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EXCEPTIONAL SUNDAY (This hub is closed on Sunday).

Updated on September 2, 2012

... but for "ib radmasters" ' sake it (hub) has to respond.

Hi ib radmasters (a hubber),

"ib radmasters" says:

Those roads, bridges and tunnels were done 50 years ago.

owurakwasip responds:

They are part of the infrastructure. Now, the questions is, "Did you build that?"

That was the question President Barack Obama was asking the Republicans.

Now they, Republicans, have turned it (question) into a slogan and using it against the president.

Isn't that hypocritical of the Republicans, when they know fully well what the president's question is being directed to; meaning, the infrastructure, and not individual people creating jobs, at all?

Romney and Ryan have no real plan for anything whatsoever, including the economy, of course; except mere promises, such as creating "4 million private sector jobs, and no taxes on the middle class in our first term", they say, if they are to have the chance of entering the White House.

However, they will be deceived, because they are not going to get elected; and so, those are just empty promises.

Obama has a plan; and he is in the process of implementing it, as we speak, by reducing the deficit by $4 million dollars in his second term.

Now, listen closely, that in that plan, taxes from the top 2% of the high income earners in the United States; meaning, the rich, the wealthy and the powerful, will go to defray the huge National debt.

They are the "operators and engineers" of "the system", like Romney and members of his family; and they deserve to be fully taxed.

In fact they have to pay their fair share in taxes, as the president is demanding, so that there will be enough revenue going to the Treasury Department to cover many of the national projects. An idea the public wholly supports.

Besides, the Bush era tax cuts for that group, (1 or 2%-ters, as they are usually called), will expire; and that too will provide more money for the national treasury to meet the country's needs, such as Social Security, Medicare, etc., etc.

That is what Americans must aspire for, and not just hollow words by the Republican ticket for the 2012 presidential election, because it (election) is about the future of the country, and not an exercise for two ambitious people wanting to become famous or to have their names mentioned in the history books.

As a voter (and I think you are one) you must think twice before you vote on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 election day.


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