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Earning money has become the only concern of man!

Updated on October 12, 2013

Money matters and message. Lincoln and the poor!

Money has become the chief deity of life!

Earning money has become a very favorite pastime for most of the people of the world. They will put forth many reasons for earning like sustenance and fulfilling our ambitions and aims in life. Ask them, what are your aims? Pat come the reply; I earn to keep my family in good humor. I want to own a house, car and fat bank balance. Well Sir, “what else you want? “I want to enjoy life by living comfortably and luxuriously as though I am a prince. Yes Sir, your aims are really laudable and you have really a worthy aim to pursue. Carry on!

Many readers may wonder why I cavil at the worldly minded. No Sir, Let them enjoy their life fully to get uninterrupted joy from this venture. Ask them, ‘How much you need to keep yourself and your family in good comfort? He will become angry. “What? You don’t have a sense of economy. The prices are soaring. How can I think of purchasing a beautiful and comfortable home without shelling out a million dollars? Yes Sir, you are absolutely correct. The banks are charging heavy interest for housing loan. Go ahead with your aim of earning. Some readers may feel that I have conveniently forgotten about the cost of fuel, maintenance of a car, food items, clothing, recreation etc. Even if you earn 5000 dollars, it won’t be sufficient in the present economy of US. Yes Sir, you are always right!

Now, this kind of talk has become common all around the globe. No country boasts a sustained economic condition. The volatile market conditions affect everyone from a peasant to Prince. In short, money has become a monarch in the present day world. See how the business people break their head to make a fortune out of a molehill? Financial consultants thrive the world around. Business solution software is selling like hot cakes. How to become a millionaire? How to be a successful business man or how to start a successful business venture? These are the most sought after topics in business world. New professional courses like Master of Financial Management, Master of Foreign Trade, are some of the dreams of commerce graduates. They too want to earn a fat sum in multinational fortune 500 companies. There is cut throat competitions at high level business circles. Managers, Secretaries who ably manage business firms are the most sought after candidates.

Whatever discipline you pursue, the main aim is to earn money by hook or crook, by even circumventing financial laws and regulations of a country. We hear very often in the media that there is insider trading in stock markets. The real values of shares are hidden in fraudulent trade practices in share market. Though there is an Economic Offenses wing, the process of litigation takes a toll on justice. The culprits escape with a meager punishment through the loop holes available in the law. Even if the lower court convicts a business man for fraudulent practices, he appeals to the higher court and get him released from the punishment. Shrewd lawyers and advocates argue the case and get the punishment annulled. Of course they do it for a fat sum. Those who commit a fraud and those who abet it have common aim. They need money for comfortable and luxurious living!

People in power attract wealth very easily. Nowadays, we have only handful of Politicians who are honest and follow their conscience. Otherwise, all the politicians play the game of politics for their personal gain. Now let us come to the vital question. Every year, the Governments all over the world present budget and everyone says that the needs of the common man should be met with and he should be given medical care at affordable cost! This is the slogan around in every country! Whether the common man really benefits from the government schemes and budget is yet another question. The fact is, none of the above schemes reach the poorest of the poor and people who live in remote places. Abraham Lincoln has said that the Government is for the people by the people and of the people!

But what we have today is the Government of powerful and rich for the rich and of the rich! None of the politicians who participate in the election is poor. Hence, we can never expect the poor to become empowered and fairly rich. The truth is ‘millionaires are becoming multi-millionaires and the poor man become very poor! We need a caring government which shares the resources with the poor and downtrodden, a government which works for the welfare of all the people, providing the basic amenities to all the people, free education and healthcare.

The mad chase for money must end! When we depart, we cannot carry even a grain of sand! Then why should we toil day and night to earn few more pennies? Be content with what you have. Share the extra resources with the have not. Do not be greedy and hoard money and properties. For whom you are hoarding? You may say, it is for my children and grandchildren! For how many generations you will cater? Have you ever thought of the aim of human life? It is not for earning and hoarding, it is for sharing. I do not say that one has to starve and live in the forest. Live in society. Earn for the welfare of your family. Let them live comfortably. At the same time we should not ignore the poor and downtrodden in the society! We have to care for them also. The wealth we earn is really a trust given by God for helping the poor! Help Ever! Hurt Never! The hands that help are holier than the lips that pray!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 4 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you gregas for the nice comment. Yes, money is essential for living in the world but greed should be avoided!

    • gregas profile image

      Greg Schweizer 4 years ago from Corona, California.

      There is a difference between the need to earn a living and the need to be rich. Making a living is what more people should concentrate on. Getting rich does usually come at the cost to someone else in one way or another. Why do people have the need to have so much more money than they need to live. Don't get me wrong, I can see living comfortably, but there seems to be a need to have more money in the bank than needed. Just my opinion, Greg.


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