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Duterte Meets His Idol Putin and Becomes a Buffoon

Updated on November 21, 2016
Putin and Duterte
Putin and Duterte

President Duterte, whose only political experience was being the major of the Philippines' third largest city, Davao, acted like a groupie of a rock band while meeting with President Putin in Lima, Peru. You see, Duterte, long ago, was influenced by Communism as a young man. Despite his claims, he continues to hold affection for that system of government. Long ago, he had a bad experience of getting into the USA to see a friend going to college here. The US Embassy refused his visa application. This administrative duty, for whatever reason, greatly offended him and he has ever since been on a anti-US bias. This was further fueled by his grandmother, who was anti-US, due to colonial battles of long ago. He is predisposed to be anti-USA in almost all things relating to government and cooperation.

Thus, when, like Trump did, became the new Philippine president on anti-drug campaign that so far has killed 4000 suspected drug dealers or users, he brought his anti-US rhetoric core with him. Now, whether in China, Japan, he acts like a buffoon always citing the same anti-US stories that he believes are true, which are simply false.

When he met with Putin, a wily international leader, he acted like a groupie of a rock band blurting out how Duterte idolized Putin for being a strong leader, how great Russia is, and so on. It was embarrassing for the many intelligent Filipinos who cringe at Duterte's antics and rhetoric. And there are many within the government, but overall, his popularity remains high at home for now because of improved domestic issues.

Duterte acted the same way when he met with China's leader. It all looks like a "small time president trying to be a world power" and that is never going to happen, at best, as many Filipinos fear, China and Russia will take advantage of the Philippines because of its strategic location, one that was presumed to be American protected. Duterte can be duped because he is an eager groupie of both China and Russia and anti-US. The wily leaders of Russia and China are like a great white shark devouring a small fish called the Philippines. Even members of the Philippine Senate are concerned because many are still pro-US because the US provides financial wealth to the country through various means.

Duterte called Putin's style of governing likened to a "hillbilly" and then cited that the US was waging a war in Vietnam. This idiotic statement only shows how uninformed he his. The Vietnam war ended in 1975 and was fully supported by China and Russia. But, today, Vietnam is much less Communist. There is no war there. But, there was more. Duterte went on to say more stupid statements for a president. He indicated that he may pull the Philippines out of the UN because they are "useless". He then said that if there is a new world order, it will consist of Russia, China, and the Philippines! Putin just grinned. I highly doubt if Russia would choose the Philippines as a cohort. But, perhaps his worst statement was how he would rather bow for the King of Bunai than for any American president. America has never asked any PH president to bow.

It seems Duterte is willing to bend over for China and Russia thinking the Philippines can be their equal on the world stage. Such a perverted way of thinking.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 16 months ago

      I can see Duterte trying to act like a dictator, but the PH senate, has already shown signs of regret with his anti-US position. The war on drugs is working with brute force but there is no false flag on the US war on terrorism. It is mainly US airpower assisting the Iraqis at Mosul and there are over 4000 US special forces there. Abu Sayaff in Mindanao is not eliminated and remains a threat locally. I think Duterte should appoint a foreign policy speaker to handle all international relations because Duterte is really an idiot much of the time.

    • AshutoshJoshi06 profile image

      Ashutosh Joshi 16 months ago from New Delhi, India

      The Americans had a choice between lesser and greater evil and they made a choice. Duterte is in same situation, he thinks communists are less evil.

      Anyways as far as Duterte goes, he probably wants a North Korea type dictatorship. War on drugs is now turning to be a false flag just like America's War on Terrorism.