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Early European Terrorism and Chemical Warfare. How terrorism and a chemical attack almost destroyed a royal family

Updated on June 17, 2014
 Victim of a chemical attack.
Victim of a chemical attack.
The leader of the terrorists
The leader of the terrorists
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Depositary of stolen artworks?
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Depositary of stolen artworks?


The first chemical attack

The leader of the terrorists makes a threat

The terrorists launch a chemical attack

How terrorism and the first chemical attack was "spun" for posterity

Dancing at the party. Just before the chemical attack.

The first chemical attack

Throughout history people have had to deal with the scourge of terrorism, whether it was the zealots in ancient Palestine silently strangling Roman soldiers in the back streets of Jerusalem, or the I.R.A bombing people in Belfast or London. More recently large swathes of the world's population have been murdered by the followers of Osama Bin Laden. One of the great fears is that a terrorist group might get hold of a chemical weapon. I have to tell you that it did happen in our past. For reasons never fully explained, the exact story of what happened has never been put into the public domain before this article was written.

The leader of the terrorists makes a threat

I will now tell you the real story of what happened when a dangerous group of terrorists used chemical warfare for the first time on the continent of Europe. You are all aware I’m sure of the story of Sleeping Beauty. It is one of the most famous stories that have come down to us, and it is the source for the brilliant ballet by Peter Tchaikovsky, not to speak of innumerable Pantomimes, and other stage performances. You will be familiar with the story of how the beautiful Princess was cursed by a bad fairy. She then got pricked by a poison needle and slept for one hundred years, along with all of the other people in the palace, until a handsome Prince hacked his way through the jungle that had grown up around the palace; and with one kiss brought her back to life and happiness. However what you do not know is that the true story is somewhat different, and it is the first example recorded of a chemical warfare attack by terrorists on the continent of Europe.

The story began when the Princess was born. The bit about the bad fairy is essentially correct. The King and Queen however had not invited any fairies to bestow gifts on the child. They were rationalists, and they believed that all talk of fairies, and things that they could not explain in a strictly scientific manner were absolute rubbish. The story that they had invited the fairies to bless their daughter is just a tale that got added in over the passage of time, and bears no relation to what really happened, as you will find out if you read on. There was one fairy that got to hear of the birth of the princess, and as bad luck would have it, this particular specimen of fairyhood was the most cantankerous and malevolent off all the brood of "bad" fairies. She had once been thrown out of the palace on the Queen's orders for demanding that an ancient law that offered pensions to all fairies should be implemented in her favour. Her Majesty, like a good rationalist, was convinced that since Fairies could not exist, the law was junk, and the irate pixie was shown the door.

This slight festered with the fairy, and when the announcement was made of the birth of a daughter to Their Majesties, she determined on revenge. So during the celebrations for the royal birth she re-entered the palace. In front of the whole court she pronounced the curse. “When the Princess grows up she will be pricked by a needle and she will fall into a coma". Then with the traditional peal of demonic laughter she vanished in a puff of smoke. The King and Queen looked at each other and laughed. They were convinced that the whole episode was an illusion brought on by some stale cheese that they had eaten the previous night. After all rationalists don’t believe in either fairies or curses.

The terrorists launch a chemical attack

The Princess grew up to be very beautiful and famous, the Paris Hilton of her day, and she shared the views of her parents about the world. In fact she was every bit as much a sceptic as them. The courtiers and the servants were more inclined to believe in the curse, so they made sure that no needles were around the palace to prick the Princess. As for the Royal family, they hardly knew what a needle was. They lived in such luxury that they more or less thought that clothes just appeared out of wardrobes.

While the princess was growing up, and fantasising about meeting her first frog prince, or giving the servants hell about peas under her mattress as royal persons were wont to do in those days, the bad fairy was in altogether less desirable company. She had travelled abroad to a training camp run by the notorious "Red Blood" and the seven dwarves. For more information on this notorious terrorist group read

While here she was schooled in a large range of insurgency techniques, such as disguising herself, the production of bombs, and how to deploy chemical weapons so as to disable large populations.

