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Was Earth created by Planet X?

Updated on June 1, 2011

Is this how Earth was created?

Was Earth created in a head on Galactic collision?

There is a theory out there that Planet X was actually responsible for the creation of Earth millions of years ago. It is believed that when planet X, or Niburu, entered into our solar system for the first time it in fact collided with an ancient planet resulting in that planet splitting up. Part of the original planet was smashed into milions of pieces of various sizes and now make up the Asteroid belt as we know it, and the other part remained in tact and took on a different orbit around the sun.

This collision resulted in Planet X also taking on a new orbit around the sun. When Planet X was en route to collide with earth it had trailing with it a moon, or smaller planet. In the collision this moon was thrown out of Niburu's gravitational pull and captured by the newly forming Earth. This resulted in the moon as we know it today.

If these are the facts and Earth was created by this collision then perhaps we do have something to worry about. Perhaps Niburu is coming back in 2012. The only conselation in all of this is that if Niburu did in fact hit Earth, or did create Earth from a previous planet, and throw it into a different orbit around the sun, then we have only to worry about the effects of Niburu passing by Earth and not in fact hitting it.

Lets be honest. If this Planet X does exist then surely it has already come past Earth plenty of times before? Is this when devastion has plagued Earth? The wiping put of species and races in the past that can't be explained? Perhaps Niburu has been responsible for these events, but we won't know unless we can prove Niburu does in fact exist and is in fact on a course for our solar system.

We need to research this as much as we can to bring to light the facts for all those out there that are ignorant to these events. We need to find out if this planet does exist, if it is coming, did it come before and will it cause mayhem and distruction? Will it end life on Earth as we know it?

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    • profile image

      Piglord20 24 months ago

      Im reading this in 2016 after planet niburu has been found

    • brennawelker profile image

      brennawelker 6 years ago

      Entertaining hub.Thanks for sharing, The Ski.

    • profile image

      Listening 6 years ago

      This is well worth the read.

      HOLD ON TIGHT..........

    • The Ski profile image

      The Ski 6 years ago from South Africa, Cape Town

      Thanks for the comment Daydreamer. It's most appreciated.

      I think we are coming to an age of enlightenment, whatever that may entail, but it will be a time of hardship, followed by a time of peace and prosperity. Lets hope so.

      Perhaps you would like to follow my Sci Fi Story on Planet X. A bit of fun. Check my other hubs.

      Thanks again

      The Ski

    • profile image

      Daydreamer Too 6 years ago

      They say they can 'see' this planet X now and it's been named ELENIN:

      Lots of links to this online now.

      I think we all need to make peace with our Prime Creator and then we'll be ok no matter what happens. Great Hub Voted up.

    • The Ski profile image

      The Ski 7 years ago from South Africa, Cape Town

      Hi Rafken,

      Thanks for the comment. I will defo check out your hubs.

      I have another interesting theory about solar flares so watch out for that.....coming soon.



    • rafken profile image

      rafken 7 years ago from The worlds my oyster

      Nibiru is supposed to cross our orbit in 2013. Nice hub i will follow you. You should check out some of my hubs. Have we been visited by aliens, mentions Nibiru. Maya the link to aliens? Mentions 2012. Thanks.

    • The Ski profile image

      The Ski 7 years ago from South Africa, Cape Town

      Hi ,

      Thanks for the all comments. Please see my other hubs on Aliens and Nibiru.



    • profile image

      Lorraine Oleary 7 years ago

      Yes, I beleive planet x is coming and its about time. If you were a parent planet and your children was behaving so badly with there free will would you not want to straighten them out. Its coming and its time the dark forced that cause war from greed and so much suffering answer for there behavior.

    • Garthvader profile image

      Garthvader 7 years ago

      This is something that has been on MANY people's minds since it first starting making public news in our tabloids, and the internet.

      It's good that there are people out there willing to explore the depths of this "mystery" and try find some explanations behind it all.....

      Keep going Ski !

    • profile image

      awesomedude 7 years ago

      Great story. I don't believe much in planet X but I have heard lots of stories about it and remarkably they all have the same facts.

    • profile image

      wowerz 7 years ago

      wowerz this really makes me think