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EU directive #123madeupbyme456

Updated on August 15, 2014

A sarcastic look at EU regulations.


The amount of "time-off time time" within each workplace is to be governed by the "time-off time time" directors who in association with the "time-on time" directors of each firm will govern the amount of "time-off time time" allocated against "time-on time time".

It should be noted that "time-off time time" may not be swapped with "time-on time time" without the permission at the time of the "time-off time time" director and the "time-on time time" director.

This will allow enough time for the directors to ensure that the "time-off time time" and the "time-on time time" shall at all times be constant. So at no time will "time-off time time" be allowed to be switched with "time-on time time" at any other time than that which is allowed.

Some "time-off time time" requests have been made out with the time stated in the time on/time off regulations because of mitigating circumstances.

(The incumbent applicant holding the "time-off time time" had died leaving spare "time-off time time available").

It must be stated that the "time-off time time" was not as some would have it "available" due to the time it took to allocate "time-off time time" in accordance with legislation, the fact that the "time-off time time" was not used by the recipient makes no difference to the amount of "time-off time time" available due to the amount of "time-on time time" needed to complete the work in time.

I hope this clarifies, at this time, the firm's attitude to time off during "time-on time" and that those who practice taking "time-off time time" in "time-on time time" will cease this now or in time.

Furthermore I hope that whilst taking the time to read this "time-off" directive "time-off time time" is used rather than "time-on time time" which could result in time in dismissal.

I thank you for your time and patience in helping us to fully use all of the time available to us to make this a happier more productive place to work during our "time-on time time".


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