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Significance of Duct Tape on Gas Cans in Casey Anthony Murder Trial

Updated on June 4, 2011
Gas cans taken into evidence on August 1, 2008
Gas cans taken into evidence on August 1, 2008

Significance of Duct Tape

Why is duct tape a hot topic in the Casey Anthony case? If you recall, duct tape was found with the remains of Caylee Anthony. It is believed that her murderer wrapped duct tape around the child's mouth and nose.

Did this happen before or after Caylee's death? We don't know. You might wonder why anyone would place duct tape over a child's mouth and nose after her death, but the answer is simple: To stage a kidnapping (enter Zanny the Nanny).

The duct tape has come up time and time again in the Casey Anthony murder trial. Why? Because the brand of the duct tape found on the remains of the child was also found in the home of George and Cindy Anthony.

Discussion Begins 8 minutes and 45 Seconds Into Video

A Larger Piece of Duct Tape?

When George Anthony took the stand, followers of this case were blown away. Jose Baez, Casey Anthony's attorney, asked George Anthony if he placed duct tape on the metal gas can that he reported missing on June 24, 2008.

Things got a little crazy from here. George Anthony admits that he placed a small piece of duct tape on the gas can to cover the vent hole (see photo above); however, he insists that he did not place the "larger piece of duct tape on the gas can." Uh, what larger piece of duct tape?

According to George Anthony (see video),this gas can was taken from his home on two occasions. The photo admitted into evidence (the photo above) was not the photo he was shown on Aug 5th of 2009. The photo he was shown had a larger piece of duct tape on the gas can. George Anthony claims he did not put the larger piece of duct tape on the gas can. He only used a small piece to cover the vent hole. So, what about the large piece of duct tape on George Anthony's gas can?

We've never seen this photo. Will it be admitted into evidence? If George Anthony didn't place the large piece of duct tape on the gas can, then who did? Is the large piece of duct tape significant to the Casey Anthony case? Does it hold fingerprints? When did it appear on the gas can?

If anyone has information/theories about this mysterious large piece of duct tape on the gas can, please post your comments below.

Is the duct tape on the gas can significant to the murder trial? Does it hold any type of evidence?


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    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 6 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Futon....I swore I had put this circus to bed for good....but after reading your interesting hub, although I don't have a comment, I have a question to pose: If someone placed a piece of duct tape over a vent on a gas can at some point....& was later shown a picture of this can, UNLESS THE DIFFERENCE IN THE SIZE OF THE PIECE OF TAPE WAS REALLY on earth could you insist the piece you used was smaller? I thought Jose was going to beat the gas can issue to death before that trial was over. Honestly, I couldn't understand all the hoopla over it. Now you have given me more to think about. I don't know whether to thank you or not!! lol! GOOD hub!

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      I think Casey is pretty smokin hot.

    • profile image

      ziglur 6 years ago

      The verdict doesnt suprise me at all If I were a jurior who had to be brought in from another area because of the hosts spreading their lies, and had to mess up most of my summer Id be mad too. I would vote not gulity just to get back at the people who put me there. Casey says, thanks to the fat one for spreading hate.

    • meteetse profile image

      meteetse 6 years ago from Foxboro ma.

      If I wrote a movie-script and sent it in for approval. They'd laugh at me, and call for a immediate rewrite, saying nobody would believe 12 jurors would collectively find this women not guilty. As far as the duct-tape is concerned, I think this issue of a larger piece being placed on the can was used to create more questions and doubts in the Jurors minds.

    • profile image

      ziglur 6 years ago

      I suggest to all the haters . Get away from Cable news Get off your duffs and do something worthwhile, work at a hospital deliver flowers or something. Give someone your time and not these bogus talk shows . They poison your minds . They get people fired up for nothing. And I assure you that most of them dont give a darn about Casey being set free They just want to suck you weak minded people in and watch their crap and make them rich. They talk about Casey lying but the talk show hosts lied just as much. They made it so the court had to go out of the area and get different jurors because of all their crap about this case. That worked in the defenses advantage. But the hosts dont care that they screwed things up because they made lots and lots of money off Casey Anthony. Thats all they care about. And some of you fall for their crap. Im not mentioning any names.

    • profile image

      ziglur 6 years ago

      Well theres another possibility .hahaha! As Nancy Grace might believe. Casey was found not guilty. Get over it.

    • profile image

      Sandy 6 years ago

      anyone who believes that Casey didn't kill her kid is delusional and quite stupid.

    • profile image

      ziglur 6 years ago

      He didnt want to answer about the tape. This shows me has something to hide about this. I would like to know if Caylees dna would somehow show up on the second piece of tape. If he held it against her if he put it on her mouth and then the next piece on the roll is the second piece on the can, he could be concerned about that. Makes sense to me that something could have happened between when the first and second pieces of tape were put on the can. I have a theory about all this . Just a possibilty maybe. If he did molest Casey why wouldnt he molest Caylee too? Maybe he drowned her to cover it up before she could talk which she soon would be able too do. It could have happened like they said about him at the pool yelling at Casey blameing her and telling her that she would go to jail, scareing her into going along with everything. She thinking that Caylee did drown decided she better cooperate. He could assure her that he would take care of things and it will be ok. But in the meantime he was impicateing her which it seems like what he did. All the while it gave time for the body to decompose along with proof of molestation. I gave no names here . Just take it for what its ,worth probably not much. But it would be the only way he could get away with it.