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Updated on September 18, 2011
Putting up illegal connection
Putting up illegal connection | Source


I hate summers because of heat and sweat. In Pakistan Electricity problem is increasing, now 3-6 hours load shedding is going on but there is no one to look after this problem and when the electricity bill comes it gives us Hypertension.

You have to keep UPS and Generator for yourself if you do not want to faint in summers.

No problem if the petrol and Gas prices are increasing day by day but if you want to get Electricity through your Generator then extra 5-10 thousand Pakistani Rupees you have to spend to buy petrol for your Generator.I was writing this hub and the electricity went off and I left my laptop at my home otherwise I would have completed this hub long time ago.

One good advice is, remain in the swimming pool or take bath again and again to refresh your self.

In Pakistan Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) has been privatized and even then their services are not good and the Bills are Sky Rocketing.

If KESC has short listed their employees, why all the political parties are showing solidarity with the sacked employees ?

Foot Path Vendors have been given illegal connections by KESC and these vendors do not get any electricity bill rather they warm KESC employees hands with money, as a result there is shortage of electricity in the country and we the citizens have to suffer even after paying the electricity bill.

In Pakistan, during the day time also many street lights are opened due to their negligence.

Many factories get less electricity bills due to under table dealing with the Karachi Electric Supply Corporation personnel.

Their is no one to hold the reins of KESC. Like Western countries, we should also start thinking of getting solar energy to resolve this problem.


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    • drdspervez profile image

      drdspervez 5 years ago from Pakistan

      SAQ thanks for your comment and I agree with you.


    • profile image

      SAQ 5 years ago

      We have lot of telant in our country and should emphasize on the issues which are best known to us. The young telant should come up and find out the way to come out of the crises. It is a real problem that we have to pay attention, otherwise the entire country will be in dark.