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Earth Speaks

Updated on April 8, 2016


The dangers we face today are unparalleled compared to the past decades. As we tread along the path of evolution, we face the possibility of obliteration.

Shiva casts an unseen shadow on the grand structures of men on the outer planet, and on the multitudes watching the movement of the moon in a total solar eclipse. The Destroyer and Preserver has come to fulfill certain prophesies.

Men have lost their wisdom and have become children without a compass, letting their unruly desires swing towards the blind experience and experimentation of the forbidden fruit of synthetics—the drug culture.

Iceberg Collapse
Iceberg Collapse | Source

Earth Speaks

As I sought refuge in the inner recesses of my mind, I am presented with images of death and destruction. I searched for peace and serenity in the verdant highlands of the Amazon rainforest, only to see that the therapeutic landscapes have relentlessly been demolished by unabated logging and poaching without any regard for the laws of men and nature.

The pristine sea and underwater life of the Verde Island passage have become one of the last frontiers of the environmental refuge of modern man, but since the ecosystem is global, any entropic disturbance on any part of the planet would always affect the other parts, and time is not on the side of man in the preservation of the ocean life.

Verde Island Passage, Philippines
Verde Island Passage, Philippines | Source

I stepped on Midway Island to find an albatross dead from ingesting plastic, the ripped open decaying body lying on the beach with multi-colored plastic caps and debris embedded in its stomach, a common sight on the remote island. The endless multi-colored debris from urban centers flow out to the sea from rivers darkened by plastics, the nausea of the Earth vomiting out the garbage of man.

Dead Albatross on Midway Island
Dead Albatross on Midway Island | Source

As men go about with the daily mundane routines of life, with engagement in the politics of domination, in blind religious fanaticism, in the various shameless reprehensible activities of men in high positions, the destruction of the Earth goes unseen by men blinded by material power, and the impending backlash on modern society is set in nature’s abrupt, surprising theater of operations.

Earth and Water

I stepped on the Arctic and Antarctic regions and saw the ice retreating. In Northeast Land and Svalbard, the melting waters on the ice caps are the tears of the Earth mourning the future death of men and civilizations as the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere spikes and global warming proceeds rapidly, killing millions of marine organisms, and increasing the acidification of the oceans. The horrific consequence would be the inevitable explosion of the Earth’s time bombs in terms of the release of subsea methane into the atmosphere and the eruption of volcanoes.

I stepped into the highlands of Namibia and saw the desertification of the place, the arid environment reminding man of the loss of water in places once considered the source of water, and a looming submerging of the coastal areas in the event of a large scale heating of the outer planet leading to the accelerated melting of the ice caps.

The place where ancient tribes once roamed the verdant forests of Mindanao, the eastern side in Surigao has now been transformed into a desolate mining site, turning the sea into an acid- brown mix of chemical liquid wastes from mining, engulfing islets, endangering people’s lives and destroying nature’s habitat. The systematic rape of the Earth by men blinded by financial power are depriving communities of their rights to live in peaceful, luxuriously rich and abundant green environment and natural surroundings.

The Art of Pollution

An islet at Claver, Surigao, Philippines engulfed by mine tailing.
An islet at Claver, Surigao, Philippines engulfed by mine tailing. | Source
Orange silt from mining site in Carrascal, Surigao del Sur.
Orange silt from mining site in Carrascal, Surigao del Sur. | Source

Extreme Creative Consumption

The mesmerizing mall consumer culture has generated mass “creative consumption” that implodes on competitive acquisition and obesity, and one that devours a huge amount of fossil fuel energy to drive the engines of servicing daily millions of people who need to be cooled, entertained and fed in large-scale upscale markets, malls, resorts, hotels and restaurant facilities that are in reality micro-cities.

Over-consumption creates ‘consumption inequity’ by withholding the possibility of alleviating stark under-consumption in countries ravaged by famine and poverty. Creating upscale stores in emerging markets ravaged by famine and poverty for the sake of ‘investment growth’ exacerbates the already impoverished human condition.

In terms of the quality of life, there is still a huge imbalance between man-made systems that provide sanitized air, food, water and comfort, and the natural systems that eliminate entropic ‘energies’ that also provide oxygen, food and water to man, despite the efforts to apply natural systems in man-made environments. Natural systems are more energy effective and efficient than man-made systems.

Long-term sustainability for the maximization of human survival has been eclipsed by global business for the expediency of large gains in short-term periods, where mostly tactical activities predominate in both emerging and developed markets, instead of focusing on strategic alternatives and activities that would sustain life on earth in a symbiotic, negentropic relationship between global business, Nature as Earth, government, and consumers or the general public.

