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Updated on September 2, 2012

Still on "ib radmasters" (the hubber).

Hi ib radmasters,

Did you say "incompetent"?

How about President Barack Obama ending the Iraq war, getting rid of Osama bin Laden, removing dictator Muammar Gadhafi in a war without a single American casualty, containing Iran and North Korea and preventing them from obtaining nuclear capability. That was still on-going; wasn't it?... and those two countries were feeling the pinch, economically and diplomatically, respectively.

If that was not an excellent United States foreign policy, nobody knew what that was.

At home, he has managed to get the lousy economy he inherited from a Republican administration under control, and the high unemployment rate was gradually receding. He has kept Americans safe, as no terror attack of any significance has occurred during his watch as president. So far, that should be regarded as a good record by any standard; shouldn't it?

He, Obama, was (and is) determined to do more for the country in his second term, and the neo-conservatives that the Republicans were, could not stand it, but to find a way to stop him; and that was why they have Romney of all people, a man, who has not paid his income tax for 10 years, and Ryan, an inexperienced and ambitious Congressman, to undermine his (Obama's) efforts for a second term bid.

In fact, the two have nothing, but sheer promises to offer the American people; and you must be aware of their tricks, such as setting one section of the population against another; women on women. for example.

Creating 4 million private sector jobs, and no taxes on anyone, and so on and so forth; all of which were to bamboozle voters, for they were all one big sham.

Political and economic experts surmised that none of those promises was feasible, in the long or short term.

However, whatever they did, they could never stop a man, who was doing exceptionally well, despite all the obstacles that the "DO NOTHING (REPUBLICAN) CONGRESS" has placed in his way in the past three years.

Americans were eyewitnesses to the pathetic and destructive opposition the Republicans Party has presented to job creation policies of the Obama administration. They voted against all his job proposals.

They (American people) were going to do something about it; as they would reject the Romney/Ryan ticket on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 election day.

By the way, you made mention of Jimmy Carter, and implied that he was a failure; however, he was able to free all the U.S. hostages from Tehran in 1979.

You must honestly admit that was a onerous achievement on his part; however, could you tell the world one single accomplishment of Ronald Reagan? NONE; of course.

P.S. FYI, I have never worked for any government.

P.P.S. Many people love President W. Bush for the ouster of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, 2003.


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