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Updated on January 21, 2012

An immaculate singer.

Singer Etta James has passed away; and she could sing the song "At Last" better than anybody else could, which made millions of people to admire her as one of the jazz greats, although she herself maintained her privacy; and only peering her life with just her singing.

According to the article announcing her death, she was immaculate in the way she sang, but she was also blunt or feisty in her speech, when it came to how she would express her feelings, in private circles, of course. She would say something, and couldn't care less of the outcome; as she was as independent and free as the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.

She was spiritually strong, as the church has played a part in her youth, where gospel songs were sang on Sundays as only the angels could sing, and that has influenced her style and made her what she became, a wonderful singer.

Her health has suffered from drug use, as in her day it was very common for musicians, practically, to "get your head straight," on by sniffing on this or that; and so she had fallen victim to that kind of environment. She happened to be in the "playground", so no one could therefore blame her for something she could not avoid.

Again, her version of the song "At Last" has been completely exceptional, made so through her booming voice and natural intonations. It has been played, especially at weddings and other social gatherings to be danced to, but also to salute her and the rendition of it, as she only could do it.

Glen Miller played it; Aretha Franklin sang (and she is still singing) it; however, that of Etta James was (and still is) special to the extent that a television commercial has adopted it for good. It (song) had the nature of wooing people to sit back and relax from whatever hardships they were confronted with, as it had the capability of soothing their worries away.

It was very appealing, when the news came out that she was out of the hospital only a few days ago; and then, all of a sudden, the awful piece of news followed that just a couple of days after that she was dead.

Though, not all who heard her songs knew her personally, the feeling of her dying was nauseating and rather uncalled for, for they were just wishing her well, and hoping that she would fully recover from her illness.

Nevertheless, Etta James or "Miss Peaches", as she was adorably called, lived a fuller and gorgeous life of making people happy. That should be what life was all about; and she has done so just by using her God given voice.

She was bound to be missed by her family, and by those who knew her in person or not, for she was able to bring them to a point, where they would sit down and enjoy a beautiful song once in a while or even dance to it.

We all wished her farewell; but at the same time, we congratulate her for being herself and for making us all feel the pulse of living, which was different from any other, just by the use of the booming sound that came out of her.

She would be remembered by all and sundry; for a real songstress, as she was, has just passed away.

Footnote: I cried, when Eartha Kitt died.


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