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Updated on December 3, 2012


Greetings, please allow me to share with you a recent Geography 101 assignment that I submitted at American Military University. The parameters of the assignment presented by our professor, was as follows:

Reverse Migration:

1. Assume that a major event has occurred in North America (either Canada or the United States) that will result in many people migrating south to either Middle America or South America. Where would you go?

a) Choose a country in either Middle America, or South America, to which you would migrate.

b) Explain why you would choose that country, using support from geographic information and concepts from this course. Consider both human and physical geography.

My submission was the following hypothetical scenario:

On 6 June 2014 at 0430 the Islamic militant organization al Qaeda succeeded in delivering a devastating blow to the United States of America and the continent of North America as a whole. The Western news media have consistently reported that the al Qaeda victory was funded by rogue nations Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and Libya, along with the most disturbing report of all stating the People’s Republic of China had discreetly orchestrated the entire catastrophic event. Strategically not only was al Qaeda able to inflict mass destruction to all major metropolitan areas within the United States, they also devastated the border crossings that existed between America and Canada. Although the attacks were focused upon the United States homeland and did not penetrate deep within our Northern neighbors Canada land mass; Canadian officials thought it not prudent to allow droves of distraught Americans consent to seek refuge in their sovereign nation under such perilous circumstances. Thus, the American Migration South of 2014…

With no real time to plan, I allowed my survival instincts to go to work as my family and I prepared to flee the destruction and mayhem that have reduced our beloved America and Philadelphia, PA to a shell of her former self. That being stated, we fled south to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Firstly my family and I are urban dwellers and such would find the population of over 6 million human beings a natural realm to exist in. Having an entrepreneurial nature and knowing my primary role as a husband and father is that of provider I would see Brazil being a member of the rising “BRIC” (1) nations as a land of possible financial opportunities. Other attributes of Rio De Janerio that would appeal to my family and I would be their coastal location as well as its “entertainment industries, universities, museums, and libraries.” (2)

In closing what would stand as a cautionary impediment to my decision to relocate my family under such perilous circumstances would be China’s involvement in the South American realm. As it stands “Much of South America’s economic growth in the past ten years is attributed to China’s demand for raw materials.” (3) However when it is all said and done, Almighty God forbid; such a horrific occurrence was to ever take place on our American homeland that it would compel our surviving citizens to flee; what place of refuge would even come close to the overall magnificence of the United States of America? In my opinion none would suffice.

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