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Updated on July 15, 2012

The way our prospective is influenced and manipulated on a daily basis is so deeply sewn into the fabric of our society that most are oblivious to it. We are given our opinions and viewpoints then adapt them as our own .Through media, indoctrination mechanisms,societal casting, minds are being schemed on to further corporate interest and control over reactionary people on earth. Ever wonder why some of your favorite movies make you feel a certain way? Why so many people are overtly addicted to sports? Why television takes up more time than critical thinking in most households? One word. Distraction.Valuable time that should be spent expanding one's mind is replaced by worthless,mindless entertainment that holds no particular goal other than to brainwash and stir up emotion and misdirected energy.

The illusion of Happiness

In this day in time, happiness seems to becoming more of a monetary (addiction)obsession, than an emotion to be observed. True joy has become obscure, in the rise of the era of materialism and technologic excessiveness. How can one be happy, in a world where work is more important than time with your family, where loyalty is replaced with compensation, where financial prosperity is the sole reason for being. Vicariously we live through idols from all caste so we can subconsciously escape the reality of economic mental and physical slavery. The intent of entertain ment of all sort, was never to have a good time, only to pacify,distract,submerge, and imbue. To keep you more occupied with desperate homemakers than desperate house issues more concerned with how high a man can jump, than how to heighten your consciousness. ( I like entertainment merely speaking of the initial intent) Are you happy? Or did your fun come at the expense of suffering, and extreme perversity.

Happiness is an emotion that we have been misled into believing that we must always experience, to feel reassured that we are living a good life. This happiness is for the most part fraudulent and often conceals deeper feelings of animosity and deceit. What about all the life lessons that are experienced in all emotional areas? Most of the invaluable lessons that come in life are in times of turmoil ,then it is truly sincere joy once a person(group) makes it through the dilemma. I think our reasonable purpose in life is to be content. Love.peace,food,shelter,land, mental, and physical freedom is all that is necessary to live well balanced in life. Contrary to conventional thinking being content doesn't mean stagnation, being content simply means one is satisfied with self, environment, and peers of environment.

Scrupulous Sorrow
Our meticulously unique way of of displaying empathy, pity, and remorse, are quite intriguing in the sense that we can be callous to the same thing(person,group) that gives us leisure(motivation,pleasure,etc.). Even more interesting is the attitude that we adapt to justify other peoples sadness and suffering. With a well trained and subordinate mind that does not question or dissect information, other peoples sorrow is of no concern. The Individualistic mind set that we have been implanted with has not the capacity to feel sorrow, family and friends are the only people who are sparred in this mental state(some cases not even them). We are taught everything is business and that if a person(group) are suffering they could not handle their business efficiently.

When it comes to our own sorrow we our vigorously adamant to conceal it, we want no vulnerability or weakness to be visible to the common eye. On the other hand, there is no room for sensitivity in a desensitized society. This is what happens when we allow media and rhetoric control the way we comprehend, and put our hopes dreams, and life goals in the hands of propagandist. They nullify the natural compassion instinct in humans, and it is replaced by blind loyalty and false sympathy.

Fraudulent Fear
Imaginary fear is one of the most efficient control mechanisms used to perpetuate power, leaving the unsuspecting crippled from analyzing simple problems that have the simple answers. Over dramatized rhetoric deceives people into believing there is a threat, or danger, when at best the threat is minimal. Fear is such a powerful emotion it effects all aspects of life. Markets, attitudes, education(indoctrination),and how we interact with each other. We let others paint the picture of the ideal society, and are afraid of anyone who thinks contrary to popular belief, for fear of true change. We may not agree with how the world is, but from fear it is almost considered absurd to see it any other way, different views or opinions are considered radical,strange, or inept.

This fear can become detrimental to the point of angry eruption, that results in regretable decisions that achieve no end, but to appease the hierarchy that set the entire situation in motion. Anger is such a strong emotion it is often immaturely invoked, and misdirected to follow down a path of impracticality. This solves nothing. Focusing on being content, well balanced and aware should be a main priority to of everybody in the Diaspora. From this state of mind is where all wisdom and true knowledge is conceived. No one in the world should have to suffer, while others experience leisure at their expense, then blind themselves with emotional callousness. Let's try to develop a well balanced personality that is satisfied with self and world around us.


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    • Enuendo77 profile image

      Enuendo77 6 years ago from hub pages U.S.A.

      Thank you

    • Kamalesh050 profile image

      Kamalesh050 6 years ago from Sahaganj, Dist. Hooghly, West Bengal, India

      Beautiful piece of writing, well done.

      Best Wishes.