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Duterte: A Crooked Lawyer & A Small Man

Updated on December 18, 2017

One has to consider whether or not Rodrigo Duterte is really a lawyer. However, this miscreant lawyer has trouble arguing the facts and therefore has decided to put Filipino laws into his own hands. Duterte’s oral statement to the Filipino public carries no support for the Constitution and for him to obey the laws without mental reservations or purpose of evasion, so help me God.

Duterte is a corrupt lawyer and a man who thinks he is skilled in circumventing the law and his own balance sheet. With Duterte, we can say that the Filipino dominion is deprived of human laws and that by force Duterte has decided to become a savage beast cultivated in his own laws for the moral development for his rich political elites. If Duterte and his narco son believe they can pick up a machine gun and silence the law that respects life then they have failed humanity by establishing extrajudicial killings without trial on Filipino soil.

The Filipino soil embodies the lifeblood of the Filipino people and encourages them not only to toil the land, but to tell their children that we are better off with our generation intact. That concept goes even further whereby even poor Filipinos can sustain themselves by applying their own will in sustaining businesses to employ hundreds of people for the benefit of the nation as a whole.

Rodrigo Duterte has publicly admitted that he possesses numerous bank accounts at the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). Opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes has vowed to withdraw from the vice presidential race and resign if his claims against Rodrigo Duterte failing to declare P211 million are proven wrong. Although Duterte admitted to having these bank accounts, he was swift in his announcement that these accounts do not contain the alleged millions Senator Trillanes claims.
Why would the heavily medicated Duterte deny such allegations and then reaffirm himself as a lawyer with the various bank accounts that contain millions? The reason why is because Trillanes has the documentations and the physical proof that Duterte is not a socialist or communist, but a greedy corrupt lawyer who sustains his own family’s heritages among the backs of the poor people who praise him. Duterte claims that Trillanes is “a guy with misplaced idealism.” However, sometimes power of the law is served by illusions coupled with idealism that furnishes the legislature with the self-preservation that sustains money laundering to a president who hasn’t earned anything.

It seems like Duterte enjoys the law a little too much and uses it to benefit his own socialist ideologies that crosses paths with capitalistic gain. When Duterte was elected, free and fair elections with the freedom of media were still intact, however under his regime he has consistently violated the principles of fairness. Duterte has deployed a populist “order above law” policy which was successful due to the countless defections in Congress and the general timidity and shyness of the Filipino Supreme Court.

Duterte only strengthens his authoritarian stance with moves such as proclaiming that the online newspaper Rappler, a large media source in the Philippines, is foreign owned and therefore illegal in the country. Rappler has rightfully declined the allegations and have ferociously fought against the charge; however Duterte has not let up and went as far as threatening to cease the constitutionally mandated Commission on Human Rights which has publicly voiced their dissent of Duterte’s extrajudicial drug executions.

Duterte is so focused on killing drug dealers and drug users that his insight has become blurred with the insurgencies knocking at his door. At certain points, he wants to talk with them to create dialogue in creating some degree of peace, however at other points his mental state shifts as a small man that doesn’t even register as the average height of a Filipino man. Then, Duterte declares that he wants no dialogue with them and that they are enemies of the state, all while his bank accounts continue to grow upon the backs of the poor Filipino people he’s killing.

His own justification is based on his perceived notion that he’s above the law and above God. However it is God that determines that all men are moral and that there’s no difference in the depth of the grave of a poor man versus a rich socialist that uses the law to enrich himself and his own narco son that is connected to the Chinese drug distributors that have never been prosecuted. You would think that an experienced and skilled prosecutor would have at least one Chinese drug distributor prosecuted in the wake of rising allegations, yet Duterte has failed to establish any degree of leadership in the fight against the so-called drug pandemic in the Philippines.

I want the Filipino Senate to ask Duterte how much money he received from the Chinese and where the money from his bank accounts truly came from. Duterte is a liar, a thief, and a man that lives on the backs of hardworking Filipinos that toil the land from generation to generation. He claims to be a socialist that caters to one law; that one man is more equal than others. For that, the unrest insecurities of the Filipino character are deprived by a miscreant leader that doesn’t have the will in leading a country to prosperity, but only to its own gradual demise on the world stage.

Dutertards, a loose term for diehard Duterte supporters, continually mock incarcerated Senator De Lima and many other Filipino women that go against Duterte. The reason why is because Duterte is a short man and these women are substantially taller.

Thank you to Mike Ambrozwic for his contributions to this article.


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