A pathological hatred of the princess and all the courtiers sustained her as she underwent the gruelling training. A week before the eighteenth birthday of the princess, the fairy accompanied by two of the most ruthless of the dwarves, Doc who was a failed medical student, and Dopey, so called because he was the leader of the terrorists’ drug smuggling division, set out for the country where their intended victims lived. In their knapsacks they carried all the ingredients that were needed to make up a chemical bomb that would render the inhabitants of the palace unconscious for a very long time, but would not kill them. The idea about a magic needle had been long discarded, besides sweeps of the palace had long since got rid of any pricking instruments that had been there.

In a farm near the capital city they were put up by a pig who was a member of the local branch of the Illuminati. For a fascinating account of the porcine origins of the Illuminati read

They assembled the chemical bomb, and then they used their talent for disguising themselves to pose as ambassadors from China and Japan in order to gain entrance to the festivities. The dwarves were to be Japanese, as this helped to explain their lack of stature. People in Europe in those days did believe that Japanese were really tiny. At the climax of the party the guests processed to a dais where the princess was seated to receive her presents.

The Russian ambassador gave her a stuffed polar bear. The Transylvanian envoy presented her with a set of vampire's teeth for the palace museum, and the people of France presented her with a gold covered book of French recipes. Successions of equally worthy presents were deposited at the royal feet, but none of them were calculated to appeal to the tastes of an eighteen year old girl. Such has always been the case with presents received when one is a teenager. The adults get you things that they feel you ought to like, but they are almost always boring and "Rubbish”. The final group to present their gift were the ambassadors from China and Japan. The princess hoped that their present would be more interesting. (Little did she know how interesting). The two small envoys placed a large bag at the foot of the dais, and the tall one started to open it. Then, instead of taking out some beautiful surprise, and singing happy birthday, she appeared to pull on something within the bag. Immediately the palace was filled with a blue powdery smoke. The last thing the princess heard as she slipped into unconsciousness was the pealing of demonic laughter. Everybody at the palace collapsed at the same moment. All except for the three terrorists, who had previously taken some pills to prevent the poison having an effect on them.

Dancing at the party. Just before the chemical attack.

How terrorism and the first chemical attack was "spun" for posterity

The bad fairy then sent word back to the rest of the gang via a carrier pigeon, (also immune to the poison) that the entire population of the palace were out of action. When the remaining five dwarves arrived they really stripped the palace. Everything of value was carted away; furniture, paintings, jewellery, carpets etc were all stolen. Most of the loot was sold on the international black market, and much of it is still to be seen in museums from New York to St Petersburg. Some of the choicest pieces were retained to adorn the palace of "Red Blood".

The rest of the story is essentially as related by the storytellers. The palace did in time become surrounded by trees and thorns; and a prince who was travelling in the area did discover it. But he did not revive the princess with a kiss. He was gay. He kissed her handsome cousin instead. He then had to go away and return with the antidote for the poison to resuscitate all of the inhabitants of the palace. He was disappointed in his expectations of the princess's cousin. Sadly, as is often the case in the gay world, the best looking guys turn out to be straight. Let’s hope he found happiness in another story.

That is the true tale of "The Sleeping Beauty". The one you are all familiar with is the "spun" version. It was put together by historians principally to protect the reputation of the royal family, who didn’t want the world to know how easily they could be duped. There is also a slight element of anti-gay prejudice operating as well. The gay prince seems to have been airbrushed from the account. Fortunately for the world, I, as the President of the Ancient Society of Secret Historians, have always access to the truth.

The truth is in here


More hidden history revealed

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    • christopheranton profile image

      Christopher Antony Meade 7 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      Thank you, and it is all just the unvarnished truth.

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago

      Fantastic storytelling! Bravo!!