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E-Harassment can be Used as Inner Refinement Tool

Updated on September 19, 2010

Refining Inner-Good Beats harassment

      This process is a very specific one.  It is though society has created something to continually test and refine our inner-selves.  I was trying to study this morning and I was having a Devil of a time.  It seemed that "bad thoughts" were being implanted, which was frustrating me to no end.

     See, when I'M in the mood to engage in this process - I find that it brings out the best in me as a person.  The key is working on ourselves.  Not even your job is as important as your internal improvement by the standards of today's "psychic society".  I get frustrated because I go for ONE SOLUTION, but that's not how the game is played.  First, your relationships to the people nearest you will be tested. 

     Number 1 - do not become angry/frustrated.  #2.  Focus on your inner calm and honestly evaluate your feelings about the people you are nearby at the moment.  In my case, this is my brother and his girlfreind.  When I decided that this was some kind of PSYCHIC TEST to be taken with the utmost seriousness, things immediately began to improve.  I found the LOVE I have for my brother and I focused on that and nothing else.  Through this Love, I respect his girlfreind - that is the heart of what was being tested in me this morning. 

     Like I said, there are times in which I was experimenting that I actually became grateful for the chance being offered to me to become a better person.  Some kind of EVOLUTION is taking place in society today.  I believe it is unfair to drive people mad who cannot see what this is all explaining the importance of those very little thoughts and actions that mean so much, hopefully I can save someone from losing their mind.

     Nobody told me that I was being tested, I just felt funny and I didn't like it.  This escalated into my personal war against the system.  I'm used to being one and only one state of mind at a time, but you must do whatever you are doing AND Love those around you.  This way, your Love is continuous and hence REAL.  I always turned my emotions on for each specific person based on the nature of the relationship because that just seemed to work for me.  But it CAN be done.  You can feel Love for someone and still accomplish physical things.  It isn't easy at first, but it removes the pain and frustration from the whole process. 

     Who would have thought that being nicer on the inside would determine EVERYTHING ELSE..........but that's how it is now.  I still do take medications to encourage this state of mind.  Clonopin combined with Abilify really tend to bring out the emotional best in me.  Oh, and don't get defensive.  Defensiveness instantly plummets you into a pit of pain and despair which tends to perpetuate itself.  There is always a DEEPER level of the self to go to and that's what this process is doing.  If you are flexing those "caring energy centers" (feels like it's just to the right of the navel).......the world will automatically meet your physical needs.  Just like the Bible says: "Keep on seeking these things FIRST, and the rest shall be added to you". 

     Avoid the "Dark Side" of yourself:  Paranoia, hostility. These things bring nothing but misery.  You can TRUST EVERYONE.  Just try going about your day with an open heart.  I used to take my medications everywhere I went out of fear that someone might take them from me.  The funny thing is that I dropped a bottle of meds in a store and these two younger guys found me and returned it.  Strange how our world becomes a reflection of our inner-feelings. 

     The trust thing is something I call "experimental anti-paranoia".  If people are  unwilling to take my stuff, maybe they are unwilling to harm me psychologically.  I think that a third party is involved with testing our relationships and attitudes.  Functionality is great, but it's like the only thing left to improve in society is our SOULS.  It's possible to SEE OUR LEVEL OF GOODNESS/EVIL and the physical world treats us based on this factor. 

     Can you see why everything is so different:  there are people that can see into our minds and detect the bad and the good and then tell everyone else who has "graduated" from "High School" what those thoughts are.  Yes, it's sometimes hard to say goodbye to privacy........but there is a real opportunity here to become multi-dimensional as people. 

     I recommend starting out doing "homework" on the inner-self.  Just remember that if your ears are ringing, you are being TESTED to see if you are selfish, hostile, paranoid vs. giving, loving and altruistic.  When you are being tested, BE as good as you can be.  Sometimes I've had to think of myself as someone really good to pass various tests.  Sometimes, it is so intense that I must imagine myself as Christ to see what He would do in my circumstance.  So next time you get "beamed" - reach for goodness any way you can and see if it doesn't MAJORLY IMPROVE THINGS FOR YOU if not prove to actually be an enlightening experience!!


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