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The Drug War: A Losing Battle???

Updated on December 11, 2009

How Many Families Have To Be Destroyed Because Of This Nonsense?

I bet that a few of you who read this hub has been screwed over by the so called " war on drugs " or I am sure you know a friend or family member that has been caught up in this fruitless war. If any of you have been living on Mars or who are just plain senseless about whats really going on then hopefully you will listen to what I am saying and visit these websites when you are done reading......

The drug war does not reduce drug use. Choosing to wage a "war " on drugs stimulates a violent, underground economy, an economy which would collapse if drug prohibition ended. Our country and our world should be safer, not simply less free. I live in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan but I haved worked and partied in Detroit since i was born in the city of Detroit so please do not tell me that the drug war is not destroying communites and families bacause I see the cost of it every day when I drive down there. Think about it, in a community plauged by drugs, if you took the drug trade away, what would those people do then? Oh sure, the " bad guy " will go to prison for awhile and become a better and more ruthless criminal and there might be a few success stories but the majority would probably become homeless or become involved with some other criminal enterprise. If the cops really wanted to, they could rid Detroit of ALL the drug houses and dealers. The cops know who the offenders are and plus all a cops would have to do is pick up a local prostitute, shake her down and scare the shit outa her to make her tell them where the drugs are being sold. But then what? No illegal drugs, no crime = less cops on the street which means job loss and layoffs. And what? You think the state and the city are going to help people get on their feet and start a new life without drugs or selling drugs? There is so much corruption and greed in our local, state and federal governments that any money that would be raised or set aside to help the poor and homeless would be subject to misuse, theft, kickbacks, bribery and just plain greed. Trust me, these elitist assholes in our governments don't care about the poor and the downtrodden. They talk a good talk and do manage to brainwash quite a few idiots who are incapable of thinking for themselves but there alot of people like me who really know whats going on but are powerless to do anything about it. Here is an example, the current Detroit Mayor " Kwame Kilpatrick " is now charged with a whole bunch of crimes along with his ex-lover-chief of staff " Christine Beatty ". He continues to baffle the city and state and not take any personal responsibiltiy and step down out of office. The so called Mayor has cost the city tens of millions in wasted tax dollars just because of his own stubborn pride and refusal to accept reality. There is too much to this story but I am sure some of you have heard about it. Its a freaking joke.

Waste Of Lives And Money:

