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Updated on June 14, 2016

All the elements of environment are life supporting. Hence arises the question of protection of our environment. Environment is a very complex and comprehensive phenomenon. Minerals, climate, geography, geology etc are its integral parts.

There are many factors causing high and intolerable pollution. Consumerism is one of them. The rapidly increasing consumerism gets changed and worsens the condition. Man on earth is a single powerful agent of environment. Instead of making efforts to adapt himself with the environment, he tries foolishly to change it to suit his consumerism. Many luxurious items like refrigerator, air conditioner etc. being increasingly used are causing irreparable damages to our protective layer of ozone because of the dangerous chemical called CFCs. The chlorine atoms cleansed from hole on our ozone umbrellas over the Antarctic and the gaping hole is increasing fast in its size. The self-indulgence of our consumerism is also expediting human doors. The use of plastics is a villain of the peace. So the use of harmful substances should be phased at the earliest. Quality of life is one of the most important indicators of development. No development, worth its name, can be at the cost of people's health. Since health and progress always go together, the former is another name of pollution free environment. As individuals we cannot progress, prosper and be productive in polluted atmosphere. Material affluence is meaningless amidst poisoned air, dirty water, choking air, deafening noise and heap of dirt of dust all around. Development should be sustainable without the cost of environment. It is an on­going process but not a one-time affair. We should remember that the progress and protection of environment is suicidal and reminds us of the utterly foolish farmer who killed the goose out of greed to have all the eggs at a time or in one go.

Mills, factories and industries play an important role for development. But they have proved counter-productive. They have been discharging toxic chemicals and other wastes in 'the environment. Industrial and economic development should be such as not to deplete natural resources and damage and degrade the environment. Unfortunately, man has been masterminding his own doom and destruction in the name of industrialization and development. Deforestation in a large scale is causing a great harm to our environment, as well as ecological system. Bio-diversity is in danger and many species of animals, birds and plants are extinct and many more of them are on the verge of extinction.

The change in climate affects seriously to our environment. Overpopulation has also put a tremendous pressure on natural resources and environment. The level of ground water is going down for pumping out excessive water. The use of artificial and chemical fertilizer has enormously quickened this process of land and water degradation.

Most people are not aware and conscious of it. They throw plastics, garbage, trash, ashes, sludge, useless bottles, cans, bags etc here and there. Then they get rotten and dumped and then make the environment dirty, stinky and polluted. These harmful things need a proper checking for protection of the environment. Brick kilns has been continuing to ravage our environment. Despite repeated concern expressed by environmentalists there seem to be no steps taken against brick-fields which are not only environmental hazards but also a threat to our limited forest resources as well. Every year thousands of trees are cut down in order to make bricks. The pollutants produced by the brick-fields are a result of the combustion of wood, coal, digging of brick earth and the wastes generated in the form of rubbish. Outdated kiln construction leads to an excessive air leakage. Conventional small chimney leads to excessive temperature. The Department of Environment should be more proactive to deal with the menace. Almost all brick kilns in the country do not follow the Brick Kiln Ordinance. The land on which the kilns are built becomes less fertile, the thick black smoke causes health problems like nausea, headache, asthma etc. as well as skin diseases.

Since we are the members of an environment. We want its remedy to make a suitable environment. It is an urgent need to create awareness among the ignorant and careless people. If this does not become fruitful, tough and necessary steps should be taken against those who are guilty of polluting the environment. Such people should heavily be fined, taxed and even sentenced to jail. Anti-pollution law should be made, enforced and strictly practiced. The Department of Environment has made it compulsory for the brick field owners to install 120 feet high chimneys in all kilns. But surely there must be a policy in place to regulate unplanned and unauthorized placement of brick kilns all around the country.

A certain balance between the various elements that goes in the making of our environment is also essential for keeping it healthy, vibrant and life-sustaining. Any imbalance caused by addition of too much undesirable, substance in the air, water, natural resources etc. results in pollution. Besides natural resources, the nation's real wealth is the people. Each and every nation wants human development to the maximum. As man is the crowning glory of creation, so his activities should aim at giving man a long, healthy, meaningful, happy and creative life. For environmental protection we must bring to bear every means at our command to fight the menace on war footing.


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