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Updated on April 19, 2011
Eric Holder
Eric Holder
Black Panthers at poling place.
Black Panthers at poling place.
J. Christian Adams
J. Christian Adams
Barte Bull
Barte Bull

No justice for the rest of us.

Attorney General Eric Holder likes to say he has reinvigorated the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ.

During the 2008 elections, the New Black Panthers deployed members of their thuggish group to stand in the front of certain poles in Philadelphia dressed in black and waiving clubs. The Bush’s administration DOJ brought suit against the New Black Panthers, the members that organized the deployment of men in front of the poles and the members that were standing in front of the poles with clubs. They were charged with intimidating voters and violating civil rights.

According to testimony the Black Panther members made statements such as: "the black man is going to win the White House no matter what."

J. Christian Adams, a former justice department lawyer, gave the following testimony, concerning the Black Panthers behavior at the poling place in Philadelphia:

You’re supposed to be able to go vote without somebody with a weapon shouting racial slurs at you like these folks were doing in Philadelphia. “You’re about to be ruled by the black man, Cracker.” They called people “white devils”. They menaced, they tapped their baton. They tried to stop people from entering the polls.

Five attorneys worked on this case at the justice department. One of them was Chris Coates who has been a voting rights lawyer since 1976. There was no doubt in any one of the attorney’s minds that this case was a slam-dunk, a clear violation of the law.

The defendants did not answer the suit, did not show up in court and filed no papers and on May 15, under Eric Holder, the suit was dropped and charges were dismissed. Only one defendant was admonished and ordered not to appear at a poling place in Philadelphia with a weapon again for period of two years.

Adams, who later quit his job at the justice department because of this travesty of justice further stated, “Well, the testimony has been that Steve Rosenbaum and Loretta King, two political officials at the Department ordered the dismissal of the case. Of course that was the first story. Eventually it was revealed that there were more people involved.”

Barte Bull is a longtime civil rights activist and former aide to Sen. Robert F. Kennedy's 1968 presidential campaign. He gave a sworn statement dated April 7 that he was serving in November as a credentialed poll watcher in Philadelphia when he saw the three uniformed Panthers confront and intimidate voters with a nightstick.

He said, "In all my experience in politics, in civil rights litigation and in my efforts in the 1960s to secure the right to vote in Mississippi ... I have never encountered or heard of another instance in the United States where armed and uniformed men blocked the entrance to a polling location."

Holder has received a lot of heat for not prosecuting this clear violation of the law and he suggested that a couple of guys in a fleeting incident in Philadelphia is so miniscule in comparison to the struggle of “his people”, to get the vote in America that it is not worth pursuing.

Clearly the attorney general does not feel it necessary to represent all people in America, only “his people.”

This week Attorney Holder decided to drop an important case against CAIR and other Muslim groups accused of supporting terrorists.

Holder is reluctant to prosecute Muslims as evidenced in his refusal to go forward with the suit against CAIR in the Holy Land Foundation Case. Judge Solis found that the government had provided evidence that CAIR was associated with the terrorist group Hamas.

Hamas has been designated as a terrorist organization since October 9, 1997 and regularly conducts suicide bombings against civilian targets inside Israel. The court has found sufficient evidence that Cair is involved in raising funds for the terrorist group Hamas.

Omar Ahmad, cofounder and longtime Board Chairman of CAIR attended a meeting in Philadelphia, Penn, in which he participated in discussions on how to raise money for Hamas.

Attorney General Eric Holder has dropped the case against these groups that support terrorism and are firmly planted in America.

Here is a portion of the letter to Holder from Peter T. King Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security,

Dear Attorney General Holder:

I write to inquire about your decision not to prosecute the 246 individuals and organizations, named as unindicted co-conspirators in a Hamas terror finance case, United States v. Holy Land Foundation.

I have been reliably informed that the decision not to seek indictments of the Council on American Islamic Relations (“CAIR”) and its co-founder Omar Ahmad, the Islamic Society of North America (“ISNA”), and the North American Islamic Trust (“NAIT”), was usurped by high-ranking officials at Department of Justice headquarters over the vehement and stated objections of special agents and supervisors of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as the prosecutors at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Dallas, who had investigated and successfully prosecuted the Holy Land Foundation case. Their opposition to this decision raises serious doubt that the decision not to prosecute was a valid exercise of prosecutorial discretion


The attorney general is head of the U.S. Department of Justice and chief law officer of the federal government. He or she represents the United States in legal matters generally, and gives advice and opinions to the president and to other heads of executive departments as requested. In cases of exceptional gravity or special importance, the attorney general may appear in person before the U.S. Supreme Court to represent the interests of the government.

