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A New Era of Trumped-Up Justice

Updated on March 2, 2017

Executive Failures

President Trump's recent face time with the "Sheriffs" was just that. A photo op. To put Trump's mug on the screen until we are so sick of his stardom that we might do anything just to placate the guy.

Now new Executive Orders to combat the drug trade. Again, I ask, to what end?

To combat international drug traffickers? Attacks against cops, illegal immigration and violence I can understand, but a renewed drug war? Is this Law Enforcement wagging the dog?

There is only one way to beat the Drug Kingpins, dear Donald, and it's not throwing away billions on new guns or becoming a police state. It's much simpler than that.

End Prohibition and end loads of crime. There are many examples of this.

Portugal. They decriminalized the possession of all drugs in the year 2000. HIV infections are way down. More people are being treated, rather than jailed.

Uruguay. 1974. All drugs decriminalized.


There is no War on Drugs. In a war, one side or the other expects to win. There is no winning this war. So I shall rename it: the War of the Wingnuts.

Why? Because any reasonable person can see that the current situation is untenable.

Whether it is in Mexico, China, the US, or some Bolivian farm, this war is a never ending bloodletting.Thousands have died. For what? The right to do with their bodies as they deem desirable?

The US spends billions and we know it. And what do we see for our money? Train loads of cocaine pouring into every orifice of this country. Why? Do you really need to ask that question?

Let me tell it to you slowly. M-O-N-E-Y. Better known as the Profit Motive.

Why not destroy the root cause of drug crimes? That which drives the rocks of cocaine into school lockers. The marijuana "cool" dudes into our board rooms. Cash.

Make them dirt cheap and they will be ignored. Make Heroin pennies on the dollar. Have Meth available at Jethro's Five and Dime.

Drugs are manufactured with so many new names, whole divisions of Law Enforcement Agencies do nothing but categorize them. As fast as lawmakers make laws to make the newest drugs illegal, a new drug pops up. And yet this silly circus continues.

They, the lawmakers, feel that they are doing something good and in a way they are. They are making a statement that drugs are bad for you. Hey, we did not know that! We had no idea!

But worst of all? All of this effort requires more and more a losing battle. A war against our own stupidity. Wake up already. You lost this war before you began.

But what else are we doing by allowing the lawmakers to continue to enforce arcane laws that are ineffective? We are killing people. We are jailing people. We are filling our prisons. We are spending money we do not have. But mostly, we are not solving the problem.

And this problem is solvable.

Black and White photo of an Ewe Sheep in Scotland. 23 April 2009. By George Gastin.
Black and White photo of an Ewe Sheep in Scotland. 23 April 2009. By George Gastin. | Source

Same Old

In 13th Century England wool and hides were smuggled into the country, due to high taxation. The risk of getting caught was outweighed by the desire for free and clear profits, not recorded by the Taxing Authorities of the time.

Smuggling is not new, but goes back centuries, if not eons. So long as there are people attempting to stop the flow of goods of almost any kind, by issuing high tariffs or making the goods against the law, there will be low men willing to risk the loss, even at the cost of their lives.

"Lazy Lairs"

The Mill

Most criminals and I speak of the standard, run of the mill crook, the thief, the murderer - are generally two things: lazy and lairs. And these are their best traits. They have no qualms, even the sane ones, selling a little dope, rather than stealing a car or fencing your TV. Drug selling is easy by comparison. You can even do it across the street from the White House if you like.

These dopers are like a plague of rats, feasting on their own product, financing their habits with the tourists in Key West, Florida. There is no end to this story. As long as you keep the drugs illegal, these thugs will invade your quaint little towns, our playgrounds and Pool Halls, not caring to differentiate between any of these.

Side Sellers

There is another group of people I'd like to lump in with this mix of thugs, but these are not thugs. They would never steal, rape, kill or violate any just law, but they will sell a little dope. They would not even exist, save for the fact that we have created an easy avenue to make money and they too are willing to risk. But only risk a little. They may be just plain stupid or bored, but the fact remains, they exist in large numbers. And they go to prison in large numbers too.


Finally we come to the users. They are, we know, a vast conglomerate of people who use drugs for many reasons.

There are the recreational dopers, who might run our schools and are, by all outward appearances, at least for a while, productive citizens.

There are the regular users, such as the neighborhood Pot Head. We all know them. They don't bother a soul.

Then, there are the serious people, the hardcore losers, injecting themselves and selling their bodies for the next high. They are in trouble. A downward spiral of their own making.

The Drug Slaves

The Most telling, of any country, is the number of prisoners they house.

The US incarceration rate is growing and it appears the data reflect that the War on Drugs means high profits to the Prison Systems.

Tax money is being washed down the drain.

America the Incarcerated?