Lets talk about the millions of non-violent drug offenders in our prison system right now. Ever since that dumbass and criminal " Richard Nixon " termed the phrase " war on drugs " in 1972, millions of people and families have been destroyed in this so called " war ". The penal system in this country is a HUGE cash cow and drug offenders make up a majority of these prisoners. What would happen if this country decriminalized or legalized drugs? Do you know how many people and government agencies would be put out of work? Too many to list, thats how many. Are you starting to get the picture yet? How many cops, penal officers, DEA agents or whatever would be jobless if drugs were legalized and controlled? What makes more sense to you? Remember, drug dependency is considered a sickness right? So why would you lock up a young man in a violent prison for smoking a joint or sniffing a line of coke? Wouldn't it be more sensible for the government to take the money being made off the legalization of drugs to help that person by sending them to rehab or to be more educated in drug addiction? How are you helping someone by sending them to a world of ruthless and uncaring convicts and possibly making that person worse off then he was before going to prison? The war on drugs is just an excuse for our government to keep the population in check and to rake in billions in taxes for prisons, law enforcement and goverment agencies that only help in destroying lives and families. This war on drugs has cost this country billions upon billions in tax dollars and to date, no progress has been made from this so called war. Drugs are more plentiful then ever and cheaper then ever and the lives lost to addiction and violence stemming from the drug war just can't be counted. Our own federal goverment is running a scare campaign against drugs and the worst part about that is that our goverment is responsibe for bringing drugs into our country and helping to distribute them. Think I am crazy? Do you remember that little scandal we had back in the 80's with Ollie North and his Iran Contras? In a lawsuit filed in 1986 by two journalists , they alleged that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other parties were engaged in criminal acts, including financing the purchase of arms with the proceeds of cocaine sales.Senator John Kerry's 1988 U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations report on Contra drug links, concluded that members of the U.S. State Department " who provided support for the Contras were involved in drug trafficking...and elements of the Contras themselves knowingly received financial and material assistance from drug traffickers. " The report went on to say that " the Contra drug links included...payments to drug traffickers by the U.S. State Department of funds authorized by the Congress for humanitarian assistance to the Contras, in some cases after the traffickers had been indicted by federal law enforcement agencies on drug charges, in others while traffickers were under active investigation by these same agencies. " In 1996, journalist Gary Webb published reports in the San Jose Mercury News, detailing how Contras had distributed crack cocaine into Los Angeles to fund weapons purchases. These reports were initially attacked by various other newspapers, which attempted to debunk the link, citing official reports that apparently cleared the CIA. In 1998, CIA Inspector General Frederick Hitz published a two-volume reportthat substantiated many of Webb's claims, and described how 50 contras and contra-related entities involved in the drug trade had been protected from law enforcement activity by the Reagan-Bush administration, and documented a cover-up of evidence relating to these activities. The report also showed that the National Security Council was aware of these activities. A report later that same year by the Justice Department Inspector General also came to similar conclusions. Or how about the fact that after 9-11, the US invaded Afghanistan to rid the country of the Taliban ( even though they had nothing to do with it, now that I think about it, Iraq had nothing to do with it either but we still invaded them ). Why this is important is because when the Taliban ruled, they pretty much wiped out the opium trade and fields in that country because they did not believe in doing drugs or selling them. But low and behold, the US invades them right when the poppy seed crop that makes opium is coming up and of course what happens when we defeated the Taliban? The opium trade starts up again from Afghanistan with the help from Bush and his cronies and now we have more and cheaper heroin in this country then ever before. Getting mad yet? You should be.

The War Against The People and The Innocent Victims Of The War:

Richard Lawrence Miller's Drug Warriors and Their Prey draws detailed comparisons of the War on Drugs in the United States today with events in 1930s Germany that led to Hitler's Third Reich and the attempted destruction of the Jewish people. Miller writes that " authoritarians are manufacturing and manipulating public fears about drug use in order to create a police state where a much broader agenda of social control can be implemented, using government power to determine what movies we may watch, determine who we may love and how we may love them, determine whether we may or must pray to a deity. I believe the war on drug users masks a war on democracy." How many innocent people have been killed by a SWAT team breaking into their house because they had the wrong address? Did you know that the LA police department have a unit that cleans up and repairs houses that have been the wrong house in a drug raid? If you have to have a special unit to do that then there is a serious problem. Many of these innocent victims were not even suspects, nor had been using drugs at all. These include a 35-year-old Christian missionary and her seven-month-old infant daughter, both killed (and her husband and son seriously injured) in April of 2001 when the airplane carrying them and other missionaries was shot out of the sky over Peru due to faulty information from the DEA. Others include an eleven-year-old boy who was shot in the back by a SWAT team after following their instructions and lying on the ground, and an elderly woman frightened into a fatal heart attack when law enforcement officers burst into her home unannounced in the middle of the night, setting off flash grenades. The idiots had the wrong address. Several were cases of people defending themselves and families against what they thought were burglars or rapists, but which were actually law enforcement, with the police killing them in retaliation. When is it going to stop?

