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How to Live Through an EMP!

Updated on March 25, 2016

EMP Attack


What is an EMP?

An Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) can occur naturally through a massive solar flare from the sun
striking the earth, or can be man-made through the detonation of an atomic weapon at varying elevations above a target country.

The higher the elevation, the wider the area affected. Earth has been struck by solar flares many times throughout history, however the effects went unobserved. Until the telegraph in the 1800's and wide-spread usage of electricity in the 1900's there was nothing for an EMP to affect.

That's what happens in an EMP-everything electrically powered or dependent upon circuitry just stops. What’s worse, most of that equipment (vehicles included) will never run again, ever, without major repair. That includes the electric grid that supplies the country with power. It will take years to replace key pieces of equipment.

Some areas will receive priority. Most won’t.

Life of Luxury Will Be Gone!

What will you do? What can you do?

Here's a very partial list of what you can expect in the first few weeks of an EMP event.

  • Empty shelves at the grocery store. The average sized grocery store carries three days worth of inventory.
  • Riots of starving people.
  • Curfews.
  • Military patrols will keep order; police will no longer be in charge.
  • Hospitals can't take in patients since they have no supplies or staff.
  • People will have an extreme lack of knowledge as to what's actually happening.
  • Life sustaining medicine will not be reaching those who need it-death.

Eventually Martial Law will be enacted and the list goes on and on. This is fact. This is what happens. This is the natural order of events when 3.2 million people who have lived generations of luxury (whether acknowledged or not) are suddenly thrown back nearly 200 years in time with few if any skills to survive.

What will you do? What can you do?

For starters, look at yourself and your immediate family closely and honestly. Strong points? Weak points? Skills? Liabilities? Be honest and complete with your assessment because what you actually carry in your head will be your most valuable and useful possession. For years maybe.

There are ways to prepare. They take commitment. But most important is taking action, the sooner the better. It is literally only a matter of time before terrorist organizations pull off a strike and only a matter of statistics when an EMP is generated by the sun.

Get ready now. Here’s some ways you can...

Take Action Now

Determine Your Surroundings

Determine the safety of your current residence and community. Are you living in a close-knit community? Are your neighbors actually friends? Any known thugs or other low-life's in the immediate area? That may not be 'Politically Correct' for you but we are dealing with reality.

What is your proximity to grocery stores, drug stores, Dollar General's etc.? Basically, are you a soft target or living in a target area? By the way forget about cops. After a few days they will be protecting and scavenging for their own families. Besides, did you know that cops are not legally required to protect you? That's a fact.

What else?

Start getting a food supply built up, six months worth at the minimum. No junk food. When the SHTF your body will need nutrients more than ever, not empty sugar calories. You may want to store enough Twinkies to just reward yourself once a month. They would probably last a 100 years anyways with so many preservatives in them.

Even more important is a source of water. Notice I didn't mention 'clean' such thing. The trick is to make it safe. I recommend the "Life Straw', especially if 'bugging out'. Just stick it in a puddle and suck. It removes 99.999% of anything that can sicken you. They're about $20.

Bugging Out

If you’re “bugging in” and plan to make a stand in your own home, start by getting your hands on a rain barrel or two. You can find them online. Get a "Water Bob" for your tub (s) and fill it. You'll still have water pressure for a short time after an EMP. They cost about $26 the last time I checked.

Don't forget you can drain your hot water heater for a gallon or so. Keep a few gallons of unscented bleach on hand. You can purify water with a capful of bleach per gallon of water. Just let the water sit about an hour before drinking. If you're fortunate enough to have a well at home, get a hand-pump for it and know how to use it. Of course you can also boil water, but for that you need heat. Gas stoves will work for a short time, electric stoves won't.

Can you build a fire pit (discreetly) where you live?Would the smoke give away your position to someone who may want what you have? Consider these things. Which brings up defense.

Here is where you must really know yourself. At what point would you be willing to take someone's life to protect your family if necessary?

The mechanics of defense are relatively easy. The moral issues are not.

Jesus Knew This Day Was Coming & We are expected to protect the innocent & our Families!

Psalms 144:1

The Training for Battle

Here I will tell you where I stand. First, once I've made the decision to use lethal force I would 'aim' to kill, not wound, using whatever weapon was available. I would KNOW that either my life, my wife’s life, or someone close to us was in immediate and deadly danger.

Using a firearm, I would shoot for “center of mass” if I didn’t have time to aim, or if I had the luxury of an additional 2 seconds I would aim directly for the left ventricle of the heart, anywhere center-head, or at the top of the spinal cord to sever the cortex.

Look at your surroundings. How many objects do you see right now that could be used as a weapon? I just did. I didn’t see anything that couldn’t be.

That is where your mind will need to be when this event occurs.


Unless you have a horse, mule, or bicycle you can forget it. Any vehicle made fro approximately 1984 to current is reliant on chips somewhere in the vehicle. It won't run. Pre-84' vehicles can be readily fixed if you keep a spare rotor, points, and distributor on hand. You should also have a battery that was shielded - that comes later. But a running vehicle means a need for fuel. That shouldn't be a problem, at least for awhile, as stalled vehicles will be everywhere just waiting to have you siphon out the gas.

Got a hose? Get one!

Even better, get an older diesel powered pick-up truck. The engine will burn any type of oil, vegetable oil. There are a ton of sources out there on the net for diesel power. Look them up.

Communications Are Down!

Communications. TV’s, radios, cell phones...all down. Land lines may or may not work as they generate their own electricity. So how do you communicate? Where do you get information?

We have a short wave radio. Remember the whole world is not affected by an EMP, only a targeted area or an area proportionate to the size of a solar flare, two walkie-talkies for close-range (1-3 mile) communications, and a pair of hand-held shortwave “walkie talkies". "That's fine" you say but where do you get the power? I picked up a solar array which is wired to a battery and inverter. The system cost less than $150 and provides 45 watts.

This is enough to power chargers for the above mentioned communication devices, several lights, a laptop (a lot of information stored there), and even run the fridge two-hours at a time (all that's needed to keep food fresh), or an average size chest freezer 24/7.

The solar panel system is expandable as well. We have a 4500 watt generator, gas powered, that can be run when 'noise discipline' is not required or necessary. A solar powered battery charger with plenty of re-chargeable batteries is also a good idea.

Galvanized Steel Trash Can EMP

An EMP will Fry Unprotected Devices

So why are these devices functional after I said anything electronic would be fried in an EMP? They are stored in a "Faraday cage". Basically the physics behind a Faraday cage is to route the burst of electrons produced by an EMP around electronic devices instead of through them.

This is a process that can be scaled depending on how much you have to protect and the amount of money you have to work with. We kept it simple at about $18.

Here is how to make one.

Get a galvanized steel trashcan with a tightly fitting lid. Line the floor and sides with several layers of cardboard (we used styrofoam), wrap electronics in bubble wrap, including the charges, and place in the can. On top of the device place additional cut-to-size cardboard or styrofoam. Replace the lid making sure it is tightly sealed.

If it jiggles a bit that's okay - just tape some wire strips to the lid and can. Place the trashcan on a dry non-conductive surface such as bricks, concrete blocks, or wood. You'll be surprised at how much you can fit in there.

Get Ready & Prepare

There are numerous books available on how to prepare for disaster. Buy some. They will cover in far greater detail the subjects that I have barely touched on here in this writing. You can bet your last dollar that those who survived Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans or Hurricane Sandy in New York wished they had prepared.

And that was nothing compared to an EMP!


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