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South East Bexar County Awareness: Esd6 Still at It- Community Will Be Paying Their Debt for 40 Years

Updated on June 23, 2014
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I've lived through many wars starting with Vietnam. Some would call me old, I call myself seasoned.

Does She Have That Much Power?

Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn (Campaign manager: Sergio "Chico" Rodriguez)
Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn (Campaign manager: Sergio "Chico" Rodriguez)

Ms. Mendelsohn makes statements like the community doesn't know what's in their best interest; making them seem inferior or uneducated at best. As the president of the ESD6 Board, she has been doing so much of "what's best" for the community.

The community, however, is being put in jeopardy by "what's best". There is going to be great growth in the Southeast Bexar County Community; of which Ms. Mendelsohn, through her close knit relationships with the County Commissioners, is well aware of. As Precinct 1, which falls under County Commissioner Chico Rodriguez, grows so do the dangers of fire and medical safety.

According the San Antonio Business Journal there are major oil companies and suppliers, such as Baker & Hughes, Haliburton to name a few, a solar field, as well as several subdivisions and a home for boys on Rabel Rd. (which is located in the Southside ISD school district). All this growth and the fire departments are still being underfunded.

Ms. Mendelsohn, has continuously jeopardized the safety of the Southeast Bexar County Community by siphoning funds for fire protection into a pet project of a community center, dubbed "evacuation center" for the purpose of getting approval for the project. While all is well documented and continuously repeated, the media and other's that would be covering such news have continued to neglect the citizens of Southeast Bexar County.

Joe Hearn, former board member to the ESD6 and former 3 day District Fire Chief of the ESD6 spoke candidly at a former board member, stating on record that he is against the building of the evacuation/community center and that he had spoken to members of the fire marshal's office as well as county officials who felt the same way and therefore he would not support it.

He does not support taking out a loan for over $3 million dollars that the tax payers will be paying on for approximately 40 years and he does not support using fire safety dollars to do so.

Ms. Mendelsohn told him, that it was "his opinion" and it doesn't matter, the center will still be built.

What Ms. Mendelsohn doesn't explain to the community is why she still to date has refused to fund the fire departments appropriately. As per an agreement and contract fulfillment agreement, the Southside ISD dropped it's case and therefore the members of the community assumed that all was well.

According to members of the VFD's under contract, the ESD6 has not kept to their end of the agreement, instead, slashing items for payment and underpaying the departments once again.

In attempts to see her community center to fruition, Ms. Mendelsohn attempted to take control of trucks and equipment that have been paid for in full or portion from the VFD's to use as collateral for a loan to secure a grant/loan.

This behavior is not in the best interest of the community, but it is the community that has to step up and be heard. So does she have that much power, yes, if the community doesn't speak up, they will be paying her debts for the next 40 years.

UPDATE: SEPT. 28, 2011

The community of Big Oak/Crossland, who recently experienced a great loss from a wild fire; which included 5 residences, 16 vehicles and pets, attended an ESD6 board meeting and expressed concerns about what has been going on. They were very upset to find out that funding for their fire protection was being allocated for something other than fire safety. The results were that Ms. Mendelsohn said, "the evacuation/community center will be tabled until it can be built with government funds." She went on to let the people in attendance that the government did not have funds at this time to pay for the center and since it was a concern for the members of the community it would be tabled. If this is true, it is a great victory after such great loss for the community of Southern Bexar County. However, Ms. Mendelsohn has been known to say one thing and do another. Only time will tell how much support Ms. Mendelsohn and her ESD6 board will provide for the VFD's and how safe the community will be.

UPDATE: 2012

The loan/grant is approved for over $6 million dollars that the taxpayers will be paying back.


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  • profile image

    Mad As Hell 6 years ago

    To "Really?" It's neither an evacuation center or a holding facility - it's a community center! It's set to be run by TANCO, a political organization that was founded by Sylvia Ruiz Mendolsohn, who just happens to be the President of the ESD that's wanting to build it. So, yes, it IS just a little off the top for pocket change or maybe even more than pocket change.

    I prefer to call it what it is - downright sinful greed!

  • profile image

    really? 6 years ago

    Is it a evacuation center or a holding facility? If it is one of those, why will we need it? Or is it just a little off the top for pocket change.While the southside burns to the ground

  • Melissa Hammond profile image

    Melissa Hammond 6 years ago from San Antonio

    Please correct me if I'm wrong. I thought there was a line in the contract from the ESD6 that they were not able to spend money for anything BUT FIRE AND EMS services. Where does a community center, I'm sorry a evacuation center fit in?? If the state needs a evacuation center then the state needs to be the one paying the bill. Not the people of south bexar country!! It's just sad, because it will take someone losing their loved one or a large fire and God knows what before anyone really looks into this problem and does something about it. And by then it will be too late, the money will be gone and the community will have a center that they will be paying for. Thanks!!

  • profile image

    Mad as Hell 6 years ago

    She's worse than a dog on a bone. She's bankrupting the ESD, the fire departments and this community with her insanity. We're in one of the worst droughts in history, fire threat is through the roof, the economy is in the gutter, people, as well as the fire departments are struggling to pay their bills and yet this lunatic insists on continuing on the same course. In spite of so much public outcry and a lawsuit!! We simply MUST get the new petition circulated as quickly as possible to form a new ESD that will seat an elected board of commissioners. I believe the formation of the new ESD will effectively kill ESD 6 due to lack of ad valorum revenues. It seems to be our only hope.