Incarcerated population relative to the general population.
Incarcerated population relative to the general population. | Source

Common Sense

  • End Prohibition - completely
  • Reduce Crime
  • Save Tax Dollars
  • Educate the Users
  • Small tax on drugs


When alcohol consumption was prohibited it was a financial boon for those willing to break laws. Drug use should not be prohibited, except in the case of minors.

When alcohol was legalized, the easy money train almost left the depot. But the gangsters of old simply smiled and moved on. As thugs are want to do, they switched product lines and moved into high gear, with illicit drugs.

You see, the criminals are always going to follow the path of least resistance. Selling drugs is much easier than say, robbing a bank. One could get shot while robbing a bank. The risk-reward relationship is a bit risky for most lazy criminals. So bank robbing is traded in for street selling and internet dealing. Let the junkies rob the banks. The dealers can always make more junkies.


One of the arguments against the legalization of letting people be stupid, is that little Johnny (a minor) will get his hands on dope.

How will this occur? He will, allegedly buy it at the store - at the "Crack Cafe and Bistro."

Well, we will make a law against that one. Say - if you are a store owner and you sell crack for 25 cents a pack (after all, we know that the price, once the substance becomes legal, will drop dramatically) you will go to jail for a long time. Say 50 Years! Is it worth the risk?

No. Wait, what if Tom, little Johnny's wacko uncle lets him use his Crack Pipe? That would be a tough one, no doubt. But should he get caught, let us also incarcerate him. Say for 100 years! The idea being, we are not going after the grower, the user, or the seller, but the idiots who care to endanger our kids. We can really focus down on this one.


Ask any Drug Dealer, you shouldn't have to go far, if he would be on the street, in a "legal drug" country, selling legal drugs. You will get a similar answer and that answer would be "Are you an idiot?"

You have forgotten the first rule of the dope dealer: M-O-N-E-Y. If there is no money in it, there are no Dope Dealers in the game.

When drugs become legal the price drops and any fool can go grab a joint at the local smoke shop. After all, that is where many people congregate to pollute their lungs.

Bus Stop Drugs

This War on Drugs has always been a lie.

It makes us sleep better at night to know that the bad guys are being chased down the alleys and into the jails, to keep little Johnny safe. But Johnny is not safe when the local Pot Head is dealing Crack in the woods next the Bus Stop.

I want that to stop, do you? I want to make dealing drugs to kids "unprofitable" for the thugs.

Then let the idiots smoke their dope. Let the drunks soak their livers. Let the fools be fools. Just tax them a little to create the Medical Facilities they are going to need later.


There are many problems and often drugs are in the crime game, but drugs are not the root cause of crime - in a legal drug country. I mean crooks who steal to support their drug habit now, would no longer need to in a drug legal society. Lucky them, in a drug legal nation, now they can collect cans on the side of the road to support their 50 cent a day crack habit.

The point being, we can now set our hooks for the real criminals, the gun runners, the human traffickers, the rapists, and murderers.


Although arguments exist, that the use of marijuana (as an example) for various medical treatments is unnecessary - that other substitute drugs - more powerful and even much more deadly drugs - can be used to treat various conditions and diseases, the acceptance by many, that such drugs help them cope with pain and suffering, even if the drug itself causes other issues, long term, is not in itself, a reason to deny the patient his or her lesser pains.

It is unimaginable that a person, dying of cancer, who has found the will to eat, where no other treatment has sufficed, thereby living just a day or two longer, enabling a mother to once again see her son, and to hold her husband's hand one more hour - would be denied this extra life.

The debate that other drugs exist which enable a mother to do this, with a clear head, not soaked in morphine and codeine and all manner of derivatives laced with opium, is moot.


Finally, with drugs legal and the focus on real crimes, with visible victims, we, as a nation, could get to the actual work of making our nation a much safer place.

Gone would be the days of Home Invasions, Gang Turf Wars, raging street battles, and thugs with enough cash to buy politicians.

It would be the first step in a long time, a step forwards, not a regression and not a concession, to take back some of our streets flooded with Drug Dealers, gangs; and the mayhem we now tune out of our brains.

We watch the nightly news..."three kids gunned down on their way to school this morning...drug violence ecstasy drug found at preschool..." Over and over.

We must hit the dopers where it hurts the most, not in the streets, not in their homes, not in their 'hoods,' not in their grow houses, not in their Methamphetamine sheds, but in a place so valuable - I speak of an all out war on their wallet.

This is the only way we will beat this thing. Kill the profits -- dry the well -- once and for all and watch the 'beast of the streets' drag its broken carcass back to the hell from which it sprung.

Keep Drugs Illegal say the Kingpins!

So what do rich Drug Kingpins not want to happen?

They do not want legalization. They hate the idea and they probably spend lots of money convincing everyone else. They got you by the short hairs. They got their money in our banks. They finance politicians...

Brought to you by a former law enforcement officer.


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