Cair is a deceptive group of Muslims that are firmly planted in the USA, promoting Sharia Law, building mosques where they are clearly not wanted and raising money for terrorists. We have an Attorney General that chooses to look the other way and drop cases brought against them despite overwhelming evidence. He needs to be removed from office.

: Watch the actual video here.

Black Panthers Blocking Polling Place Entrance ...


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    • mslizzee profile image

      elizabeth 6 years ago from Buncombe County, NC

      Huh? I'm sure this makes sense to you Terry, but I can't find even one sentence on which to comment.

    • Terry.Hirneisen profile image

      Terry.Hirneisen 6 years ago from Shenandoah Valley

      I lived in your state for years and was so glad to see that NC went for Obama. I have a friend who was Secretary of Administration in the Holshouser (R) Administration. He was in part of a group called Republicans for Obama. I mention this because it seems there are many Republicans in NC that have not completely gone off the deep end with outlandish conclusions about Black Panthers and people trying undermine the US Government. I am afraid you have no idea of the harm done to this Country by REAGAN, BUSH, and BUSH. I think Obama will have a landslide in 2012and then you will have to face four more years of a black president. Now we finally arrive at the real problem. Years of racism just simply cannot be brushed aside and any reason will do to put our greatest President Down.

    • mslizzee profile image

      elizabeth 6 years ago from Buncombe County, NC

      I'm afraid the public has no idea the extent of the wrong being done in this country by the present admistration. Obama must be defeated in 2012.

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 6 years ago

      I really doubt after reading your informative Hub, that Obama will be Reelected in 2012. I felt he was too inexperienced from the beginning to be running and History will prove that...I Hope...and those such as Eric Holder will not win either.

    • mslizzee profile image

      elizabeth 6 years ago from Buncombe County, NC

      OK, you've had your say. You are free to speak even with me the "freedom fighter."

      Odd isn't it that I, whom you claim "seek a one opinion country" keep allowing YOUR opinion TO SHOW under my hub.

      No censorship at all for your words. Once again you are dead wrong about me and about conservatives. Had I wished to silence you, I could have deleted ALL YOUR COMMENTS.

    • Jillian Barclay profile image

      Jillian Barclay 6 years ago from California, USA


      Will keep this short! Your words:

      "Expressing your opinions is the American way and no one wants to curtail that right."

      Unless I disagree and/or am liberal...

      Your words again:

      "Are you just too liberal, too anti Constitution, too anti American to be saved????"

      By your words, I am just too liberal, too anti-Constitution, too anti-American. Guess I cannot be saved...Weed me out, Have me arrested, etc. Go for it, freedom fighter!

      Be well. Be content in your belief that you are defending the Constitution. Even when you seek to make this a one-opinion country.

    • mslizzee profile image

      elizabeth 6 years ago from Buncombe County, NC

      Jillian: There is nothing frightening or anti constitutional about weeding out enemies of the state when they publicly claim to be just that. We have laws for that, didn't you know? If a public official works against the best interests of the country, then he gets impeached, or arrested, voted out, etc, etc.

      There is nothing wrong with standing up for your country or supporting the constitution or fighting to prevent influences that weaken society. It's OK to fight to maintain our traditions and culture. Those countries that have allowed liberalism and multiculturism and Sharia Law to creep in are now struggling to WEED IT OUT. RECENTLY the leaders of UK and France have publicly stated that allowing these influences into their countries has been devastating to them.

      Expressing your opinions is the American way and no one wants to curtail that right. Working at weakening your country, undermining it's legal structure, devastating its finances, redistributing wealth to the extent that 59% of the citenzenry are non producing, surrounding yourself as a public official with people that PUBLICLY claim to be communist and anti American and want to destroy our Western way of life if not a good idea. Even you would agree to that, or not? Are you just too liberal, too anti Constitution, too anti American to be saved????

      Absolutely everything in this hub can be checked and I offered very little opinion. What is it about any facts that rub you the wrong way that gets your back up? You liberals immediately begin to smear Fox News, Beck and all the conservatives when you hear something you don't like. You take out after T-partiers and people like me.

      "Gotta love the Constitution, right?" Your sarcasm gives you away.

    • Jillian Barclay profile image

      Jillian Barclay 6 years ago from California, USA


      Weed out these enemies of the country? Socialist and communist leanings? Black Panthers around every corner? Sharia law overtaking our justice system?