The Real Killers:

Ask yourself this.......what are 2 of the biggest threats to our health and safety on the road? Tobacco and booze. Thats right. And guess what? They are both perfectly legal. How much of a hypocrite can our government be? I don't get it....I really don't. I have personally lost family and friends to lung cancer from smoking or a drunk driver slamming into their car and killing them. And we know that smoking and 2nd hand smoke contain dangerous chemicals that cause cancer and other nasty ailments but its still legal. I can't stand cigarette smoke and people who smoke without any thought to others in the area. Hey dumbass!! I don't want to smell your nasty habit and i really do not want to kiss a girl who just smoked a cigarette. Its like kissing an ashtray. How about the fact that we are ALWAYS hearing about some drunk asshole taking out a family of 5 who had 3 other drunk driving offenses but still had his license and never spent a day in jail. Yeah, put that guy away for a month because he smoked a joint and did not hurt anyone but let the guy with multiple drunk driving offenses drive around. What a crock of shit. How many people die from diseases related to smoking or drinking booze and drunk driving accidents? I really don't know the numbers but i think you can agree with me that there is a list too long to write. How many people have died from smoking marijuana? A big fat " 0" , thats how much. Look, I am not saying anyone should go out and start doing drugs with this hub nor do I want to glamorize drugs but we have to start thinking about what this war on drugs is REALLY costing the country. The average joe does not benefit from this war, they only lose.

Prescription Drugs:

Lets talk about the drugs which are legal through a prescription from your doctor and the hope that one day, our federal government will legalize medical marijuana for cancer and AIDs patients. Do you know anybody that has abused prescription drugs like strong pain killers or muscle relaxers? I have known quite a few but oh.....right.....those drugs are legal. A new epidemic with young people is growing and its not with illegal drugs, its with the legal ones like Vicodin or Oxycotin. And how are you gonna tell someone who is fighting or dying from cancer that he or she can't smoke a joint to relieve their aches, pains and nausea and have to worry about going to jail on top of all their other problems? Come on people! We just have to use common sense here. Yes, the drug use in this country is out of control, but we have to deal with it in a more humane way and take the governments control, greed and corruption away from this issue because they have done nothing but lie to us, scare us, put our loved ones away for some bullshit drug charge and of course made a profit and played people like puppets the whole time. How is this a free country if our own government brings drugs into the USA and then has the nerve to put millions of people away in prison for using or selling the product that THEY BROUGHT IN!! I hope I woke up something in your mind and pissed you off because you should be pissed and the bottom line is that the USA is not our country no more but is being manipulated and abused by those we put in office and thought would keep their word and do the right thing and not be involved in corruption and greed. But the truth is harsh and I know alot of you reading this will think I am a I? It seems we don't learn our lessons about the failure of prohibition. If anybody knows their history then you know what happened when our country tried to make booze illegal and what happened? A whole new and powerful criminal underground took over the distribution of booze throughout the USA and of course crime, corruption and violence followed along. My opinion is we might as well legalize drugs and prostitution because human beings will ALWAYS have a need for those things so our country might as well legalize them and regulate them. It probably won't happen but if by chance it did, I promise you that you would witness a dramatic drop in crime and violence but our government couldn't profit off that as well as they would profit off of drugs being illegal so it probably won't happen. Too bad for our country.

P.S. : Don't think I forgot about the blood-sucking lawyers who feed off of peoples misery and bad luck. They are the worst offenders because they profit off of this so-called war on drugs by having to defend people on some crap drug charge and help put millions of non-violent drug offenders away in a rotten prison while they drive home in their fancy sports car with a smug smile on their face. It makes me ill.

Please watch the videos I have posted because they will open your eyes to the truth. Thanks for reading my rant.


American Drug War Sampler

You gotta see this!!


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    • profile image

      Legalize Marijuana 

      8 years ago

      I agree, the so-called "war on drugs" is a load of crap. Just think about all of the legal prescription drugs that many people overdose or become addicted to, but yet, they declare a non-toxic drug (THC) such as marijuana to be illegal. It depends on WHO is getting their palms greased and/or making the money, in this corrupt world full of tyrannical laws.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      It's amazing that they can declare marijuana illegal when all it could do is benefit our society. band together to make a change by the way cool hub, loved the music.


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