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Duterte's Proclamation of Raping Filipino Women

Updated on December 18, 2017

So Rodrigo Duterte decided to dress his granddaughter Isabelle Duterte like a princess. Perhaps the fairytale may end with Filipinos that have virtually nothing to lose except for the implementation of martial law to render insurgencies that have gripped their nation. Duterte can kiss all the young women he wants and relish the fact that his granddaughter is now the queen of the palace.

Duterte solidifies his legitimacy by jokingly telling his army that they can rape and exploit not only one, but up to three females. That means Duterte is willing to take the law into his own hands and legitimize the executioner with his own hands. However, how can an executioner kill himself?

Even with Socratic thinking, the power rests solely in Duterte’s hands as he indicated that he would go as far as executing his own son with the aid of Chinese Shabu meth distributors who are giving free solicitation in distributing drugs among the poor Filipino drug users who are being executed.

So now the judicial system that makes the laws that are governed by the national will of the Filipino people are being contested simply because a woman made love to her driver. In response to this, Rodrigo Duterte stated, “Here is an immoral woman, flaunting, well of course insofar as wife of the driver was concerned, (her) adultery, here is a woman who funded the house of her lover and yet we do not see any complaint about it. That money came readily from drugs.”

Does Duterte have the will to sanctify his own moral standards on the world stage that accepts along with his own wife, that he has a myriad of girlfriends that economically gratifies himself by the public’s money and sweat? But that sweat relies on his own moral standard to victimize Senator De Lima who was betrayed by her driver who she made love to. However, the Filipino judicial system was incumbent to free him as opposed to De Lima who is still incarcerated. The paradoxal world shows a double standard whereby De Lima’s voice was consistent in her attacks on Duterte’s extrajudicial executions of drug users that became a political expedience towards Duterte’s masculinity in establishing law and order. Law and order was not established because martial law was instituted, it was established with the undermine of the multitude of insurgencies that are becoming dominant in the Filipino communities and rural areas that cements their position of who they are, why they exist, and why they fight.

Rodrigo Duterte questioned how De Lima’s driver was able to afford such a large house on a mediocre salary. Duterte accused De Lima of having an illicit affair with her driver and also accused him of retaining money from targeted drug suspects. House speaker Andanar proclaimed that this simply strengthened Duterte’s anti-drug campaign which doesn’t excuse anyone. Andanar stated, “If the President sees, if there’s evidence that links you or your alleged ex-lover to drug syndicates, then nobody is excused. Even the generals, even the high-level drug lords have been mentioned.”

The real logistical argument is that her lover is free while she remains incarcerated; he is able to still have his big house that he can bring any other lovers into. The driver still subscribes to the same masculinity that De Lima is a whore who does not deserve judicial reconsideration of who she is and what she represents to the Philippines.

How many times have Filipino women allowed their lovers to circumvent their own duties upon their own families in securing their own gratification of who they are? The heavily medicated Duterte is a liar and he decided with his own conventional wisdom to go against De Lima for no other reason than to perpetrate her as a whore in order for Duterte himself to tell his military to rape, pillage, and allow the common Filipino folk to kneel upon the soil that not only they were born on, but the acquired right for them to plead their case among the men who feel threatened and insecure with their own lives.

I want Duterte to tell De Lima to name me one Chinese drug distributor that was incarcerated or killed by Duterte. General Jose Calida, an agent defending Duterte’s war on drugs, recently revealed that only 419 Chinese nationals were arrested, not killed. Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio asked, “At what level are they? Users? Pushers? Chemists or drug lords?” Calida replied, “They are a mixture. We do not know the exact role that they played.”

My demands are simple Mr. Duterte. You’re going to release Senator De Lima for the whore and slut that you are, and therefore you will kiss your granddaughter for the Cinderella princess that she is. The reason why you went after her was because she wasn’t a 10 like your daughter. Or what Donald Trump views women as by touching their genitals. Nothing will stop us and I will give you my word as a writer.

Thanks to Mike Ambrozwitz for his contribution to this article.


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