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Drug Trafficking, DACA, and United States Border Security - Part 2 [F0 893]

Updated on June 18, 2019

Update June 8, 2018

The democrats are now focusing on the 2018 midterm election and two of their issues are:

1. Trump the nemesis

2. Gun Control

That is it, why such a sparse platform, because that is all they have done since Trump ran for the presidency.

DACA is no longer an issue for the democrats, they passed up a great deal with president Trump. They did it so that they wouldn't have to fund his wall. Actually, that would be Our Wall.

The democrats would setup sanctuaries throughout the US to keep even Illegal Aliens that have been convicted, sentenced and served time in US prisons for serious felonies.

The democrats are protecting them from deportation. Their rationale is that deporting them would silence the people to not report crimes. Well, duh, guess who they would be calling the police on who is committing those crimes.

Yes, the convicted illegal alien felons that weren't deported thanks to the democrats.

Deport these convicted felons and their crimes won't reoccur.

illegal aliens not in California, or other sanctuaries in the US

DTOs and Border Securtiy

The Drug Trafficking Organizations and the Border Security are tied together

Five out of the 6 reasons to have the US Southern Border Wall have to do with DTOs and Border Security.

6. Illegal Immigration ( This is the last reason why we need the wall)

The more compelling reason for the Border Wall are

1. Terrorists

With the large amounts of people crossing our borders, it is too easy for the Terrorists to embed themselves in them. This gives the terrorists an easy in and out of the US.

2. Criminals

While Terrorists are criminals, there is an even larger number of criminals that cross our borders every day. They are the DTOs, including Human Trafficking and Gun running.

3. Drugs

Tens of billions of dollars of drugs are being shipped into the US over or under the US southern border by the DTOs. They also are the biggest Human Traffickers and Gun runners as well.

The real problem here is not that the DTOs bring in the drugs, but that the people in the US want these drugs and they want to consume these drugs.

This leads to several major problems in the US.

  • Criminal Activity by the DTOs to illegally ship their drugs into the country and past the US Border Patrol. This puts the highly outnumbered, under armed, under technological assets, and regulation ridden Border agents coming in second to the DTOs.
  • The DTO have their people embedded in our police, our government, and even our military. These are using the latest technologies and with their embedded people in the US, they can outsmart many of the US attempts to stop them or even slow them down.

4. Human Trafficking

5. Gun Running

Why isn't this a democrat concern, after all the gun control speeches that they have done over the years.

  • If the left were ever successful in reducing or eve eliminating private gun ownership of American Citizens, people in America, this is where the illegal guns will come from.
  • Remember, it was the criminal element that made even a US amendment to prohibit the consumption of alcohol a failure.
  • The same would happen to any restriction or prohibition of guns in the US. There are already numerous illegal weapons being transported from the border.

Imagine how many things could be solved if we departed from the left, anti Trump view of the Border Wall

The illegal immigration across our southern border has already slowed down since Donald Trump became president. It was most likely the result of the fear of president Trump's position on how to treat the illegals. Unlike the Obama presidency, the illegals would be treated as illegals, and not like pseudo America Citizens.

The left changing the Illegal Aliens into Undocumented Immigrants doesn't make them less criminal.

  • Also look at the way Mexico treats their borders.
  • They don't allow their southern neighbors to cross their border. The one exception is that the criminals from the countries that want to get to the US are allowed thirty days to get across the US border. How is that for being neighborly?

Look how they treat Americans that cross their border even if it is legal.

  • Several years ago a US Marine sgt traveling to his new base inadvertently wound up at the US Mexican border. He was carry some weapons with him. He told the border guards that he had them and that they were legal in the US. He also told them that it was not his intention to go into Mexico at all.
  • Yet, they detained him, and then jailed him. He was in jail for several months. No one in the US government even offered to help him. President Obama did nothing. Neither did California governor Jerry Brown who was working a deal with Mexico would help him.

Contrast that with the US treatment of even convicted felons.

  • California this year became a Sanctuary State that will not cooperate with the US government. The government wants to follow the deportation laws, while California want to keep these known criminals in California and prevent their deportation.
  • How does that benefit the people that live in California considering the deaths that have occurred from these illegal aliens, and especially from illegal aliens that have already been convicted of felonies within the United States.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago


      You got that bacon sizzling. 100% perfectly cooked Bacon.

      We have a lot of bacon that needs cooking in CA

    • breakfastpop profile image


      2 years ago

      Not too long ago the Dems said they were for border security. Now all they want is to stop Trump from making progress. I don't believe they care about the plight of those living here without legal status. They see all these people as a voting base and nothing more.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago


      I believe that history is on your side. The democrats are more interested in giving foreigners psuedo American citizenship than they are about protecting the country from the bad guys, terrorists and drug cartels. The republicans seem to not want to challenge the democrats.


    • profile image


      2 years ago

      There was never any intention on the part of Democrats or most Republicans of securing our borders, and I expect that there will still be many attempts at preventing stronger security from being enacted.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Thanks Hxprof.

      All the anti Trump people want is to prevent him from accomplishing things. In the past these people agreed and passed the funding of 700 miles of the wall, but now they are against it because Trump wants to finish the wall.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      You're spot on that we need very strong border security primarily because of the terrorist threat. Drug smuggling is linked because some terrorist groups use the sale of drugs to finance their operations, but also because the routes used to transport drugs across the southern (and even the Canadian border for that matter) can be, and are often, used to transport people. It's no stretch to believe that these routes can be used to smuggle high profile terrorists and nasty weapons into the country. I've said it many times, and I'll keep saying it: At some point we're going to lose a city because something or somethings go BOOM, and that will happen because we failed to take border security seriously.


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