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Updated on September 17, 2010

E-Fuel just launched their new E-Fuel Microfusion Reactor, that allows you turn your organic waste into ethanol fuel.

In US alone there is almost 1 billion tons of organic waste that could be converted to 100 billion gallons of ethanol fuel. One way to save the environment and reduce fossil fuel dependents.

The reactor can reduce the costs and the complexity involved in traditional ethanol fermentation processes.

According to E-Fuel's co-founder, Tom Quinn “The MicroFusion Reactor is a major breakthrough in the world's quest to rid itself from fossil fuels. What used to take the commercial industry days to accomplish can now be safely done in minutes by typical consumers

By using E-Fuel Microfusion Reactor, ethanol production cost can be reduced as low as $0.56 per gallon.

The Microfusion Reactor can process the cellulosic waste within 2 minutes into sugar water, the main ingredient for ethanol fuel. The sugar water is then distilled into ethanol fuel by Microfueler, another innovative product from E-Fuel's.

Microfueler has two mode of operation:1. fermentation process, 2. distillation of ethanol fuel.

For fermentation process, load weight sensor controls the right amount of water flow into the tank for proper fermentation. High tech ceramic and heater devices are used to expedite the fermentation process by having the optimum temperature.

Once the fermentation process is completed, the liquid ethanol water mixture goes through distillation process for ethanol water separation.

E-Fuel has developed an innovative low temperature vaporization process to separate the the mixture. With no high temperature and open flame combustion used in the method, Microfueler can be operated safely and has lower power consumption.

Once water and ethanol has been separated, Microfueler cools the liquid before storing the liquids in their storage containers.

The purified ethanol now can be pumped into vehicles using the mini pump station or send the liquid to E-Fuel GridBuster generator. It's a smart generator that calculates electricity requirements and adjust it's operation automatically to meet the electricity demand. Plus, it helps you to lower your electricity bills.

You could get the MicroFueler 200 Series in the US for $9,995 plus either $2,995 for the Organic Fuel Tank with fermentation support or $1,995 without.

In addition, businesses may qualify for a federal tax credit of up to 50%. Also, many states and local governments offer additional credits and incentives. Please check with your local tax authorities.

For further details on purchasing E-Fuel products please visit the BUY NOW page on E-Fuel’s website or contact E-Fuel at for a dealer in your area.

The EFuel MicroFueler
The EFuel MicroFueler
The EFuel MicroFueler
The EFuel MicroFueler
The Organic Fuel Tank
The Organic Fuel Tank
The EFuel GridBuster
The EFuel GridBuster

Brew Your Own Ethanol at Home


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