly.  Steve does not like it to get that far, so let's look at some of the things to be careful of.

   Steve always wants his dope to be of a certain quality, so let's start there.  Many times things go from bad to worse when the person you are buying from decides to make a bit of a profit by taking some of the dope and putting in a substitute, thereby making the dope look alright, but upon closer inspection, or consumption, Steve finds that his dope has some foreign substance in it;  Steve has found such substances as rock salt, pills of various kinds, baking soda, baby laxatives, black electrical tape, honey, sugar,  and the list goes on.  Not only is this not using good manners, but not using good common sense.  Steve only buys from one person now, William, and knows what he is buying.;

   Never ever front a front.  What this means exactly, is that on payday Steve decided to  invest a bit of his cash in the market.  He loaned it to William, who has customers, to sell it for him, thereby making his dope not as costly.  This is a fairly common practise for those who can afford to do so.  Now because William has dope that belongs to Steve for sale, he must never allow anyone to pay him later for unless he has the cash to cover it himself he is taking a risk with someone else's money.  It is situations like this that end up on the news, or in the newspaper for nobody takes kindly to getting short changed.  Many friendships, and lives for that matter have been lost over this sort of mishap.

   It is a wise person who does not or will not become involved in making money in this way, and also not allowing any fights or disputes over drugs.  Steve has made it a firm rule in his life, that if there is a fight over the dope, he drops out of the equation.  He feels it is better to not get high than to fight over something that started out as a recreational event. 

   On the flip side of that coin, there have been times when Steve wanted to get some dope, but did not have the cash until payday.  He has gone to Williiam and asked if he would trust him till then for a little bit, and of course William will do it for him as a favor, for they trust one another over time.    Steve has had the occasional problem that happens to us all at times, like the bank closes, or the paycheck isn't what it was supposed to be, and at this time it is difficult to tell William that he does not have his money.  Steve knows that William wont hurt him, or sell his firstborn son, but it is not unheard of to have somebody get really upset, and even violent under these circumstances.  Steve has made it a habit to not ask for things he may not be able to pay for. 

   The drug sub culture in our society co-exists with the everyday society of the family units, and those of us who like to party, but just not with the illegal substances that are so prevalent today.  It is hard to tell who is who, for many people are just your average working stiff, not differing much from the rest of us, except for the chances he takes in buying and using his drug of choice.  These days it is just as easy to find someone who goes and scores dope as it is to find the guy who goes out for beers at the local bar on Friday instead.  Who is to say what should be and what shouldn't be in someone else's life, and who is justified in his acts. 

   I hope that in the reading of these words, some of those who might not understand or allow for the next persons decisions, will find something in common with those same people.  I also would hope that in these words, those who know exactly what I am saying is true, will take the precautions I have given you to heart and try to use them to live a more safe life, and change those things you know you need to change. 


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  • profile image


    7 years ago

    i was looking for such article

    thanks for giving

  • ddsurfsca profile imageAUTHOR

    deb douglas 

    8 years ago from Oxnard

    I will never be upset by critisism, and just so everyone knows, I used to use drugs, but have overcome a heroin addiction, alcoholism, and this year in January had my last cigarrette and quit the tabacco habit for the new year. I have a terriffic method for quiting whatever the addiction may be if anyone is interested, but this subject has touched me and my family for many years and feel it is important to discuss all aspects of it with whoever shares the interest.

  • JY3502 profile image

    John Young 

    8 years ago from Florence, South Carolina can erase this comment if you want. Although the story is very well written I did not find the subject matter in good taste. Many of your readers will be Christian, or those who have lost someone due to drugs. Of course, maybe the content might be of use to abusers. Myself, I'm a recovered alcoholic with 10 years sobriety and have no use for the subject. On the other hand I have no idea if you use or not, but some readers would assume so. You are a good writer DD, and show much promise. There are other ways to have written this article. Personally I would've incorporated this content using a different angle, featuring the illegal and health dangers of this life style more so than manners. But hey! Everybody's a critic right? Sorry if you've taken any offense.


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