Megacities and Over-consumption

Megacities consume huge amounts of energy daily that heat up the planet.
Megacities consume huge amounts of energy daily that heat up the planet. | Source
Over-consumption creates consumption inequity by withholding the possibility of alleviating stark under-consumption in countries ravaged by famine and poverty.
Over-consumption creates consumption inequity by withholding the possibility of alleviating stark under-consumption in countries ravaged by famine and poverty. | Source
The nausea of the Earth vomiting out the garbage of man.
The nausea of the Earth vomiting out the garbage of man. | Source

The outcome is an irreversible heating of the planet in a post-industrial era. Even in the midst of an energy shift to renewable sources, the sheer high volume of cars using gasoline fuel daily, 24/7, in all countries negates the probability of lowering down temperatures to pre-industrial levels. The modern car is the symbol of power, pride, swift mobility and road rage.

Coal-fired power plants supplementing bunker fuel-based power generating systems feed on a seemingly endless permanently peaking power demands of billions of consumers in all countries, sustaining the carbon emissions.

The impact is the melting of the glaciers and the concomitant rising of sea levels that could sink swaths of low land areas in the near future, followed by the desertification of countries vulnerable to destructive climate change reactions.

Do you believe modern civilization would perish as a result of the environmental crisis occurring in the world today?

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Earth Tweets: The Point of Change

The encyclical letter, Laudato Si written by Pope Francis on May 2015, addresses significant concerns in our present predicament within a context of a personal moral responsibility, and echoes the call for a “global ecological conversion” in the face of a global environmental deterioration.

The number of governments, private corporations, organizations, scientists and technologies concerned with meeting the challenge of climate change and global warming have increased beyond expectations in the past decade and continues to create an army of “green fighters,” like Green Peace, but the impact on large numbers of people have not reached a critical mass to reverse the present warming trends.

The recent “Earth Hour” made a point to the multitudes in many countries, but creating a long-term sustainable program of making people commit to a disciplined life that would drastically reduce fossil fuel consumption is the need of the time.

Do you believe we still have time to respond effectively to climate change and reduce global temperatures by committing to a disciplined environmental protection program?

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2016 might be the latest “wake up call” for a radical change. While man is busy making wars, the Earth has already prepositioned itself to thwart all the violent intents and activities of men through a series of earth-shaking, earth exploding and a series of huge water splashing turbulence. The grumbles of the Earth soma are tweets made by the Earth itself as its message to man.

Here are some of Earth’s tweets that masquerade as real threats and present dangers (2016):

After the magnitude 7.8 Nepal earthquake that took a toll of 8,600 people as reported by NBC on April 2015, followed by the 6.7 Eastern India Earthquake of January 3, 2016, a series of events were recorded by various monitoring agencies worldwide, as follows:


Magnitude 6.4 Taiwan Earthquake on February 5, 2016

Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake near the Coast of Central Chile on Monday, February 22

New thermal anomalies and eruptions detected via satellite data

Alaid Volcano (Kuriles Islands, Russia), February 22.

Colima Volcano (Mexico): new lava dome in summit crater, February 22.

Bulusan Volcano (Philippines) spews ash February 22.

Mount Sakurajima (Japan) erupts in fiery blast February 5

New explosions and evidence of fresh magma at:

Rincon de la Vieja Volcano (Costa Rica): new explosion, evidence of fresh magma, March 12.

Sinabung (Sumatra, Indonesia): March 9

Suwanosejima volcano (Tokara Islands, Japan): strombolian activity increases: March 7

Nevado del Ruiz (Colombia): A series of small explosions occurred at the volcano March 3.

Pavlov Volcano (Alaska Peninsula): Eruption and seismic tremor at very high levels on March 27.

Mount Kanlaon Volcano (Philippines) erupts March 29, 2016

Mount Apo, Davao summit forest fire on March 26, 2016 destroying 200 hectares of forest land

Bulusan Volcano (Philippines) Eruption, February 22, 2016.
Bulusan Volcano (Philippines) Eruption, February 22, 2016. | Source
Grumbles of the Earth Soma
Grumbles of the Earth Soma | Source

Should we put all our best efforts to minimize global warming and brace for disaster?

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    • profile image

      Ted 22 months ago

      Thanks for you comment. It's well appreciated.

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 22 months ago from Australia

      I loved the visuals. Not because they showed the demise our planet but because it "thwacked" me emotionally! The destruction in the most hidden places is frightening! But what are we going to do about it? I, too, feel really upset and worried about our planet. What could have been a good "pick me up" is to hear about some of the current saving strategies are now in place to help the planet and us survive.