      Just how do you plan to purge the country of these evil influences? And how is it that you determine who is an enemy of the country? Far be it from me to suggest that you may be devoting too much of your time to watching the 'heroes of America' that work for Fox News, but...

      I am an American citizen and I find your views offensive and frightening. Do I want you to be prohibited from expressing your opinions? No! That is not a part of our Constitution. You have every right to state your case, regardless of how misinformed I think you are. Will I call you evil or an enemy of the country? No.

      You have the right to think and say what you wish and I would never be as bold as you, to suggest that those who disagree with me be silenced. That is exactly what you suggest however, and your view is clearly not supported by the US Constitution. Gotta love the Constitution, right?

    • mslizzee profile image

      elizabeth 6 years ago from Buncombe County, NC

      Thank you for your comments.

    • profile image

      Fay Paxton 6 years ago

      Ms. Lizzee,

      I couldn't care less about Obama or Bush, the Black Panthers or CAIR. I simply stated the facts. The fact that the precinct was Democratic is important only because they were urging people to vote Democratic. An investigation revealed that voting patterns were in no way altered.

      Bombs are being dropped on innocent children all over the world. America drops bombs on innocent children. Israel can and does defend itself.

      I am no more a fan of the Black Panthers than I am the KKK. But that's the thing about this country, they have the Constitutional right to march in a parade.

    • mslizzee profile image

      elizabeth 6 years ago from Buncombe County, NC

      It's nice that Obama and his appointees have some support such as yourself. I would imagine you also support his czars many of whom have socialist & communist leanings. Frankly I would not want to go to my poling place and have men in black uniforms greeting me with clubs and calling me a cracker. I FIND THAT OVERWHELMINGLY INTIMIDATING as would most folks. As far as the case against CAIR and other similar groups,this case filed by the Holyland foundation was JUST DROPPED THIS WEEK. I know nothing of the civil case and further I would group Bush and Obama in the same category when it comes to protecting our borders.

      The bombs are dropping on innocents in Israel as we speak, aided and abetted by Cair and other such organizations. To defend this action is extremely questionable regardless of your skin color or religion.

      Further to suggest that because you are an African American means you are not frightened by men with clubs standing in front of the poling place is racist. Not all African Americans are Democrats. Not all of them approve of Obama, or condone the Black Panthers.

      I sincerely hope that in NOv. 2012 we get an change of administration that will begin to weed out these enemies of the country. It would be nice also if the Black Panthers were prohibited from marching in the "Day of Rage" that they have coming up shortly. That is not something this country needs right now, black men raging in public.

    • profile image

      Fay Paxton 6 years ago

      From the testimony of Thomas Perez, head of the Civil Rights Division, before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights in May:

      After reviewing the matter, the Civil Rights Division determined that the facts did not Constitute a prosecutable violation of the criminal Statutes. The Department did, however, file a civil Action on January 7th, 2009, seeking injunctive and declaratory relief under 11(b) against four defendants.

      This means that the case was downgraded to a civil case 11 days before Obama was inaugurated, 26 days before Eric Holder became attorney general, and about nine months before Thomas Perez was confirmed as head of the Civil Rights Division.

      One might question just how intimidating they were in a precinct located in a low-income project that was predominately African American and a Democratic stronghold.

      Regarding CAIR, the DOJ dismissed the case just as the Bush administration had done in 2004. Common sense supports the notion that everything about this case has not been disclosed to the public.

      Clearly, it isn't necessary, the public is more than willing to reach it's own conclusions.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 6 years ago

      You must have meant to discuss the Department of Injustice. In that context everything Holder has dome makes sense. Up and awesome and useful, too.

    • profile image

      Harvey Stelman 6 years ago

      ms, If you're writing about Holder, this must be fiction. He doesn't really exist, does he? H

    • Wayne Brown profile image

      Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas

      Holder is a travesty as it applies to the law and the bar. His colleagues in Congress should be calling for his head and his job. This man in not only usurping the enforcement of valid U.S. Law but also dabbling in matters of homeland security within our country. At what point is a Congress hearing in order? WB

    • miss_jkim profile image

      miss_jkim 6 years ago

      This is not shocking, there are many people who knew these kind's of things would happen if the Obama administration were voted into office. And it will only get worse if he is re-elected.

      If he does stay for another 4-years, I fear America will see another civil war.

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 6 years ago

      I voted up and every button except funny. This is an outrage, and a disgrace. I can't believe we have to put up with this travesty of justice from one high powered individual. It sure tells you who the friends of high government are, doesn't it.