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Updated on November 18, 2011

Must be fit for the minds of the people.

What is happening like a plague in cities and towns, particularly, in the Western World, is from no other source than the prevailing education system.

It is biased, inadequate, discriminatory and imbalanced. It is also antiquated and it needs reform now, more than ever.

It is a common system, from Jakarta to Damascus, or the United States to the Urals, or wherever your geography savvy will take you.

That, you go to school and get a diploma, which does not certify you for any practical purpose, and then you start by working for a corporation or a well known business establishment and you are on your way to accomplish all your goals in life.

Then comes the real world, because not all are cut to fit into the mold of becoming knowledgeable in physics or technology; or getting a degree in law, and thus to become a Supreme Court Justice one day in the future.

Those are for some, but not all; however, that is not what the educators are telling young people, when they start going to school. They are blindly ushered into classrooms without the right evaluation. You can be anything, they tell them. What? Anything?

The children continue into college, before they realize that their "calling" is something entirely different, and at that point, it is too late for them to alter course. They are not the ones who are to blame; and not their parents either, in most cases. It is the proper evaluation they have missed, when they are young and malleable.

That can be the responsibility of the government or other institutional organizations; but it boils down to the fact that many have missed their niches, due to the negligence of educators, who are not qualified to point a child in the right direction.

So, the common system is warped across the length and breath of the world; and the result is a mixture of winners and losers, who are now butting their heads against each other in the streets of New York City and other such places.

The elite in the high-rise offices in Wall Street versus Occupy Wall Street agitators; the Conservatives in the Congress of the United States against die-hard liberals fighting tooth and nail to win ideological encounters; those are just two good examples of the experiences in today's world.

A whole mass of people have been left out in the activities that will bring them the good life that they have expected after finishing school; they have come to realize that it is a myth.

The economy is bad, so unemployment is rampant. Capitalism, liberalism and all other "isms", all are going haywire; and people's lives are at a stand still.

However, if the education system will change from being the copycat entity that it is, and if every community will avoid the cookie-cut education their children are presently having, then things will also change.

The Colleges and Universities must be there, but the initial education and training must start from the home; yes HOME; to cook and clean, to show respect to the elderly, and to do domestic and practical things, such as helping Mummy with the weekly grocery shopping, besides the gym and sport activities, of course.

It may sound like communism, but children must be evaluated until the eighth grade, when they are able to find their own "niche" in life; whether to be a nurse or a doctor or an engineer or even a handyman.

"If you have to be a street sweeper, be the best street sweeper you can be." Martin Luther King. Jr.

Their direction must come from parents and good teachers; and for them to have behavioral grooming before they enter real life environments. That will turn things around.

The system the people have now has produced nothing, but a "class society" almost everywhere, "the haves" and "the have nots"; and the fights will not stop in the streets, if it continues.


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