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EU Referendum result a landmark for British democracy and a win for the brave by Laksala Mendis

Updated on March 23, 2017

As the result of the EU Referendum in the UK is that we are to leave the European Union there are opinions on both sides that could cloud the real success of such a result. The media has a lot to answer for, in my opinion, as they interviewed and wrote about Farage, racists, and scaremongers prior to the Referendum in order to persuade the fearful to vote Remain.

It almost worked. Thankfully there are enough intelligent Brits who wanted to 'Leave’ for the right reasons and the result is a win for the brave and for those with common sense. The sly manoeuvres of not only Cameron but others who wanted to ‘Remain’ didn’t work.


One disappointment was that so many young Britons wanted to ‘Remain’ because they believed that leaving would suggest that they were somehow anti-European or anti-Europe and that they would be compared to Farage and UKIP. This is something that does not really make sense and is also fear-based. If they really thought about it, voting to ‘Leave’ was really a move to take control over our laws and policies, to save billions of pound per year (which could be spent so that they don’t have to pay such huge university fees), and to end senseless unlimited EU immigration to a small island with limited resources. These are the real reasons why it was important for us to ‘Leave’.

Controlling immigration does not mean that no Europeans will be allowed into the UK, or that the UK somehow is trying to isolate itself from Europe. There will of course be immigrants still coming from Europe to the UK, but it will be limited and will probably require a work permit, as many other countries have this immigration option in place. The UK will still be the same liberal and cosmopolitan country – it will just have control over its laws and immigration policies. You cannot argue that this is not a sensible decision. You cannot remain within a system that seizes control over your laws simply not to offend anyone or annoy anyone. And no one should be offended or annoyed anyway because this was not a personal attack or racist move – it was a move to help the current inhabitants of the UK by preventing more overcrowding in cities, saving billions of pounds per year on the membership fee as well as more billions from other EU membership costs, and not wasting billions of pounds on the membership fee and only receiving half in return. It is a matter of common sense and decision-making to help the UK be a fairer place to its citizens and actually a stronger economy in the future.

It is also concerning that so many of the young seem to follow their fears and cannot see that there is a difference between wanting to leave the EU and ‘liking’ Europeans

A new agreement with the EU will be drawn up, and this could create jobs and produce billions. Again I must emphasise the responsibility of the British media not to scare the young by over-inflating fear-based news and to for once show more fact-based truthful reports. I was disgusted to read an article where the French National Front Leader Le Pen was interviewed saying that the ‘bloc’ should follow suit. Why do the media continue to associate ‘Leave’ with racists and bigots? The intelligent and sensible who wanted to ‘Leave’ have nothing to do with Le Pen and his racist political party. The British media has a responsibility not to create fears amongst the youth by giving column space or air-time to the racist who want to leave the European Union. They are in the minority. Most of the citizens that want to ‘Leave’ are doing for the sensible reasons that I stated above, and these are the British citizens that should be given air-time and column-space as they are the ones with enough intelligence to tell you the real reasons why the UK had to ‘Leave’. Showing reports of Brits who say they wanted to ‘Remain’ because they ‘like’ Europe and Europeans or have European friends, or because they like to travel around Europe (which won’t change apart from maybe needing a visa) or because they don’t like change, or because they were afraid of an economic crash (which is completely unlikely considering the UK pours billions of pounds into trade with Europe), or because they don’t want to be considered in Farage’s camp, is completely ridiculous. If those are the reasons why most of the ‘Remain’ camp voted to ‘Remain’ then it is beyond ridiculous. Those wanting to ‘Leave’ are not suddenly anti-Europe or racist or want to be isolated in any way. It is just ludicrous to think that you are pro-Europe if you are pro-EU. It’s a completely different matter.

So, it is concerning that the media keeps giving air-time to racists such as Farage and Le Pen, and it is also concerning that so many of the young seem to follow their fears and cannot see that there is a difference between wanting to leave the EU and ‘liking’ Europeans. But hey, that is a concern for future generations who may have some of these youths as leaders. Fortunately, at the moment slightly older generations who are a bit braver and prefer prevention rather than cure are prepared to have the courage of their convictions knowing that the UK is an extremely powerful country that others simply cannot bully.


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