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Updated on June 23, 2014

Applewhite Rd. Fire, quickly spreading


Does this type of behavior give signs of corruption?

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Coincidence or Corruption

Unearthed documents show that while it is well known that Ms. Mendelsohn and Mr. Jimmie Lopez, a former SISD, BexarMet Water District and former ESD6 member, as well as co-founded the Thelma Area Neighborhood Association, known as T.A.N.C.O., is still involved in the activities of the ESD6 and preparing it's agendas.

This year alone:

June 21, 2011- Board Meeting agenda pertaining to:

  • Monthly reimbursements for fire departments
  • Liening Fire Department Equipment/Vehicles
  • The pending litigation with the SISD
  • USDA Grant for the Community/Evacuation Center to be run by T.A.N.C.O

Aug 30, 2011-Board Meeting agenda pertaining to:


When Mr. Lopez was a member of BexarMet Water District board, the media was quick to shine the light on his and others activities. Today, however, there has been very little factual press coverage on the plight of the Southeast Bexar County Community, the members of the ESD6 board or the Thelma Area Neighborhood Association.

Great journalism and discovery has left this area and "he said-she said coverage" is all the community is being given by the networks.

As one reporter put it during her brief visit to the community, "the community members had to much information for a story that was going to get very little air time".

What will it take for the media to take notice, for that fact, members of their own community; more fire's closer to home and fatalities perhaps. Political illegalities can be overlooked, but loss of home and life sells.

While politics and personal agendas are at question, fires burn near homes.

While the ESD#6 Board president, Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn and her board continue to do "what is best" in their eyes for the community, the reality is that without funding the fire departments properly, the community was the one that suffered.


There was a fire call off Applewhite Rd. where the underfunded fire departments in the ESD6 district responded. South Bexar Fire & Rescue who is in the process of losing a fire truck for lack of payment by the ESD6; according to Mr. Crowley (firefighter), said one of the vehicles for South Bexar had taken a beating and could not function from any location other than the one it was stationed at. The fire would have to come to the truck because the truck could not make it to the fire. Community members were told to set out sprinklers, etc. because they did not know if or how long it would take to contain the fire, endangering those that live in the surrounding area.

While some may not be aware, this is in the same general area as the location for the "Community/Evacuation" center that the ESD6 is using tax dollars to build instead of funding the Volunteer Fire Departments properly.


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    Neighbor 4 ESD Accountablility 6 years ago

    I must admit I am apalled at the lack of fair reporting concerning the atrocities committed by our ESD 6 against the residents of our area as much as I am by the failure of the proper authorities to investigate this entity. For a reporter to openly discourage a community member by saying that there is "too much information for a story that was going to get very little air time" is heartbreaking. I understand the media tries to cover a lot of news, but it seems that an ivestigative reporter worth his salt could create a news piece that exposes the meat of this situation a little better or even do a series of reports to run over a number of days. If this was taking place on the northside, it would not only get the coverage, it would get investigated.