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Early voting or Election Day

Updated on October 28, 2012

It is time to vote again and I'm sure that many people will be voting this election day. Voting is very important especially when it comes to choosing someone who you think will do the job. We all want someone who will do a good job in doing what is best for the country or our states as representatives.

When it comes time to vote, are you one to vote early or wait until election day, that big day when we find out who won after all the ballots have been counted. Like most people that I know, they usually wait until election day to vote but lately with the way the work schedule has been for us all by the time we get off of work we know that we would not be able to vote. So thank goodness for the days that they give us to vote early. Some areas offer mobile voting, that is when they go to different locations on a daily basis to allow citizens to vote. Recently, we had a mobile voting unit come to the library to allow the citizens to vote for who was going to run on that most important day.

it is important to know who we are voting for even though now it seems every candidate aren't always the best, sometimes they both have their bad sides and you see it in the media all the time, especially in the campaigns. There are times when we don't even know who we may be voting for because we do not know all the facts about them, but it is good to learn some quick facts about them to see if they can really do their job.

I am glad to be able to say that I did my job of voting because I think that it is very important to be able to put in our votes on this important day. No matter who we may be voting for, we have done our job on giving them a chance to win. Even though the ones who we choose may not win, at least they got our vote. The most important thing to remember is to vote and let your voice be heard through that ballot that will be counted.


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